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image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: How Hacks Are No Substitute for the Real Writing Skill
Let’s have a look at our top 10 stories todaymedium.com
Editor’s Choice — Top 10: How To Pitch Your Article to a Big Publication
Let’s have a look at our Top 10 stories todaymedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Understanding Our Genes Is Not A Luxury Anymore
Technical availability, financial affordability, and potential health benefits of DNA tests and genetic informationmedium.com

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

How Can I Write Completely From the Heart Without Hurting the People I Care About?
Advice on how to determine how to write about sensitive topics that involve others.medium.com

Alana Rister, Ph.D.

3 Unconventional Entrepreneurial Lessons from NASA’s Perseverance
None of them are about perseverancemedium.com

Richelle Délia, PhD

The Sloppy Growth Hack that Works like a Charm
Imperfect, embarrassing action is the key to fast growthmedium.com
The Power of Asking for Help
Be vulnerable, it’s good for you.medium.com

Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

Students Need to Learn Failure
The Power of Zero can be a motivator.medium.com

Brian E. Wish, PhD

We’re Over Coronavirus
Will the lockdown states explode?medium.com

Bill Abbate

How to Focus Better and Enjoy Your Work More
Would you like to enter the state of autotelic flow more often in life?medium.com

Bonnie Johnson

Alzheimer’s is Slowly Erasing My Mother
She’s disappearing right before my eyesmedium.com

Philip Brittan

Scientific Method
A poem of metaphysicsmedium.com

Gary Westfal

Day Dreamers
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.medium.com

Michael Adelizzi

How “Making an Effort” Becomes Meaningful Change
Grab a pencil, paper, and your honest self-reflection.medium.com

Camille Grady

The Silence Is Deafening
The comfort of noisemedium.com

Michael Banks

My love of grass
Fat Tuesday has me hungry for some fine fescuemedium.com

Keri Mangis

Why Enlightenment is Not my Path
The Path I’ve Chosen Instead.medium.com

Sujani Hansanali

A Letter from my Old Papa
“Cherish youth, but trust old age”medium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Weirdest Food Combinations
A prompted poemmedium.com


The Blindness She Has
Is that what I can’t seemedium.com

Melanie J.

Cancun Cruz
A Limerickmedium.com

Tree Langdon

This leader is not afraid to take on the establishment.
He likes to break rules.medium.com

Bob Dumont

Flight of the Monarchs
And where are the bees?medium.com

Terry Mansfield

Not The Smartest In The Room
A good leader knows what a great team consists of.medium.com
Humankind’s Destiny?
The path on which we find ourselves is not a promising onemedium.com

Gippolito Ndp

5 questions that, if answered truthfully, tell us everything we need to know about anyone running…

Geetika Sethi

Life’s All About Shining
Shining through brightly in your own time — be it sunshine or moonlight.medium.com

Aldric Chen

What I Learned About Our Ability To Bounce Back And Avoiding The Cliff Edge.
We have to focus on ourselves.medium.com

Georgia Dimitrious

Balancing My Alter Egos
Francesca, The Ring Leadermedium.com

Ivette Cruz

Peace to Your Heart
There are things we can’t controlmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Ninja Miracle Grow
John Lennonmedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

What Are You When You’re In Love?
My way into a poetic form called Viatormedium.com
My Unmourned Diary
My attempt at a cinquain poetic formmedium.com

Chris Weber

How Readers get Followed
They use the force.medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Beat The Stress By Enjoying Your Vacation
Staycation, workcation, and vacations are new ways to beat the stress and get back to working productivelymedium.com

Vinay Lokesh

Nightmare, they have come all over,
you are standing up numb there,
in a world so unjust and unfair,
heart so bare…

Isabela Vasiliu

Transcendental Forests: Great+Full=Grateful
Feeling grateful is always within reachmedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

A marked tankamedium.com

Melinda Heyer

Five Steps to Stop Worrying and Take Positive Action
My favourite technique to help me stop worryingmedium.com

Chloe Paulina Hawes

Maybe Courage is Blue
A poem about trauma taken in stridemedium.com

Alyssa Castellanos, MA.Ed.

