How To Start With News Break As A writer and Become Successful

This is a personal invitation from me to top writers and bloggers to join News Break Creators program.

News Break is a unique platform for writers and readers.

It is new to me, but I genuinely enjoy the experience as a writer and reader. It is an innovative company with integrity. I received what promised to me on time. And many writers I follow also validated this by sharing their experience publicly.

To be a News Break writer, you need to meet specific criteria, and News Break must approve your application. You can use this link to apply for News Break Creators program. Application is free of charge.

You can read News Break on the web browser, but the best reading experience is using the app. You can download News Break app free of charge, start reading thousands of stories based on your city and quickly share stories using your social media tools.

News Break has a different compensation program compared to other platforms such as Medium, Vocal Media, and Hub Pages. I cannot disclose the details but to give you an idea, my stories on News Break earned three times more than those on Medium 10 times more than those on Vocal Media.

News Break offers guaranteed payment for writers meeting their criteria.

News Break also offers Ad Revenue Share, Referral Bonuses, and Break Out Awards

You can learn more about News Break Creators program from this link.

I write about diverse topics on News Break. You can follow my News
Break profile
to gain insights on content strategy, writing, leadership, technology, health, fitness, and personal improvement. Reading articles is free on News Break. There is no paid wall.

The success for News Break is writing high quality and interesting materials appealing a broader audience. You can write about almost every topic but there are some restrictions. News Break does not allow content including harassment, hate speech, explicit sex, etc.. These exceptions are clearly pointed out in the onboarding pack.

Posting frequently is a critical success factor. News Break support writers to be prolific. They publish timely. The use of publishing tools are easy and comfortable. The support from Creators’ team is exemplary.

Diversity and inclusiveness are my core values for content strategy. I invite more writers and bloggers to take benefit of this program. This is a personal invitation from me as a writer and reader on News Break.

I found many gems, and it became my preferred news and article reading platform. I discover many top writers and bloggers each day. It is easy to follow them and received their content in my feedback.

There are no dull moments after starting writing and reading on News Break.

I invite top writers and bloggers to join this fantastic program.

You reach out to a broader audience and earn income from what you love to do.

Follow me on News Break and let’s have fun.

I support a writers community with over 7,000 members.

Join me my Substack News Letter free of charge and be part of my writers’ community.

I enjoy collaborating, creating synergy and serendipity for writers and bloggers.

This links provides some sample articles I posted to News Break.


Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Find me on News Break



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