The “Whethers” of Covid-19

The mind spirals in times of stress and we wonder…

Photo by Author

Whether we are satisfied simply by ourselves.

Whether we have love, hate, or are indifferent towards our Other.

Whether we drink and eat out of desperation or pleasure.

Whether we constantly need a distraction or are quite happy to ponder the sky.

Whether we will travel when we can or have realized that we can have just as much fun staying put.

Whether we need everything we possess.

Whether we need to buy more.

Whether we realize the expense of certain habits and how we no longer need them.

Whether we can tell the difference between things important to us or a real necessity.

Whether we have made the most of our life so far.

Whether we have character traits that we want to change.

Whether we have character traits that we must change.

Whether we have something to say — to the world, to other people, or to ourselves.

Whether people rant and rave just because.

Whether certain contributors to “Medium” who rant and rave ABOUT EVERYTHING IN UPPERCASE become boring.

Whether we are thankful that we are alive.

And finally

Whether the sun will come up and go down tomorrow.

The “Whethers” of Covid-19 was originally published in ILLUMINATION-Curated on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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