What I Learned From My Husband — An Avid Video Game Player
The 4 most important lessons I have learned watching him play.medium.com

Bahora Saitova

Stop degrading kind men by calling them simps
Since when has kindness become synonymous with weakness and ingratiation?medium.com

Randy Wolken

Success Is Gradual, Just Like Failure
Let your simple choices lead you to successmedium.com

Jaga Czub

Too Woo-Woo for Me
A case for open-mindedness in communication.medium.com

Francesco Joseph

How Steve Jobs Embraced His Biggest Failure
Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower — Steve Jobsmedium.com

Dayton Parks

How Soda Pop and Ice Cream Can Teach Us Not To Hate
I’ve been debating about writing this story for several days.medium.com

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen
ILLUMINATION Edition #entrepreneurship #psychology #misogyny #lifelessons #selflove #bookreviews #filmreviewmedium.com
Weekly Wisdom from Karen
ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR Edition #socialmedia #encourage #meditate #entrepreneurship #abundancemedium.com

Neil Pavitt

Having Trouble Knowing What To Write About? Try A Cuckoo Blog.
Use this method to guarantee you’ve always got a starting point for your articles.medium.com

Walter Bowne

Politicians Should Not Be Cult Figures
Should any human be considered a savior?medium.com

The Despicable Hippie

Free Museum

Akarsh Nalawade

Keep Your Readers Hooked
5 Ideas To Convert Your Fans To Fanaticsmedium.com

Viv Bora

Improve your Credit Score by following proven steps
A journey with Julie, who has nearly doubled her credit score in 12 to 18 months.medium.com

Swathi Arun

Is green tea an overpriced marketing ploy?
Couldn’t believe what I discoveredmedium.com

Sarah Seweryniak

Want To to Land Your Dream Job? Do This 1 Thing to Set Yourself Apart
Would you rather land your dream job that you’ll love or watch someone else achieve their career dreams?medium.com

Teri Daniels

How to Master Tweets Faster:
My 5-Step Twitter Guide for Writersmedium.com


It is Not More Money You Need, It is More Principles
The Best Personal Finance Lessons I have Learned from Othersmedium.com

Kyle Chastain

One Ancient Rule That Will Help You Have a Life Full of Meaning
Strip or retire.medium.com

David Pereira

How I Started Making 600USD+ Monthly on Medium
Ten tips for writing engaging content and growing exponentiallymedium.com

Ashley Richmond

5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned on My ‘Think Day’
#3 Always view discomfort as a challenge.medium.com

Dean J Murphy

3 reasons why people do not buy something
It does not matter if the decision is about the new gym membership, buying a product or investing in self development…medium.com

Efron Koen, MFA, MA

Seven Things Bosses Say That Are Killing Millennial Souls
What the heck is with this death grip on keeping things the same? What is with being fine with bad work as long as it…medium.com

Dave Smith

Five Practical Steps to Break the Busyness Vortex
Solutions to the Vicious Cycle of Busynessmedium.com

Pakang Senosha

Loneliness is bad for our health.
Science explains the effects of loneliness.medium.com

Eric Sutherland

My share grants have been fully vested
The company wants to buy back my shares.medium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

He Could Have Been Anything
Sitting behind his desk was; some type of god?medium.com


One-Month Anniversary with Medium
What I’ve learned and want to share with youmedium.com

Selina Hajarat

The Essential Steps of Overcoming Any Addiction
How to put a stop to the addiction controlling you — and sustain itmedium.com


Our Mental Patterns Set the Tone of Our Lives — and Some Need to Be Broken.
My Love and I have a toxic pattern — we each exercise opposing core values on the eve of our anniversary.medium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

Why we can’t see God
Some random reasons why it is better that God stays hiddenmedium.com

Floyd Mori

There Is No Excuse For Such Hatred In Families
Due to politics and Donald Trumpmedium.com

