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Featured Stories Issue #7

Selected stories from 8,600+ writers supporting 82,500+ readers on ILLUMINATION

image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image courtesy of Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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Those who missed yesterday’s digest can access it from this link.Featured Stories Issue #6
Selected stories from 8,600+ writers supporting 82,000+ readers on ILLUMINATIONmedium.com

Please enjoy these engaging and inspiring stories.


Outstanding Stories — Volume 84
Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curatedmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

The Paradox of Six-Pack Abs
Aiming for six-pack abs may create paradoxical dilemmas.medium.com

Yewande Adeleke

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing.
There’s more to writing than we know…medium.com

The Maverick Files

Why Beauty Filters Might Be Ruining Self-Confidence & Mental Health
That app or high-res phone camera may be doing you a disservicemedium.com

Selina Hajarat

The Beginning of the Rest of the Universe
the story of a dying man in his last momentsmedium.com

Philip Brittan

The Lake is Frozen

Gippolito Ndp

Will You Weep, Can You Weep, and Why I Weep
It is March 4th. I am writing this, having just watched a video by Beau that struck me through the heart and caused…medium.com

Nasar Karim

A poemmedium.com

Terry Trueman

His Hands Would Bleed
From playing the drumsmedium.com

Emlyn Boyle

This Haunted Mary
A poetic ode to Mrs. Shelley’s geniusmedium.com

Bill Abbate

How to Use the Positive Affects of Anticipation in Your Life
Why developing an anticipatory attitude can be of tremendous benefit to youmedium.com

Tree Langdon

A ban of the Confederate flag
The swastika and the confederate flag are symbols of a lost war.medium.com

Gregory Reece-Smith

7 Habits You Need For Your Business To Succeedmedium.com

Rose Bak

Do We Really Need a Special Day for Women? Why International Women’s Day Matters More Than Ever
Women’s lives around the world continue to be a struggle.medium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

My Medium Weekly Roundup
Here’s what I published this week and a few stories by others that I enjoyedmedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 7
Divorce, Discovery, and Civil Disobediencemedium.com

Fred: Almost Famous

You Can Say: “I am Blessed, and Better Things Are On the Way”
And, “no one is better off than me!”medium.com

Marlane Ainsworth

Important Message from Prison
All shall be wellmedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

The Cucumber Tree
How long do you growmedium.com

Verbieann Hardy

How Four Buried Stories Made Me a Better Person
The past is never perfectmedium.com

Bandoro Gunarso

Why We Can’t Be Happy All The Time
And why that’s importantmedium.com

MJ Adia

Trans Face in Netflix Series House of Flowers
Why are cisgender people playing trans people in television?medium.com

The Orange Gildersleeve

The Time I Changed Myself To Love Someone Else
Never a good ideamedium.com

Leroy Welwood Jones

Tangled Roots
past and presentmedium.com

Jamie Jackson

Productivity Hacks Don’t Work So Why Do We Pretend They Do?
Shut up and do the work alreadymedium.com

Josie Elbiry

The Merry Prankster Makes Me Drink
My inner voices are always at war — Dryuary Day 4medium.com

Walter Pop Matthews IV

The World in the Rearview Fades Away
We are present as we ride into an unknown futuremedium.com

Dan Lee

The orgasm sent shock waves through the financial community as the merger was completed with a record advancemedium.com

Alexandros Roumpos

Two Cryptocurrencies You Can Mine for Free.
No special equipment, no electricity bills.medium.com

Jim McAulay🍁

At Beattie Communications We Don’t Hire Blacks, Gays Or Catholics
Read the whole story that’s where the joke ismedium.com

Elizabeth Gordon

5 Ways to Curb our Deeply Ingrained Lack Mentality
Lack mentality is so deeply ingrained in us, we hardly know we are doing itmedium.com

Patricia Rosa

Give Yourself That Raise
Pay off your debt and keep more in your pocketmedium.com

Mark Tulin

The Transitional Hour
The window between life and deathmedium.com


The School at the Top of the Hill
Kobe, September 1966, a rainy, dreary day.medium.com

Roxana Anton

Paid Opportunity for Writers
Yes, NewsBreak will give you a decent livingmedium.com


$15 an Hour Will Not Solve Your Problems or Make You Rich
It Will Still Be Minimum Wagemedium.com

The Maverick Files

Words Speak to the Mind, but Poetry Sings to the Soul
If I could sing well, I’d hardly ever feel the need to speakmedium.com

Sion Evans

Lust OR Life: Is Porn Making You Depressed?
Debunking the myths and realities of the modern-day phenomena.medium.com

Felix Otoo

I Lift My Hands In Surrender
I love to write musicmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Abuse Of This Type Is On The Rise
Perpetrators must be stoppedmedium.com


Tankaing with the Moon
Riffing poetic response to this great poemmedium.com
Riffing Responsively
My free-verse ode to Faulkner, Maclean, and Shakespearemedium.com

