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Selected stories from 8,400+ writers supporting 78,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION

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This daily digest covers a small number of selected stories from contributing writers on Tuesday. It is pleasure for us to share these eclectic and engaging stories submitted to ILLUMINATION today. These inspiring pieces include many topics.

Here is the link for those who might have missed the previous digest.

Daily Digest — Friday
Selected stories from 8,300+ writers supporting 75,000+ readers on ILLUMINATIONmedium.com


Engaging Stories on SYNERGY
Stories about concerns, aspirations, achievements, and progress of writersmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Silencing The Inner Critic For Success
The inner critical voice never shuts up but we can silence itmedium.com

Mike Arnold

Don’t Strive to Change Yourself. Strive to Be
Sick of the I hate myselfs, I wish I could change myself, and the I want to be better moments?medium.com

Younes Romero

An extraordinary life becomes an ordinary life.
Ordinary life becomes an extraordinary lifemedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

A poemmedium.com

The Girl with the Dark Brown Eyes

The Remake of Starry Night for Only $50
The Untold Talent of 12-Year-Old Girl from the Land Below the Windmedium.com


How do I meditate when I can’t turn off my mind?
A practical guide to meditation using 1 easy technique.medium.com

Terry Trueman

My Enemies
At my age and place in lifemedium.com

Andrew Katz

The Agony of Lurking Grief
The only way to prevent loss is avoid being altogethermedium.com

Carole Olsen

Ted Loses Cruz Control
Claims Stockholm Syndrome Reason for Cancun Tripmedium.com

Madeleine Ann Lawson

Daily Poem: Noah’s Symmetry
Forty days and forty nightsmedium.com

Berna Tural

Preventing the spread doesn’t have to come at the price of the planet
How to mind our PPEsmedium.com

Stela Gineva

My Bizarre Experience With a ‘Mild’ COVID-19 Infection
This was like no flu I’ve ever hadmedium.com

Deepak Sethi

Digital Detox Is Important for Our Health and Mental Well Being.
Steps to carry out a digital detox.medium.com

Mario López-Goicoechea

Is Medium Cannibalising Itself?
A writing formula vs formulaic writingmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

“Nobody ever got anywhere by being shy and waiting to be discovered”
I want to feature an inspirational story based on reality by Karen Madej.medium.com

Phil Truman

My Pot Calling Your Kettle Black
I know you are, but what am I?medium.com

Tom Handy

How I Failed Writing According to Newsbreak’s Rules and Still Made $1,000
This is not telling you to follow my example.medium.com

Christopher Madsen

The Elements of Love
Choosing to your partner in all phases of lifemedium.com

Kara Summers

He Hired Me Because Of My “Sexy Facebook Picture”
But I succeeded because of my skillsmedium.com

Wendy Scott

How to Spot a Toxic Boss Who Could Ruin Your Career
And three ways you can deal with itmedium.com

Joel Oughton

Entrepreneurship is All About Solving People’s Problems
Your business depends solely on how well and quickly you can solve people’s problems!medium.com

Ikram Al Mouaswas

Necessary evil? Let’s talk about unnecessary evil.
How consulting services helped fuel an opioid epidemic.medium.com

Josh Slack

Wales: Why do golf courses remain closed despite people being able to mix outside in new…
New rules were announced for Wales today, which means four people can now meet outside, but golf courses remain closed…medium.com

Floyd Mori

When Will We Get Back To Normal?
There may be a new normal comingmedium.com

Shaista Malik

What Poetry Does To Me
It brings tranquilitymedium.com

Maria Rattray

The Parable Of The Boiled Frog: Be Wary Of The Small Changes That Will Stifle Your Growth
Wake up to the time you are given…medium.com

Jack Road

In With The Old: Timeless Quotes From Ancient Greece
Ideas that are as relevant today as they were 2 500 years ago!medium.com

John K Adams

Princess Elvis
Let me tell you how my nickname came about. My sister gave it to me. It doesn’t make any sense, as you’ll see. But it…medium.com