Kylie Craft

Overlooked Reasons Social Media Is Useful Technology
The positives of social media may outweigh the dangersmedium.com

Carole Olsen

Which, Mitch?
Was it the Senator who retaliated to Trump’s nasty remarks?medium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

How do you handle masks and touching a year into the pandemic? Here’s my approach:
When people are coming into my space (my home, my car, and close physical proximity), I tell them in advance what my…medium.com

T. Mark Mangum

Mr. Mason and the Carions, Information, Part 4
Deep Space Colony Systems are a collection of 12 space Orbs that orbit a massive central Orb. This artificial…medium.com

Nuno Fabiao

3 Overwhelming Reasons Why Your Audience Ignores Your Milestones
There is still one more, but this one is worth goldmedium.com

Morten Jensen

How To Stay Happy After All Your Dreams Come True
Cultivate happiness with these 6 simple practicesmedium.com


If You Liked ‘the Social Dilemma’ Here Are 4 Podcasts to Listen to
Find out how technology is subtly manipulating you without you even being aware of it through the discussions in these…medium.com

Diana Bernardo

Didn’t You Know That Wearing a Mask Makes Your Arms Fall Off?
True story.medium.com

João V Souza

Why You Can Work And Have Fun Anytime
The Seven-Day Weekendmedium.com

Alan Sepulveda

Five Habits of the 1% club
Radical differentiation and awarenessmedium.com

Jonathon Larkins

6 Steps To Earn Whilst You Learn
You’ve Wasted Being A Beginnermedium.com

Krishna V Chaudhary

You Need a Plan, Not an Endless Quest for Motivation
Here’s is the plan to be more productive.medium.com


Introduction To New Writers
Onboarding new writers joining ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, SYNERGY, Technology Hitsmedium.com

Christian B. Mbayabu

Knwoledge Levels
Knowledge is powermedium.com

Alyssa Castellanos, MA.Ed.

The 3 Steps to Start Loving Yourself Again.
Overcoming your insecurities to find self-love and acceptance.medium.com

Sam Wren-Lewis

What Kindness And Mindfulness Can Learn From Each Other
How can we be kind without without trying to fix people? How can we be mindful without being cold and detached?medium.com

Markus Skårnes

How To Figure Out What You Want In Life
These tools will help you determine your values and goalsmedium.com

Elvie Lins

Making A Sustainable Income In Portrait Photography
How to Build a Successful Career in Portrait Photographymedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: February 23
Accusations, Agreements, and Antibodiesmedium.com

Rosy Gee

Voices in My Head: The Result of a Toxic Relationship?
The Lies and Deceit were Unforgivablemedium.com

Aigner Loren Wilson

What the Wind Told Me
When you stand alone at the edge of a field and road, do you hear the wild wind calling you home?medium.com

Kaylan Mah

What is Period Poverty and Why Should We Care?
Bringing menstruation struggles into the lightmedium.com

Josh Slack

Football: What has happened to FC Barcelona?
Their problems on the pitch have been bad, but that’s nothing compared to the mammoth $1 billion worth of debt the…medium.com

Nicole Maharaj

The Best Friends of Captain America
A look at Sam Wilson and Buckymedium.com

Riku Arikiri

How to Talk to Your Crush: Taking Chances 101
It works like a charm! Your very own super-secret technique!medium.com

Amin Sazuki

Your Fixed Mindset is the Villain in Your Life Story
Slay it, or remain a slave to it.medium.com

Rebecca O’Brien

Deja Vu, Deja Reve, and Jamais Vu
What are they, and how many have you experienced?medium.com

Shikhar Chaudhary

Ancient Hindu Saint Believed These Three Things Control Your Happiness
I followed his advice for three months. Here’s what happened.medium.com

Michael Patanella

Willingness To Accept
It’s never too late.medium.com

Carmelo San Paolo

Why the Left and Right Are Both Wrong About Inequality
The truth is simpler than we’re led to believemedium.com

