Top 10 Articles With Feedback From Readers

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

I checked the feedback provided to my recent articles on News Break.

It is excellent to receive feedback from readers.

I briefly share the key points for these articles. Hope you find something interesting to read from this list.

1 – I Used To Fear Salt, But It Is My Best Friend Now

Similar to my beliefs in the past, many of my readers thought that salt caused high blood pressure and even heart disease.

2 – Longevity Is One Out Of Many Benefits Of Sauna

The SIRT2 gene activation of excessive heat on dry sauna did not seem to be known by my readers. I am pleased that they enjoyed several other benefits of sauna and some even consider to include it in their fitness and wellness regimes.

3 – How I Freed Myself From Anxiety

Readers did not know we can actually tame the amygdala using our thinking brain (pre-frontal cortex).

4 – The More Fat I Ate The Lower Got My Cholesterol

Several readers believed that fat was the primary culprit for cholesterol.

5 – I Fixed My Leaky Gut With 2 Powerful Hacks

My readers surprised by the effectiveness of gelatin generated by delicious bone broth for gut health. This story received substantial views and was shared in several social networks.

6 – How I Managed Doing Less And Achieving More Productively

The common belief was we must work hard to produce more. They initially found this as a conflicting thought, but they were convinced with the demonstrated points I shared.

7 – When I Cut Fibre Entirely My Terrible Bloating Gone. How Naive Was I For Not Listening To My Body!

Many readers still believe that fibre is essential for living. I used to believe the same hence consumed an excessive amount of fibre in my diet. It was ruining my health. Living with a zero-fibre diet solved my digestive issues and gave me many health benefits.

8 – What Happens If You Have A 3-Minute Cold Shower Every Day

Many readers believed in the benefits of taking cold showers, but they pointed out that it is not for their cup of coffee. Taking cold showers helped replace coffee with a healthier option.

9 – How I Melted Abdominal Fat With Fat And Got Leaner

Some readers thought that fat would make us fat. They had difficulty in understanding carbs were the cause of my belly fat. I don’t blame them because I used to believe the same thing.

10 – How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally

Readers nicely surprised about the benefit of miraculous substance activated charcoal.

Sometimes small things may make a big effect on our lives.

Thank you for reading my articles and following my profile on News Break.

I enjoy sharing my personal and professional experience.

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