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image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

Today, we compiled a small number of interesting stories covering a broad range of topics.

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Please enjoy these engaging and inspiring stories.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Responsibilities of Technical And Technology Leaders May Differ
If you are planning a career in these areas, knowing the differences can be useful.medium.com

Richelle Délia, PhD

How to Be a Successful Investor, Regardless of What You Invest In
Stick to your numbersmedium.com

Dew Langrial

Apple MacBook Owner? A List of Useful Key Shortcuts for Better Performance
Most of us use only 10% of these timesavers ⏳dewlangrial.medium.com

The Maverick Files

5 Most Common Work Email Mistakes To Avoid at All Costs
Subtle variations can help you look smarter to your audiencemedium.com

Mary Beth Hazeldine

Is Happiness Overrated?
And why it’s better to pursue a purpose greater than yourself.medium.com

Randy Wolken

What Do We Most Need Now?
COVID-19 requires us to actmedium.com


I Defend Myself With Silence. You Should Too.
The best revenge is served in silence.medium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

Patience doesn’t exist
Einstein said Time is Relevant.medium.com


Turn, turn, turn, and find your space.
Being in the momentmedium.com


The Pandemic Created a Boom Market for Booksellers
Why that’s good news for your brain and your bodymedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

To Thine Own Self Be True
46 types, who knew?medium.com

Jordan Mendiola

I Made $500 from Newsbreak Without Realizing It
Newsbreak is the writing platform that loves paying its creators!medium.com

Mr. Huseyin

20 Golden Tips on Writing by William Faulkner
“Don’t be ‘a writer’ but instead be writing.” From basic to advance about writing..medium.com

Shamar M

My Best Performing Articles and How They Managed To Do Well
Six of my articles which have earned me the most money and why they did well.medium.com

pst tomowo

What Faith is not… Faith is not Hope…
Faith is definite, Now! While Hope is in the future.medium.com

Dhanaraj Natesan

How To Avoid Sleeping While Driving
In this article, we are going to look at how to control the sleep or drowsiness that often comes to us while driving.medium.com

Luigi Longo

Do You Work With a Rude Coworker?
Four efficient strategies that you can adopt to deal with themmedium.com

Nasar Karim

We Can’t End Racism
Because we’re all racistsmedium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

I Choose A Life Of Happiness And Love
Live your life to its bestmedium.com

Floyd Mori

When The Sun Sets Each Day
It’s time for a fresh startmedium.com

Holly Kellums

Colorless White Space — No Black People in the Comments
Our hands are still too far to touch the tip of your fingers, let alone hold your handsmedium.com

Luna Laz

15 Things You Don’t Even Think Your Nanny Knows About You
Nanny knows some of your little dirty secretsmedium.com

Tavian Jean-Pierre

5 Interesting Ways To Boost Creativity
What adults can learn from their childhood selvesmedium.com

Deante L. Young

Changing Your Life? Three Types of People Will Show Up
You will be amazed at the chain reactionmedium.com


Negative Emotions: Acceptance is Good for Mental Health
When something goes wrong, and our negative emotions overwhelm us, a vicious cycle begins.medium.com

Kit Campoy

Koi Fish and Questlove. Surviving the Early Days of the Pandemic.
Even in the darkest of times, light shines through.medium.com

J M Mantium

You Saved My Life
Not once, but twice — A love poemmedium.com

Kathy Brunner

When Work Becomes a Death Sentence
8 Ways to know it’s really time to leave your jobmedium.com

Roger Himes Esq.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer in Light of the Truth of the New Testament Gospel
This Prayer Becomes Even More Powerful in Light of the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth — of the…medium.com

The Secret Writer

Selling Blogs: Where And How To Sell Your Blogs
Maximize value ethically by giving the blog a makeover in every department, just like if you were putting your home up…medium.com

Morten Jensen

How To Empower Your Actions With Purpose And Intent
Get clear on your direction and take control of your lifemedium.com

Kensho Keith

Sorry, James Baldwin
I can’t be in a constant state of rage… They don’t deserve to take away my happiness.medium.com

Göktuğ Okumuş

Modern Vampires of the City
Their life in the shadows…medium.com

Fernando Doglio

Are Amazon’s Leadership Principles Wrong?
Do you follow their leadership principles to the letter?medium.com

João Gonçalves

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide To Get Into the Zone
Top performer Josh Waitzkin explains how to build your own triggermedium.com


How to Keep Your Bucket List From Overflowing
A life lesson from someone who spent his life waiting for the right time that never came. Stop waiting, start doing!medium.com

Gippolito Ndp

An Inspiring Epigram I Hope Will Help in These Troubling Times
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You…medium.com

Elizabeth Gordon

If You Seek More Connection to your Soul, try this Practice
Many of us overcomplicate spiritualitymedium.com

Bill Abbate

How to Make Better Use of Your Life While You Are on Autopilot
Making better use of your life day in and day outmedium.com

Eryn Devitt

How Moving Away Can Positively Impact Your Friendships
Moving is the ultimate test of friendships.medium.com

Rachel Greenberg

You Only Came Here for Business Advice? Sorry, There’s the Door.
And yes, you are going to miss out on a ton of good business advice. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.medium.com

Luke Gloege

Corn Grows From Thin Air
I come from a long line of farmers who feed the nationmedium.com

Sumesh P

A quick way to make money writing, Is that Medium is all about?
What does writing mean to you?medium.com