Harry Hogg

Yes, I remember. I remember it all.
The shameful games we playmedium.com


The Road Less Travelled-Stoney Pond State Forest
Volume 5-Stoney Pond NY State Forestmedium.com

Ilana Rabinowitz

The Problem With Those “I Made $6,254 Last Month Writing For Medium” Articles
I confess that I’ve been enticed to read many of those articles. But, although I may walk away with a tip or two, they…medium.com

Joy Nibbs

A Vendor’s Complaint
A poemmedium.com

Francesca Gabrielle Bavaro

Never Forget: A Patriot’s Poem

Terry Trueman

Fancy Red Sports Cars
A gorgeous red Corvette can make men feel younger, more vital and powerful, but only if they drive it . . .medium.com

Shivangi Patel

Cheating Each Other
A Poemmedium.com

Sonja Wendt

Let’s Talk Dirt
Cultivating Compassion in Children — Step 1medium.com

Gal Mux

What Happens When A Catholic Priest Fathers A Child?
The Catholic church has been riddled with scandal since time immemorial.medium.com

Jesse M. Gonzalez

Poem for the Ones I Will Never See Again
To my dear friends and family who I have lostmedium.com

Jazz Parks

Your Bedtime Routine Will Determine The Success Of Your Morning Ritual
Adopt these bedtime habits and change your lifemedium.com

Brown Lotus

An Ode to the Boogey-Man
What are you afraid of?medium.com

Wanita Isaacs

My thoughts are pleasing to me
A poemmedium.com

Wendy Scott

6 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate
Have you met a keeper?medium.com

Liam Ireland

Living With The Ever Present Past
Riding life on the crest of a wavemedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: February 24
Freedoms, Fear Mongering, and Final Verdictsmedium.com

Aparna Das Sadhukhan

A poemmedium.com

Sheryll James

Putting the Odds in Your Favor When Choosing a Life Partner
An Honest Examination of How Your Dreams Mattermedium.com

Neha Sandhir S

Let The Storks Carry
Yes… reallymedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

A poemmedium.com

Shireen Sinclair

While there is still time
If you are too tired, slow downmedium.com

Olivia Th

A reminder to all the people in love
I hope,medium.com

John Ross

Time Is Not the Most Precious Thing We Have
So what is more important than time?medium.com

Brad Creech

Three Dangers of Social Media
It’s more than just communicationmedium.com

Stephen J. Lalla, LMNOP

Get Advanced Notice of What’s in Your Mailbox
United States Postal System Gets Realmedium.com

Hailey Chantalle

You Aren’t Falling Behind
Even if social media would suggest otherwisemedium.com

Jessie Hamilton

12 Tips To Get Organized
It’s easier than you thinkmedium.com

Noah Nelson

Voracious Reading Habits Is a Game-changer
How reading 20 minutes changed my life.medium.com

Madeleine Ann Lawson

Heart Murmur
I believed in the urgency with which your hands
jumped to mine and held tight, like a robin’s feet to the branch.

Jimmy Meyer

The Cage That Is Self-Consciousness
Unlock That Door And Be Freemedium.com

Lola Idowu

4 Steps to Training Self Control like Any Other Muscle
And How This is the Key to Successmedium.com


Holism, Synergy, and Out of the Box Thinking
Exploring altered states and illuminationmedium.com

Keri Mangis

What Are You Willing to Trade for Wisdom?
It costs a lot, because it’s worth a lot.medium.com

The Despicable Hippie

I Sing While I Sleep
Confused? Let me explain…medium.com

Raktim Gogoi

7 Tips To Get More Glowing Skin
How to look younger and age beautifullymedium.com

Obsidian Eagle

A Multilingual Compositionmedium.com

Kit Campoy

Wanting Everything Has Become Exhausting, Hasn’t it?
Working in retail for two decades has shown me that less is more.medium.com

Talya Adams

4 Keys to Finding Your Squad
It’s never too late to find your people.medium.com

Paul Douglas

Goodbye, I Will Love You Forever!
A short story bout lossmedium.com


The Dream Behind ILLUMINATION’s Slack Network
The Inspiration You Get From ILLUMINATION’s Slackmedium.com

Carole Olsen

Did They Live Happily Ever After?
The Fairy Tales that suckered us into believing it was possible.medium.com

Aldric Chen

How To Be Prepared For The Next Linkedin Downtime.
It will happen again. We know it will and we do not know when. So, it is a good practice to be prepared for it.medium.com

Ferhat C.

