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Dr Mehmet Yildiz

The New Star Completed The 3rd Milestone
ILLUMINATION-Curated has gained 30,000+ followersmedium.com
We have started publishingmedium.com

Jennifer Friebely

The Most Powerful P-word
Happy Birthday Illumination!medium.com

Prince Verma

Use Emails to Do More Work
Eliminated email distractions using these simple tipsmedium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

The 3 Main Excuses Drug Dealers Use
Dale Carnegie was rightmedium.com


When I Graduated No One Cared About The Color of Your Skin, Race, or Other Identity
There was one Ceremony for Everyonemedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

A cryptic haikumedium.com

Aaron Kemp

009 — Free Verse — Work Life Balance
If it wasn’t already hard enoughmedium.com

Floyd Mori

Missing Washington, D.C. And The Cherry Blossoms
The blossoms bring such beauty to the earthmedium.com

Ntathu Allen

One-line Poem: Happiness (#16)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.medium.com

Leroy Welwood Jones

A Year of Masks
We can do bettermedium.com

Vicky Prokopi

Τhe Observer
A free-verse poemmedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Library of Lights
poetry prompt: illuminationmedium.com

Terry Trueman

Back Then
I used to
try to write
poems about winter light
or birds in trees
or tiny
In other words,
I used to…

Sonja Wendt

In Honor of Joe — Understanding the Big Picture
Learning about Joe’s as Joey Learns about Aging and Disabilitiesmedium.com

Mary Beth Hazeldine

The Recipe for Success Lies in the Gusto of the Secret Sauce
1 c. of skills, 16 oz. of action and simmer on low for as long as it takes.medium.com

Carole Olsen

Friendship Survey
I am very curious of what friendship means to you.medium.com

Sheldon Clay

A Year of Living Carefully
I picked up a bottle of Montepulciano this morning.medium.com

Ian Worrall

Beware False Music
A short story for your enjoymentmedium.com

Aldric Chen

7 Ways To Avoid a Meaningless Quarrel. How To Disengage and Avoid Saying Up Yours
This is my honest opinion.medium.com

Emre Gürbüz

Being a Liberal in Turkey
Or should I say, being an admiral in a land that has no sea?medium.com


I will write my own Bible
A poem about the pain of freedom/seeking comfort in nihilismmedium.com

Çiğdem Arca

Cooking with Artificial Intelligence
AI is changing the world for better, hopefully building a smarter tomorrow for us. Since Alan Turning wrote “Computing…medium.com

Kate Foster

A Paradox So Sweet:
Darkness Cannot Conquer a Minute, Obscure Lightmedium.com

Victoria Ponte

The Storm
A Prose Poemmedium.com

Nasar Karim

Jobs in heaven
What my daughter said to memedium.com

Adam Deitsch

There’s a Certain Beauty About the Night
A Free Verse Poemmedium.com

Jacques-A. Gerber

Becoming An Ally — Part 2

Brooke Ramey Nelson

Shadows Beyond Paradise
A Poemmedium.com

Pierre Subeh

How to Compose & Answer Emails Professionally (6 Tips For Success)
Apply these tricks to your next email and notice a big improvement in your communication style — Improve your potential…medium.com

Saugat Menon

Notes From a Fellow Being
I am no veteran at life; but I have had my share of tribulations. All the magnificent literature, music, and…medium.com

Mark C. Titi

3 Life-Saving Vaccinations Every Nonprofit Needs Now
Here’s the best shots to protect your future.medium.com

Ian Worrall

The Heist
A short story for your enjoymentmedium.com

Talya Adams

The Highs and Lows of OfferUp
My first month in reviewmedium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

If The Lady Feels Insulted, It’s An Insult; I Think
All I learned , held sacred, went flying out the windowmedium.com

Shaista Malik

Hope is An Ally
A poetry prompt.medium.com

Ntathu Allen

Who Am I?
Poetry Prompt Day:-7medium.com

William J Spirdione

Mud Dauber
A sonnetmedium.com

Maria Rattray

My Baptism Of Fire
Otherwise known as early days of working as an editor for Illuminationmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Visual Entities
Celebrating World Poetry Daymedium.com

Aldric Chen

Personal Best: How To Have The Day That We Want.
We want it. How do we get it?medium.com

Claire Kelly

I Will Write For Food
Sometimes that freelance writing job you want so much is just not in the cards…medium.com

Zachary Kerman


am afraid, 
scared to die
i am afraid 
to stop existing
i am afraid, 
and i can’t help it

Nancy Ann

My Light
A Poem about Love.medium.com

Susan Foster

It Started With a Glance in the Mirror
A fiction short story about finding purpose, inspired by a word prompt challenge.medium.com

Donnette Anglin

Why you Should Believe Someone who Tells you They Sacrifice Doing Something for you.
Sacrifices are personal. It is not for you to decide someone’s sacrifice.medium.com

Bronte White

My Desperate Need To Connect and Avoid Connection.
It seems like there must be a simple solution. People that are feeling lonely should pursue connection. Its an…medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 22
Tournaments, Trespasses, and Time To Catch Upmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

I Was Lost
Finding My Selfmedium.com

Dr Sachin pandit

How to avoid stress when you move
The ways to avoid the stress when you are shifting your home or you are about to movemedium.com

Michael Wilkins

Sorry, We Aren’t Going into Space.
Is it even a good idea?medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

For R Tsambounieri Talarantas
A long rhymed acrosticmedium.com

Ashley Nicole

3 Steps to Finding What You’re Passionate About
Don’t let fear hold you back!medium.com

Wendy Scott

9 Easy On-line Dating Tips for Newly Single Men
How to get the dates you really want straight awaymedium.com

Rosa Diaz

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating That May Change Your Perspective
What exactly is intuitive eating? Most people don’t know what it is or are familiar with it in any way.medium.com