Justin Taylor

How Developing Tiny Habits Can Radically Change Your Life
If you can change your habits, you can change your life.medium.com

Marcel Badia

Delete Your Ghost followers Before it’s Too Late
Creating organic growth makes your real and trustworthy, design appealing content, buying followers will damage your…medium.com

Wanita Isaacs

Comfortable discontent
A poemmedium.com

Tom Handy

Don’t Be Fooled. The Coronavirus Vaccine Doesn’t Work 100 Percent
Governor Abbott could be putting the lives of Texas citizens in more danger.medium.com

Douglas Perkins

The Most Important Book I Read in College
What I learned then and what I learn nowmedium.com

Philip Brittan

The Winter Moon Glows

Louis Petrik

Stop Feeling Guilty for Trying To Relax
Here is what to fix insteadmedium.com

Noah Nelson

I’m Taking Medium One Step at a Time
Achieving short-term goals are so much better than long-term.medium.com

The Orange Gildersleeve

The Time Peer Pressure Took Over My Life
Growing up, there are a lot of…distractions you want to avoid.medium.com

Anthony Vega

15 Health Gadgets That Can Improve Your Life
As technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives we can start using it to benefit our health. Now that technology…medium.com

Victoria Ponte

Sketching For Writers
I found a new skillmedium.com

M. Nuri Kara

Zima Blue “Searching for the Purpose of Life”
Searching for the Purpose of Life. What is Minimalism? Some advice.medium.com

Carole Olsen

Living with A Most Frustrating Condition
Essential Tremor has plagued me my entire life.medium.com

Kelsey Kryger

6 Work From Home Essentials That Increased My Productivity
With distractions galore, getting work done from home is hard. These may help.medium.com

Sonam Lama

Seek Discomfort To Overcome Your Fears and Live Your Best Life
Every success that I have ever achieved in my life, has come from some form of discomfort or pain. Seek discomfort…medium.com

Bob Jasper

What does it mean to be ‘enlightened’?medium.com

Debesh Choudhury

How to Attract Readers to Your Blog
Promotion + empathetic engagement = readers to your blogmedium.com

Carole Olsen

The Golden Trump Statue-Where Will It Be In 5 Years?
There’s no Moses here to grind it into gold powder.medium.com

Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

How to Tell If You Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
A Los Angeles Covid-19 vaccination analysismedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 5
Creations, Compromises, and Catch Phrasesmedium.com

Aldric Chen

Every Family Has Someone Who Broke The Chain Of Poverty. My Aunt Did That.
We learn from the people around us.medium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Instinctive Preference
A poemmedium.com

Maria Rattray

Environment Book
Related stories by: Maria Rattraymedium.com

Isaiah R. Hicks

Hold onto this feeling just a little longer
To bask in the faux newness of truth…

Vanessa Ozigbo

3 Principles for Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams
Here’s how to craft the life you want, for real.medium.com

Paul Coogan

The Complex Threat to Joshua Tree
Preservation and accessibility in the face of growthmedium.com

Shaista Malik

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#9)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.medium.com

Linda Kowalchek

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Winner in the Medium Partner Program?
How to take a step forward.medium.com

Mr. Huseyin

The Ant Carrying The Eye Lens
Even a little ant can help you, too. Just want with your heart.medium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

History as it Happens! Write a Book About Joe Biden
Grab a cup of Joe and write your book about Joemedium.com

Ivette Cruz

For a better worldmedium.com

Sylvia Emokpae

Writing Has Given Me Anxiety
And I’m not sure how to tackle it.medium.com

pst tomowo

What Faith is not… Faith is not only unto GOD!
Faith is neutral, you can have Faith in any other things…medium.com

Eric Fermon™

Venus Arrival
Excavation and Intelligencemedium.com


The Odd Days Column Has Hit the Ball Right Out of the Universe
The latest buzzwords in the ILLUMINATION ecosphere are “meaningful engagement.” But they were just words until now…medium.com

Ilona Dee

How to Become an Expert in Your Field
Become recognized as an expert in your industry and reach the maximum success in your business and career.medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Athenian Rhapsody
Zeus will returnmedium.com

Emlyn Boyle

The Lonely Queen
A solitary ruler of prehistoric depthsmedium.com

Esther George

Can We Please Stop Arguing And Settle This Peacefully?
Getting our points across effectivelymedium.com

Elvie Lins

Singapore -Virtual Travel with Me Now
Singapore, probably one of the best places to see when you are in Asia. It is unique and different. Vibrant streets day…medium.com

Maclean Tamanda Mbepula

Why You are Not Getting More Business from your Facebook Ads
One thing that has irked me for the past couple of weeks is the adverts I keep seeing on my Facebook feed. Most…medium.com

Kevin Erazo Castillo

Against Credentialism in Science
An Appeal for a New Culture in the Century of Biologymedium.com

Elizabeth John

4 Weeks of Eating One Meal A Day
A series on the experience of doing the OMAD dietmedium.com

Clive Wilson MCIM

Do Not Redesign A Successful Product (unless you have to)
Better Versions Don’t Always Succeedmedium.com

Hemanth sagar J C

The Truth behind Scream Of Hell
The Helix Nebulamedium.com

Minty Horseradish

Let’s talk Sh*tting, Shaving and Sex
A wild feminist invitation to further our liberationmedium.com

Krishna V Chaudhary

An Open Letter to the Medium Non-Members
I am just trying to help you.medium.com

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