How to Learn a Foreign Language
10 tips from 10 polyglots on language learningmedium.com

Paul Abela, MSc

Are Great Leaders Born to be Great?
History suggests notmedium.com

Emlyn Boyle

Old Wolf
Something bad may also be something sad. A fresh look at an old fairytale.medium.com

Ephraim Champion

Why Are Successful People Weirdos?
Define weird.medium.com

Kathy Brunner

Summoning Superman
How to return to the Childlike Confidence we need now more than evermedium.com

Jarryl Boey

5 Mental Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore
Your Mental Health is something you should take seriously, especially this year!medium.com

Greyson Albano

Habit Stacking: Accelerate Your Self-Improvement Effortlessly
Get more done in the same amount of timemedium.com

David R Gwyn

A 4-Step Lesson in Patience from a Middle School Teacher
You can build your patience by practicing these quick tipsmedium.com

Vincent Cardella

The Fastest Way To Change Your Reality
I do not make that statement lightly…medium.com

Kristy Lynn

Plant Trees and Clean the Oceans With the Click of a Button
Get an eco-friendly search engine — now!medium.com

Vincent Cardella

Practical Insights To Fuse Your Mind And Emotions
I wish I knew this sooner!medium.com

Nancy Ann

A Poem about Anxiety.medium.com

Kevin Ha

The Appeal of the Clear Career Path
And why so many people fall into careers that aren’t right for themmedium.com

Gershom Umar

The Accident of Our Justice System
My experience with the Nigerian justice system.medium.com

Aravind Balakrishnan

21 Inspirational Quotes that Makes So Much Sense For a Medium Writer
This might just be what you wanted to hearmedium.com


A Brief Introduction: Dharan Murali
Just like the sun above in the picture that represents the life force, I love to emit positive rays to all my readers…medium.com

Steven Anthony

Everything in Moderation is Too Much Bull…
Diet professionals who use the phrase show they don’t know what they are talking aboutmedium.com

Robert Planz

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Marketing Major
How to succeed in the field of Marketingmedium.com

Etienne Yuan

Rituals for Better Remote Work
How to prime your mind and body to form a habit of high performancemedium.com

Denise G

A Squeak and a Pop
A poem about feeling smallmedium.com

Joe Luca

Death Turns Sullen
20 February 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: exaggerationmedium.com

Dr. Ming

Why Gratitude Brings Greater Happiness?
And how you can practice gratitude in life.medium.com

Robert Trakofler

A Cabin in the Woods
To inhale the dusk a poetic meditationmedium.com

Kenan Kolday

7 Good-Intended Behaviors That Can Make You A Loser
Unfortunately, even the good behaviors could be misunderstood and put you in trouble.medium.com

Sabana Grande

How to Find Out What Topic Your Article Got Curated In
Solving the mysteries behind Medium’s curation process.medium.com

Shaista Malik

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#6)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in lifemedium.com

Amelie Bauer

Lust is alive and free
Lust is alive and freemedium.com

Tim Maudlin

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!
The closedness of Me-First peoplemedium.com

Carel Kolchinski

Losing Weight With Hypnotherapy
Does it work?medium.com

Lois Requist

When Health Studies Started Including Women
It wasn’t that long agomedium.com


How To Build Powerful Professional Relationships As An Introvert
Don’t be someone elsemedium.com

Lindsey Moore

Stop Telling College Students That Certain Majors Have No Value
Who determines which majors or degrees are valuable?medium.com

