6 Healthy Habits You Must Include in Your Lifestyle

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Everyone knows it is a good habit to eat healthy, stay healthy and other stuff that is necessary to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone says you should try to live a healthy lifestyle. Since childhood, our elders tell us to focus on our health. But no one told us exactly what we need to do to stay healthy or what to eat or do to attain a healthy lifestyle. That’s the primary reason no one of us is able to attain a healthy lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean that we should not even try to find out what we can do to attain a healthy lifestyle.

I know you all have a hectic schedule in your lives. You all are busy with your 9-5 job. But at least you can focus a little bit on your health. After all, in the end, if you were not in a good state then what’s the point of earning that money.

I feel “a healthy person is a wealthy person.”

Importance of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved with the combination of two things that are – mental and physical fitness. A healthy lifestyle is becoming important and for coming generations, it will become a necessity as there is no more healthy and fresh environment left. The way new diseases are appearing now is going to be super important. As new diseases are coming daily, so to avoid them, it is really important to live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle will help us stay fit and will also boost our immune system to fight back against diseases. It will also decrease the amount of premature death which is caused because of an unhealthy lifestyle like poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

A healthy lifestyle is important in every aspect, be it socially, mentally, or physically. You need to be fit and fine to live a peaceful life.

For e.g., if you have ever seen a person who exercises daily and eats healthy faces fewer body problems as compared to the person who does nothing to keep himself fit. The person who takes care of himself has less chance to pick up any disease.

How a healthy lifestyle can be achieved

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by each one of you. You just need to include some healthy habits in your lifestyle. Some healthy steps you need to take are –

* Proper Diet

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Our diet has a 70% contribution to a healthy lifestyle. What we eat directly affects our immune system. So having a good diet is very important. We should never skip our meals, even for dieting purposes as well. You should try to avoid outside junk as much as you can because it contains trans fat, which is the worst fat one can intake. Once or twice a month is okay, but daily or every week is not okay.

If you intake a healthy meal, then there would be less chance of getting affected by any disease. So avoid food containing trans fat, sugar, sodium, red meat, etc. Include more vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, nuts, etc.

I know it’s quite difficult to completely exclude all those unhealthy oily foods, but try to be more on a healthier side than an unhealthier side.

* Physical activities

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

So having a good diet is fine, but with that, there should also be physical activities in your lifestyle. It helps you in staying active and fresh. Physical activities compensate for the effect of unhealthy stuff you intake in a day.

You can do anything: e.g. yoga, running, aerobics, walking, etc. You should include physical activities in your daily routine after waking up as it keeps you more energetic and healthy. Do yoga every day and if not then once a week to keep yourself calm and tension-free. Yoga has a very good tendency to keep your mind and body relax. If you do running or workout daily, then it will keep you fit and away from any fat diseases as it will burn your calories a lot.

And if you don’t have time to do all these physical activities then at least try to walk at least 1 hour a day. For this you don’t need to take out an extra hour, you can just go to your workplace or to shop near to your home on foot. This will be one of the best habits to include in your routine.

* Body weight

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Bodyweight is also the major thing to keep in mind. Your weight should not be in excess or not be minimal too. It should be normal. The correct BMI for a healthy person should be between 18.5 to 24.9. If a person has BMI in between this given range then that person is considered to be a healthy person.

I know controlling weight is quite difficult to manage because it suddenly goes up and comes down and we can check it every time. So for this, the thing you can do is make a routine to check your weight once at the end of every month.

And try to avoid oily and other fat-containing foods like – chips, fries and all as these are not good for your health. Don’t eat at odd times like between afternoon and evening . Do not eat snacks, just eat your meal properly all at once.

* Sleep

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

So sleep also plays a vital role in attaining a healthy lifestyle. You can feel healthy only if you feel fresh and tension-free. And for that, you need to take a full relaxing sleep of 8 hours. Even doctors also say to sleep 8 hours or if not then at least 7 hours at night. Good sleep is very important to start a day with a fresh mind.

Don’t work too late at night, try to complete all your work before 10 pm or if not that then at least 11 because after that it is too late to give stress to your eyes. In addition to the stress, it will also affect your eyesight.

In your childhood you had listened to that poem “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise’’. So make a habit to sleep early and wake up early and then you will feel fresh throughout the day.

* No Alcohol consumption

Photo by Sangria Señorial on Unsplash

Alcohol is not at all a good drink to consume. But still some people especially youngsters consume it in a large quantity just to look cool and follow the trend. And actually why blame these youngsters when so many educated people are also doing the same thing. Even on occasions or at professional meetings too, it is not good to intake such a harmful drink as it can damage your kidney, liver, and whatnot.

Already there are so many viruses introduced which are harming your whole body system and in addition to that why do you want to invite one more problem.

So don’t consume alcohol even on occasion. It neither sounds cool nor looks cool. There are so many advertisements run on television and even you all know that alcohol can completely damage your body system, lack concentration power, weakens your memory power, etc.

In 2018, the death rate due to alcohol use among men was 15 per 100,000 population compared to 7 per 100,000 population among women. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle then gradually you should have to exclude alcohol from your life.

* Quit Smoking

Photo by Steven Pahel on Unsplash

Trust me or not but smoking is more harmful to your body than alcohol. Through research, it was found that 90% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking. And smoking can also cause other harmful problems like breast cancer, COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ), cardiovascular disease, and so on.

It was found that 81 percent of deaths due to lung, bronchus and trachea cancer among U.S. adults aged 30 years or older were attributable to cigarette smoking.

So you should never try smoking and even if you are an addict to smoking then immediately try to quit smoking as it is very harmful otherwise you will have to face some harmful effects after some years.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

If you follow all those 6 habits mentioned above, then you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. No doubt you will automatically feel a positive change in your body system. You will feel fresher.

So there will be many benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.

* Less chance of cancer eg. breast cancer, mouth cancer.
* close to longer living.
* Less chance of premature death.
* Feel fresh and tension free.
* Increase your immunity power.
* Free from inviting other harmful diseases.
* Increase your stamina
* develop your memory power


Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the major things to include in your life and especially at this time when there are so many new viruses appearing. Anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle just by including some healthy habits in their daily lifestyle. You just need to exclude some unhealthy practices and include some healthy practices.

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