The War on Masculinity

Because masculine men are too powerful for them

Image from Pixabay, altered by author

I’ll try to keep this simple. A few years ago, I learned critical thinking from a book called The Master Key System’ and ever since I have become ‘that guy’. You know the one, that guy who analyzes everything and follows the rabbit hole in his head until he forgets what started the thought. Okay perhaps that’s extreme but you get my point.

A few weeks ago, I asked myself, why have there been so many subliminal sexual messages in Disney cartoons? What do they stand to gain? This question bugged me and led me on a path. I found nothing, at least not where I hoped to.

Another question I asked myself was, what’s with the feminist movement going viral? I understand women have been treated unfairly over the years and I support equal pay and opportunity. But I felt that the feminist movement was all out trying to make men less than they are. I thought about this for a long while as well.

The third question I had was concerning ‘porn’. Why was it so popular and how come a large percentage of guys indulged in it? I noticed few women were intrigued by porn and that worried me. What is in porn that ‘catches’ just guys?

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

I found my answer

When I started researching the Alpha male, and I got interested in the Alpha male when I saw an installment of The Fast and the Furious (can’t remember which one I think 6). I stumbled on an article on semen retention. I found out that the semen was vital in being the most masculine male version of yourself. And then it made sense.

I stood in awe when I saw the harm careless ejaculation was doing to the male gender. All the dots came together; the subliminal messaging, the aggressive feminist movement, and porn. All these things are part of a well-orchestrated plan to rid the world of masculine energy.

By dropping subliminal messaging in cartoons, they prime young children to become sex-obsessed without knowing it. As they become teenagers, their subconscious (which has already been primed) seeks sex by all means. Then porn steps in to fill that gap.

As teenagers, many boys are already addicted to porn and masturbation that by the time they are adults, they are so hooked on the cheap dopamine that their brain rewires itself. This creates lazy, unmotivated, and uncreative men.

For the few who are still masculine, the feminist movement shows up to say that the concept of men should be de-emphasized. We could have said “Policewoman” or “Chair lady” but no, they (not the women themselves but those who seek to destroy the masculine energy) don’t want the word “man” spoken.

The journey to normalize homosexuality has gained momentum and while I completely accept gay people, I know their cause has been hijacked by these same people who wish masculinity out of the way.

It’s almost as though they want masculine men should tone down the masculinity while we program our young boys from a very young age to waste their energy.


If you are a man reading this, then you owe it to yourself to take back your masculinity, confidence, and creativity. There are people who want to be all-powerful forever and they are threatened by what the male energy is capable of so they have devised means to leak it from as many men as they can. Their evil doesn’t concern me. But ask yourself why you have been feeling more and more depressed and unmotivated lately. It looks like porn helps to relieve stress, but the body creates the stress response because it has been conditioned to need porn the same way the body creates ‘hunger’ when it needs food. Porn is creating the stress you think it is relieving.

The War on Masculinity was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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