Why not to celebrate Women’s day? — A PoemPhoto by Pixabay from Pexels

Not a day to look forward to,
Not a moment to look back,
One gives importance to things,
Often, to mask what they lack.

When was a woman not important
From before you were born, to long after
She moulds you from childhood to youth
Showering care and wisdom, every chapter.

When was a woman not important
From nasty arguments to pillow fights
Only to remember them years after
And wish you could relive those nights.

When was a woman not important
From when you started looking for fame
Filling setback bouts with compassion
The “unsung hero” in your frame.

When was a woman not important
From an insane world, when days were blue
Who sits by your side and shares a shoulder
How can one be so blessed, no damn clue.

When was a woman not important
From a tiny thing you held, gave tears of joy
Pearls in every moment, you collect all life
Precious memories, money can never buy.

When was a woman not important
From a hand that rises high
Racing to build a glorious future
Relentless to yield, no time for a sigh.

I wish to be just as half
The half that stands by what’s right,
The half that brings them comfort,
The half that makes them bright!

Women have been on a center stage, be it home, education, science, art, space, or plain and simple — making the world a better place. Here are 3 cheers to all the women for a future that brightens up for everyone. I thought of penning this down after I noticed several social media messages missing a soul this women’s day.

Woman was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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