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image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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Editorial Bulletin #4 — growing rapidlymedium.com


Happy Birthday Illumination. You Changed My Life.
I was finding life quite tedious before I discovered Medium. The boring routines of lockdown existence had stifled my…medium.com

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

The Psychology of Writing on News Break vs. Medium
Sometimes our writing satisfaction on a platform comes from what we’ve come to expect or accept.medium.com


A Spiritual Bad-Ass’ Assessment of Ev Williams’ Announcement
A win for all good souls incarnated in well-meaning writers and the publications they ownmedium.com

Maria Rattray

Weight Loss Theories Abound
And yet, truth be known, weight loss, and health, can only come about when you eat real food.medium.com

Harry Hogg

The end of the Story
…or as far as its gonemedium.com

Ann Venkataraman

God, Machines and Chetan Bhagat
Exploring Literary Techniques — Deus Ex Machinamedium.com

Harold Finch

World Wars Inc.
A Sci-Fi Storymedium.com

Isaiah R. Hicks

At the Crosswalk
And yet, the memory of harder days still linger
Within you, the ones with struggling to get
Out of bed in the…

Victoria Ponte

The Sound of Rain on The Roof

Carel Kolchinski

When Fat Is Your Enemy — 7 Weight Loss Weapons
You Can Use Now For A Healthy Dietmedium.com

Nasar Karim

Miss Wildfire
Ode to the unfluencermedium.com

Marsha Hamby Savage

Put A Story In Your Painting!
Viewers love finding a storymedium.com

Linda Halladay

3 Crippling Beliefs to Avoid
Yes, It’s Okay to Feel Joy and Relief!medium.com

Nia Simone McLeod

The Designated Driver
“You owe me, you know? Forever.”medium.com

Bhavna Narula

Broken Can Be Beautiful Again
Just change the way you look at itmedium.com

John Ross

Depression, Loneliness, & Becoming a Hero: Everything (& more) You Need to Know About My Time in AZ
Short Story and Moremedium.com

[arlie] PEYTON

If There Is 1 Illumination Article On Medium You Should Read, This Is It
Addressing the post-pandemic conversations still in our headsmedium.com

David Sachsenmaier

Why do I feel like a machine at work?
“I just feel like a machine, a tiny cog in a big wheel at my company.” As an executive coach I hear these words so…medium.com

Samantha Scott

The Importance of Paying Yourself First
Reasons why you should pay yourself first, not just with money but with your time and energy too.medium.com

Son de Flor

All About Wrap Dress
Wrap dress has been introduced to the world since 1930’s and it keeps being one of the most iconic and timeless pieces…medium.com

Annelise Lords

COVID’s Judgement
Inspired by: I Have A Conscience by Chetna Jaimedium.com

Ms Fischer

Can’t We All Not Just Get Along?
The steep decline of civility and the social costmedium.com

Warren Brown

Writing and the potential for a Fortune
How to use your writing to create different income streamsmedium.com

Jair Ribeiro

2 tips to remain mindful during your next virtual meeting
About maintaining a physical presence even if you are working remotely.medium.com

Melanie J.

Spring Clean Your Life
Clean Out The Cluttermedium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 26
Collaborations, Commercials, and Cultsmedium.com

Maria Denisa Dascalu

Minimalism Can Make You Happier. Here’s Why
Insights on breaking free from materialism, and living well.medium.com

The Orange Gildersleeve

The First Time I Dunked
Dunking is no easy feat, and can be downright dangerous if done wrong.medium.com

Olivia Th

Scream of the soul
A poemmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Why do I call myself a Writer?
Poetry Prompt Day:-11medium.com

Bill Abbate

A Simple And Easy Method to Help You Reduce Stress in Your Life
How to use the method of controlled stress to destressmedium.com

Galit Birk, PhD

Renewed with possibilitymedium.com

Aldric Chen

How To Turn Your Life Around When You Are Retrenched At 56, and How Life Finds A Way.
We will find our way when we are willing to. Auntie Sim showed me that.medium.com

Holly Kellums

Systemic Racism Fueled by Displacement and Degradation
The endless life-sucking loop of urban displacement is more powerful than skin colormedium.com

Natan Morar, PhD

Journalling and Self-reflection
I’ve been journaling for what is it now… four days… and I have already discovered quite a few things about myself and I…medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Western Hemlock Tree
Life was good before the Wild Westmedium.com