Annine Massaro

A poetic discovery of the deeper power I found in the word Nomedium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Sometimes It’s Best To Back Down
Family life brings challenges in many different ways, a few are best not metmedium.com

Mabel Osejindu

World Book Day Costumes for Black Female Teachers!
A short guide to black characters you can dress up as this Marchmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

A poemmedium.com

Laura Misener

The Guitarist
A poemmedium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

Do Your Research Before You Commit and Pay
Don’t fall for a pay-to-publish scammedium.com

Sheila Musgrove

My Giant Cat Phoebe & The Kitty Cardiologist.
My cat needs a Fitbit. HA.medium.com

João V Souza

How I Grew My Revenue By 218% In 10 Weeks
7 steps that I used in my companymedium.com

Daniel Asuquo

To Those Who See The Sun At Midnight
The first time I heard this, I had just joined the Rosicrucian Order and I was excited in anticipation of all the…medium.com

Warren Brown

Enter the World of Lucid Dreaming
A Useful Guide to Becoming a Lucid Dream Architectmedium.com


How Harnessing The Power Of Gratitude Helps Us?
Every day we face challenges. Meeting demands, expectations and needs are some of the daily challenges in our lives. As…medium.com

Zachary Seda

A short story about a person’s internal struggles while being trapped.medium.com

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

It Has To Burst Forth Eventually
A patient’s loss inspires a poemmedium.com


How I Make Passive Income Writing On Medium
If I was able to do it, so can you.medium.com

Carmelo San Paolo

The Case Against Equity
Why we should toss this pseudo-value on the trash heap of historymedium.com

Matthew P. Lodge

Conversation Starter
A case-study that is a must-read!medium.com

Reginald Ben-Halliday

My Experience Smoking A Cigarette At Age 13 And The Man I Am Today
My First And Last Time I Picked Up A Cigarette.medium.com

Olivia Petris

Why I’m a “Fuck-it” Writer , And Why You Should Be Too
What is ‘Fuck-it ‘ writing, and how it will keep you sane?medium.com

Shyamdeo Ranjan

Dating Strategy, for Investment in the Stock Market
In the Young generation, 18 to 30 years old, all are busy dating girls and making a girlfriend. Some people really…medium.com

Elvie Lins

Portrait Photography Tірѕ
“Taking portraits is where the most money you can make”.medium.com

Jerine Nicole

Why Your Brain Loves to Compare and What You Can Do About It
If applied, you can use comparing to your advantagemedium.com

Aldric Chen

It Is Time For Self-Care In The Oyster Bed.
Because we spent way too much time fussing over others and allowing others to do the same to us.medium.com

James Gwynne

A Bad Way Of Dealing With Mental Health (According To What Is Normally Written)
Getting lost in your headmedium.com

Devika Malik

I managed to lose over 59 pounds in 4 months. #10 step strategy.
The 10 step strategy to successfully losing that excess fat + more tips and tricks.medium.com

James Halliday

Why Decision Making in the Heat of the Moment is Rarely a Good Idea.
My boss looked at me over the top of the memo. He shook his head slowly, “You can’t send this, James. You just can’t.”medium.com

Christa Catana

Questions That Probably Don’t Matter
And you ask yourself when you are alone.medium.com

Eric Fermon™

Michael Alexander’s Origins
Lunar Base 3medium.com

Warren Brown

Elements of Lucid Dreaming
The Art of Dream Controlmedium.com

Freda Savahl

The Burn Victim.
What happened?medium.com

Aaron Vaserman

Just One More
The third and final piece in a collection of short stories titled “From a Special Place”.medium.com

Madeline Phang

I Tried Redbubble For a Month and Earned $7.01
I was so excited when a sale came in!medium.com

James Gwynne

Is There a Darkness In All Of Us?
Are some of us just better at hiding it than others?medium.com