Anu Anniah

Ever Heard of ‘By Two’ Coffee?
This is something fun and unique to Bangaloremedium.com

Luciana Lambert

Hanging by a Thread
Scarred, uncertain, and fearful.medium.com

Gary McBrine

Why Do You Create? — You Don’t Need to Know
Knowing your “why” is fine for business, but unnecessary for the artistmedium.com


Best Stories and Courses Written for Better Writing
Follow these authors.medium.com

Azja Delana

First Person That Inspires Me To Be Successful Is Eminem
“I’m trying to give you the life that I never had”medium.com

Walter Rhein

What I’ve Learned From My Weekly Column For The Writing Cooperative
How a writing obligation can affect your productivitymedium.com

Macey Malone

My Burning Tears
A poemmedium.com

Karen Parquet

Journaling for Productivity Over 30 Days and What I Learned
Are you someone that loves to be productive but sometimes has those days where being that way is like pulling teeth to…medium.com

Jimmy Meyer

Being Selfish Is A Good Thing
Everyone is selfish.medium.com

Lyle Grossi

Belief Needs to Be Manifested in the Mind
Take action and get moving by using the mind in your favor.medium.com

Cassie Ring

Short Form Video Platforms
Should you use TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts?medium.com

Hannah Berman

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Read “Pippi Longstocking”
This classic might be more problematic than you recall!medium.com

Adebayo Adeniran

Formation: The making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation.
A review of the most important and arguably the best written book, thus far on Nigerian History.adebayoadeniran.medium.com

Nasar Karim

Did you ever?
A poem about lovemedium.com

John Ross

Talking to My Shadow

Reilly Dufresne

Failing to Write a Novel, Not Once but Twice
Why this was the best thing to happenmedium.com

Lee Dixon

3 Subtle Benefits of Beeswax Candles
And where you should flex your purchasing power.medium.com

Maria Rattray

What On Earth Is The Universe Made Of?
When it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe…medium.com

Abdullah Nadeem

Why You Don’t Want To Be Rich — The Real Definition of Wealth
Who do you think is richer, ‘John’ who earns £50k a year or ‘Bob’ who earns £150k a year?medium.com

Jessie Hamilton

8 Simple Tips To Feel Better
Guaranteed to workmedium.com

Michael Datz

To Stay As Friends
A poem about firemedium.com

Agnes Laurens

What does a shawl meant to you?medium.com

Lilian Poon

Changing Your Self-Talk Can Change Your Life
Tackle imposter syndrome by shifting away from binary thinking to spectrum thinkingmedium.com

Jesús Vila

Green Gaming: Viney-Vibes
Whenever we think about what differentiates us from other animal species, it is not uncommon to view reason as the…medium.com

Kris Downey

How Nike’s Famous Slogan Helped Me Get My First Byline
My first regular byline resulted from a Nike-inspired decision to Just Do It, sweaty palms, queasy stomach, dry mouth…medium.com

Ikram Al Mouaswas

What Happens When You Think of Life as a Grocery Store.
And 4 things you can do for the optimal shopping experience.medium.com

Stephanie Nicole

How the Virtual Classroom Expands Our World
Although the classroom feels less intimate, it has given us more revelations about our students.medium.com

Ryan Porter

The Most Fulfilled Version of Your Life Exists in the Present
Anxiety only exists in the past and the futuremedium.com

Ilona | Dev Invests 📊

One Of The Best Creative Problem-Solving Techniques
Give this brainstorming technique a try! See the difference it will provide the next time you explore solutions through…medium.com


Think of The Money You Will Save If You Stop Smoking Now
What Will You Do With All That Cash?medium.com

Reylia Slaby

The Fearful Artist
Honest musings from a creativemedium.com

Beatrice Wedd

Oh, Holy Social Media: A Sonnet in VI Parts
Oh, Rectangle, oh!medium.com

Jaivir Hans

8 Meaningful Reasons I’ve Read 1,825 Hours In 1,825 Days
Why — and how — I began, and how you can gain all the same benefits if you show up.medium.com

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