Aaron Kemp

008 — Sonnet — Distant
The healer of lossmedium.com

Daniel Asuquo

In the Face of Adversity
Just because nobody has it easymedium.com

Juliano Righetto

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
A sex storymedium.com

Kathy Lum

My Posts Won’t GoViral on Medium, and Here’s Why
Sharing my 12 biggest mistakes on Medium that relentlessly keeps me on the outside looking inmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

The Waiting
One-Line poetrymedium.com

Dayeldy Carrasco

Trying To Go Viral On TikTok (Easy Views)
Ok, so this has been almost impossible! But I did it. I created my TikTok account about a month ago and I’ve been…medium.com

Warren Brown

Milestone-300 Articles, 1,769 Views
554 Fans, 384 Followers since January 2021medium.com

Tom Handy

Six Unique Facts to Know About Matthew McConaughey If He Runs For Governor
The actor is planning his next political move.medium.com

Bill Abbate

How Do You See the Never-Ending, Relentless March of Time in Our Lives
Always remember the ancient Persian saying: “This too shall pass.”medium.com

William J Spirdione

Spring Sprung
A sonnetmedium.com

Wanita Isaacs

Do you want to live like a river flows?
The freedom fallacymedium.com

Michael Robert

It’s Ok To Question Your Career and Change Your Path
Your degree and experience does not define your careermedium.com

MJ Adia

My Neck Knows What To Do
My somatic response to racism sharpens my strengthmedium.com

Selina Hajarat

Nature-Inspired Artwork
— terrifying yet mesmerizingmedium.com

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

The Biggest Compliment
A tiny poemmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

What is an example of a paradox?
For example, a character who is both charming and rude might be referred to as a “paradox” even though in the strict…medium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

Are You Wasting your Time Writing on Medium?
Which Type are You: Reactive or Productive?medium.com

Vinicius Monteiro

The Time Travel Machine Has Been Redesigned
After years of hard work, we’ve fixed a major bugmedium.com

George Lamptey

Shedding my skin with the absence of news…well some of it.
Well, you may be thinking does that mean he won’t read medium posts? Well, that’s certainly not the case. In fact, this…medium.com

Michael Adelizzi

How Companies Can Leverage Narcissism to Boost Talent Acquisition
Next-level psychology to attract the right candidatesmedium.com

Jessey Anthony

After Losing 40Ibs I Realized It’s Not Just About Getting Skinny
I thought success and joy wouldn’t come to me until I shredded my fat.medium.com

Malky McEwan

The Latest Changes to Medium Could Make a Big Difference to You
On 24th March 2021, Medium’s CEO posted an editorial team updatemedium.com

Trapper Sherwood

Become Successful by Refusing to Set Your Standards Low
In one of his many famous quotes, Ray Kroc reveals the secret to becoming successfulmedium.com

Eric Fermon™

Time to Go [EB219]
Stalling Only Makes It Worsemedium.com

Freda Savahl

Some Wives Have Killed Their Husband’s Mistress.
But My Best Friend did the Unbelievable!medium.com

Randy Wolken

Your Future Begins Now
What Does Your Post-Pandemic Future Look Like?medium.com

Maddie McGuire

How to Continue Believing in Yourself When You Feel Like Your Race Is Over
Your mindset is your most powerful navigation tool.medium.com

Emily Wilcox

Forget The End Goal
A poem about the journeymedium.com

Gippolito Ndp

Whew! I Feel So Much Better Now That Trump has Clarified January 6th for Us
I was worried that the events of January 6th might be lied about, or mis-characterized. I needn’t have worried so much.medium.com

Mahil Ahmad

What to do if you are still not rich until your 30s?
Just ignore the whisperings in your mind that tell you it is time to let go and live the ordinary life. If you want to…medium.com

Manas Bhardwaj

I Got Dumped out of a 2.5 Years Relationship. Here are 5 Life Lessons I Learned
Things to watch out for before entering into a relationshipmedium.com

Chandrani Anantharaman

How to Be Successful in Your Life:10 Life-Changing Tips.
Follow these ten tips to achieve the success you desire the most.medium.com

pst tomowo

What Faith is not: Faith is not just about you.
Faith is all about Christ… The essence of all existence!medium.com

Mr. Huseyin

Everyone should know these to calm down
4 Important Things To Do To Calm Downmedium.com

Younes Romero

Jealousy Can Be A Life Saver If Understood.
A war between the past & the future.medium.com

Veronika Kaufmann

The Only Way You Can Make a Difference
Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone ~Women’s History Month — Sophie Schollmedium.com

Joe Luca

Marble Orchards
24 March 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: the weight of inkmedium.com

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image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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