Ian Worrall

How To Write Death Scenes
Two points of viewmedium.com

Brian Tubbs

Don’t Let Other People Dictate Your Heart
Whether you love or hate should be based on you, not other peoplemedium.com


4 Key Mindset Shifts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Kickstart your journey with these mindset shiftsmedium.com


What Is The Meaning of Life?
..and what to do when you think you know what it ismedium.com

Francesco Rizzuto

A Conversation in Sicily
In a chapter of Elio Vittorini’s bio-novel ‘Conversazione in Sicilia,’ the author and his mother discuss his father’s…medium.com

Alberto Guerrero

101 Ideas to Start Your Side Hustle, Make Money, and Take Charge of Your Destiny
And 10 mistakes you should avoid at all costmedium.com

Samuel Martins

3 Main Reasons Why Most Developers Struggle in Their Journey
One of the most humbling experiences you can and will have when learning to code on your own is when reality kicks in…medium.com


Texas, No Winter Wonderland.
A haibunmedium.com

Hilda Carroll

A Feng Shui Primer for Westerners
It can be relatively simple to apply — if we don’t get too bogged down in having to do it perfectly.medium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Meet Quora.com’s Israel-Palestine Peace Community Sunday, February 21
More about our Quora forum, and our February online meet and greet.medium.com

Harry Hogg

Texas Tears
A Lori Talemedium.com

Guillaume Troadec

This is Why You May Feel More Significant Side Effects from your Second Vaccine Shot
It’s a sign that your immune system is properly functioningmedium.com

Allison Bonilla LCSW

Making Room — De cluttering your life.
I made a trip to Japan a few years back and it forever changed my view of my personal space. I didn’t consider my home…medium.com

Sruthi Korlakunta

Sattvii — A Small Business Success Story in Germany
Don’t wait for new ideas to come, work on the ones you already have.sruthi-korlakunta.medium.com

Trudy Horsting

What Moving Across the Country From my Family Taught me
Life lessons are best learned through experiences.medium.com

Bill Abbate

How a Strong Competitor Can Be of Great Benefit to You
Do the right thing and never knock the competitionmedium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

My Medium Weekly Roundup
Here’s what I published this week and a few stories by others that I enjoyedmedium.com

America Zed

A micro poem of tastemedium.com

Ivette Cruz

When the ego is our guidemedium.com

Emlyn Boyle

The Pooka’s Path
A poem from last year, based on the spooky shapeshifter of Irish loremedium.com

Mustafa Pekcandanoğlu

Why Elon Musk Would Met with President Erdoğan?
Possible cooperation fields between Turkey and Elon Musk.medium.com

Clyde D’souza

Unconditional Love
An emotional roller coastermedium.com

Piper Steele

Relationships Book
Related stories by Piper Steelemedium.com

Sara Eliza

The Healing Power of Forgiveness
When I was around 18 or 19 I had a horrible relationship with my parents. A lot had gone over my teen years and I had…medium.com

Akis Apostolopoulos

I tried Intermittent Fasting and these were the Unexpected Benefits
I first heard about intermittent fasting 5 or 6 years ago. My initial reaction was skeptical. Why would someone benefit…medium.com

Randy Shingler

Abundant Spirit
Moved by abundant spirit dwelling within
Providing strength in life’s challenges
Granting peace amidst chaos and…


Reasons To Buy Life Insurance Even If You Are Young And Single
Buy Life Insurance to Protect Your Loved Onesmedium.com

Lindsey Moore

Two People Dressed as Elderly Women to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine. It Didn’t End Well for Them
Skipping the line is wrong on so many levelsmedium.com

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Your Pillow Sucks, Dude!
Another American “used car salesman”medium.com

Levi Borba

Pfizer, Moderna, Coronavac, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca? Learn the Difference Between the Vaccines
And which countries are using each of them?medium.com

Chris Wojcik

5 Life Lessons From the Greatest Wrestler of All Time
“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”medium.com

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