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

The Legend of Long Dong Silver
His dick was fake!medium.com

Nicole Kenney

The Most Toxic Lesson Across Multiple Children’s Shows
The amount of times I watched this happen on TV is unsettling.medium.com

Bryce Godfrey

Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds
It Makes Them Worsemedium.com

Denise G

You and Me
A poemmedium.com

Jay Toran

The Hidden Joys of ILLUMINATION Book Chapters
What just MIGHT come out of this new venture of Dr. Mehmet Yildizmedium.com

Karen Madej

Childless Couple on Tenterhooks for Months
Will the court allow them to foster their nephew?medium.com

Khadejah Jones

10 Hard Truths About The Internet Gen Z Can’t Accept
And probably never will.medium.com


I Can’t Dream Yet
There is no breadmedium.com

Lucia Landini

The Important Decision to Find An Accountable Partner
A few months ago, I read the words accountable partner for the first time. I didn’t know who this person was, I thought…medium.com

Garry Lee

Stop Doubting Yourself
Why the pandemic made me question the meaning of what I domedium.com

Samantha Scott

About Me
Get to know me some moremedium.com

Yaqoob ahmad

Should You Fear Failure or Strive for Success
Which one’s the better motivator?medium.com

Giorgos Pantsios

80 Effective Power Words to Make Your Headlines More Attractive
The formula of success begins in the title, but it doesn’t end there. It’s all about Psychology.medium.com

Kyle Chastain

5 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting ‘Chosen For Further Distribution’
You are the chosen one.medium.com


The Dark Side of Cab Aggregators in India
An observation piece on Cab Aggregators and their impact in Indiamedium.com

James Halliday

How To Be Productive Working From Home
A few things I’ve learned about working at home during the COVID-19 periodmedium.com


One Simple Question With The Potential to Improve The Quality of Your Life
Decision-Making Fundamentals — Asking Whymedium.com

Jonathan Thomas

What I learned from My Tolerance Break — 

Warren Brown

Let us throw the Dice
There is no time to wait and waste time anymoremedium.com

Groupe Intellex

Less Is More — a review
‘A powerfully disruptive book’medium.com

Katie Michaelson

“I Don’t Know Where I Am!”
A glimpse into the world of a lovely white-haired lady.medium.com

Violet Daniels

3 Ways to Become More Flexible with Your Attitudes
To adapt to a constantly changing world, we all need to become better listeners and thinkersmedium.com

Parris Baker

More Thoughts Than Answers
A Word about the Spa Shootings in Atlantamedium.com

Trapper Sherwood

7 Tremendous Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders
For best results, focus on developing one habit at a time. Once that habit is ingrained, then start developing another…medium.com

Akarsh Nalawade

Learning To Die
Life Lessons From “Being Mortal”medium.com

Katherine G. MacRae

Let the Tears Flow
Let the tears flow and fall down without shamemedium.com

Midori by the Sea

Why This Type of Guys will Never Find True Love
An honest discussion on “losers” and how men can’t delay self-care any longermedium.com

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai)

Travel Tales With M ~ Ashoka Waterfalls
A Natural Waterfall in A Secluded Villagemedium.com

Paulo Costeri

How Can A Story Earn $2.52 Per 4 Views, 4 Minutes Reading
Fellow writers, is this normal?medium.com

Kabir Kalia

The Chosen Readings of Far-Right Extremist
A pandemic can have some harsh side effects on our society. One of them has been a surge in extremist ideology, as…medium.com

Adam Borowski

The day I realized I have white privilege
And, my dear friends, that day happened in China a few years ago.medium.com

Marcel Badia

How to Cook a Recipe For Innovation and Boost New Ideas in The Process
Don’t forget that big ideas transform our economic and social reality, innovation is the engine of change.medium.com

Tom Handy

12 Ways to Prevent Your Car From Getting Broken Into In New Orleans
Keep your car safe while visiting New Orleans.medium.com

Neera Mahajan

Should Social Media Be A Part of Your Authorpreneur Strategy?
Or should you dismiss it as a time-wasting trap?medium.com

Louis Petrik

I Backtracked 4 People Who Chased Success in Network Marketing
Here is what happened to people I knowmedium.com

Carlos Velasquez

3 Strategies That Increase Your Articles’ Flywheel Effect On Medium
And how doing a lot of little things well can lead to success — Antifragilemedium.com

Geoff Lane

Trying to Think of the Next Big Thing? Do This Instead.
The measure of a good entrepreneur doesn’t come down to a good idea.medium.com

Francesco Joseph

The Stealthy Sensationalism Surrounding Ninja
When it comes to online gaming getting paid to play video games seems like a fantasy for many, however for Richard…medium.com

Josie Elbiry

Shall the Gods Deign to Give Us Hope?
A Petrarchan Sonnet in response to the prompt: Hopemedium.com

Floyd Mori

The Surprising Things You Read On Medium
Some people share secretsmedium.com

Randy Shingler

Arriving Spring
Awareness of newest arrival of spring
Warmer weather and, beginning sprouts
First green shoots on old barren trees…

Tim Sussmann

Deeply playing with an end goal
What if we could play with such focus, that we grew?medium.com

Jacques-A. Gerber

Becoming An Ally — Part 3

Tom Byers

Are We?
Thank You for the Photo and the Kind Words.medium.com

Linda Kowalchek

Making Money on Medium Is a Whole New Game
Don’t fall for old advice about making the big bucks.medium.com

Brenda Mahler

I Started a Travel Blog: RVing in Retirement
In search of fellow travelers looking for adventuremedium.com

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