Göktuğ Okumuş

The Landscape
Too good to be truemedium.com

Matt Davis Motivation

How To Show Up More
And Be More Intentional in Your Relationshipsmedium.com
The Self-Help Industry Is Melting.
100x Your Returns if You Take My Course + Marketing Bullshit I Know You’re Sick and Tired Ofmedium.com

Harold Finch

Why is the Stock Market Crashing?
Understanding the reasons behind the Feb-March 2021 Markert Crash and how to use this opportunity.medium.com

Thomas Ott

Subscriptions, Adsense, 20BooksTo50K, OH MY!
I’m halfway through my Medium vs Adsense experiment on my Neural Market Trends blog. This is all part of a passive…medium.com

Warren Brown

The Publish and Die Protocol-Fiction Series
Episode 16: Osiris Publishingmedium.com

Dalibor Országh

Lifelike Sex dolls during the pandemic
For some people without a partner, is almost impossible to find new intimate relationships during the coronavirus…medium.com

Ricky Purnomo

Scrabble, Slurs, and Safe Spaces
Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can really tear our community apart.medium.com

Brooklyn Chastain

Her Power Moves
P o e t r ymedium.com

Mary Beth Hazeldine

16 Features of IOS 14 That You May Have Missed
Use your iPhone’s full potentialmarybethhazeldine.medium.com

Dave Smith

A Different Scoreboard for Life
Dads’ Survival Guide: Providing — Our Financesmedium.com

Wanita Isaacs

Happy birthday to me
A poemmedium.com

Claudia Stack

4 Random Things That Freak Me Out
What rubs you the wrong way?medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

Trying To Wake “Sense of Smell” in Your Writings? Editor’s — Lucky 10
Learn this 1000-year-old tip few writers know.medium.com

Joe Luca

Party Hearty
06 March 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: party onmedium.com

Linda Kowalchek

What Happened to That Book You’ve Been Meaning to Write?
Four steps to making your book a reality.medium.com

Clive Wilson MCIM

The difference between Sales and Marketing
It is not uncommon for an element of tension to exist between the sales department and the marketing department, mainly…medium.com

Eugene Terekhin

Self-inflicted Stress — How I Learned Not to Force Anything
Some people feel bored when life goes well.medium.com

Melinda Crow

Dear News Break, You Can’t Force Your Smut-Loving Readers to Consume Hard News
You can program bots to shove local news down their throats, but it may not workmedium.com

Elvie Lins

With the Locals in Pu Long Vietnam
Time with the locals when we travel is the best time to learn about their cultures.medium.com

Francesco Rizzuto

The 39th Moon of Jupiter
Marsha D’Angelo trotted down Richards Street toward Waterfront Station, weaving her way left and right around commuters…medium.com

Bob Jasper

“Dae Jang Geum”
The Great Jang Geummedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

I Choose To Have Nuance
Poetry Prompt: I choosemedium.com


Conversation With A Black’s Paladin
White racism against black is not the only form of discrimination!medium.com

Brooke Ramey Nelson

A Poemmedium.com

Ms Fischer

What To Do With the Stimulus Check
$1400 dollars will soon come your waymedium.com

Lauren Kim

Looking to Import to South Korea? Here’s What You Need to Know.
The ins and outs of South Korea’s customs clearance process.medium.com

Nathalie Weisz

Thinking About Mortality Doesn’t Need To Be Scary, Yet We Speak About It More Often?
what I’ve learned from seeing my grandmother dyingmedium.com

Veronika Kaufmann

Women’s History Month — Greta Garbo, the Mysterious One
Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.medium.com

Many thanks to our editors who reviewed and published these stories for you. Our editors work hard to help our writers succeed. They invest their precious time volunteering for smooth publishing of your stories. ILLUMINATION-CuratedILLUMINATIONDr Mehmet YildizTree LangdonBrian E. Wish, PhD,Dr Ron Pol, Dr Michael Heng, Dr John Rose, Paul Myers MBA, Karen Madej, Joe Luca, Dipti Pande, Kevin Buddaeus, Kate MaxwellArthur G. Hernandez,Bill Abbate, Michael Patanella, Aurora Eliam, CMP, René Junge,Geetika Sethi, Ahmed Jamal, Britni Pepper, Selma,Earnest Painter, Dew Langrial, B. A. Cumberlidge. Lanu PitanAgnes LaurensEP McKnight, MEdCR Mandler MATThe Maverick FilesSumera RizwanLiam IrelandTony Young, Jr.Neha Sandhir SDesiree DriesenaarStuart EnglanderNtathu AllenThewriteyardHaimish MeadMaria RattrayCristo Lopez, PhD,Dr. Preeti Singh, Holly Kellums, Kristina Segarra, Yohanan Gregorius, The Dozen, Audrey Malone,janny’s heart,Sabana Grande, Jennifer Friebely, Zen ChanAamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀John Cunningham[arlie] PEYTONGeorgia DimitriousKim PetersenJosh Balerite AcolNoorain Hassan, BMSMallika VasakIkram Al MouaswasLinda KowalchekTerry L. CooperGeorge Blue KellyScott Hughey (TheWriteScott)

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