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Medium Publications Are No Longer Searchable
What does this mean and what readers can domedium.com


Welcome New Writers
Onboarding new contributors joining ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book…medium.com


Great New Resource for Readers
Are you needing something new to read? Perhaps you have got a bit tired of short articles and would like to find…medium.com

Victoria Ponte

A Meditation On How My Body Does Not Work
What It’s Like To Have Only Half of a Functioning Bodymedium.com

Daisy’s Ink

As clouds gather across the dark grey sky, 
I am aware it’s about to rain.
My favorite weather.
As a self-proclaimed…

KLB Finch

How Stefan Zweig Taught Me the True Nature of Compassion
Turns out you really do need to beware of pitymedium.com

Bhavna Narula

Respected Mr. Possibility
Would you mind favoring me for a change?medium.com

Noorain Hassan, BMS

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Imagination a Power, Not a Weakness
Let’s make you a word-smith!medium.com

Daisy’s Ink

Cloud 9
At the flick of my lighter
the paper lights
a desperate inhale
greedy for the high it brings
with each exhale

Cheshta Mann

4 Things You Should Stop Doing to Improve Your Productivity
Identifying these red flags helped me in being more efficient at workmedium.com

Noah Nelson

What to Do After Publishing a Book
And why they’re important.medium.com

Ankit Singh

3 Ways to Make 2021 a Game-Changing Year For Yourself
Yes, one year is more than enough to upgrade your life.medium.com

Chandrani Anantharaman

Nine Surprising Factors That Make You Less Productive.
Review the surprising factors that make you less productive in work situations.medium.com

David Andrew Wiebe

18 Social Networks & Platforms I’ve Been Experimenting with
Promoting your content, making more money from writing, and other exploitsmedium.com

John K Adams

The Power Outage
Rick looked into Jill’s eyes. “Once we leave, there’s no turning back.”medium.com

Steve B Howard

Reality Bite My Finger

Dr. Fatima Imam

A Figment of Imagination
Poetry prompt day:-16medium.com

Annine Massaro

Sedonia (Boyton Canyon)
An experiential poemmedium.com

Annine Massaro

Stripping down
Ode to the body Gurumedium.com

Dean Michael Love

Chop your own firewood
It will do more than keep you warm (if you want it to).medium.com

Jack Road

Appreciate The Fact That You Know Nothing
We can all use a dash of humility in our approach to learning and to sharing information.medium.com

The Orange Gildersleeve

Love is Life-A Haiku
A simple haiku about love.medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: March 30
Land for Sale, Sanctuary, and Survivalmedium.com


Was The Titanic Tragedy Created by A Novel And The Thoughts of Those Who Read It?
Imagining Creates Realitymedium.com

Terry Mansfield

Your Fly Is Open
About discussing a delicate mattermedium.com

Prince Verma

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Strength Training
Weight lifting twice a week can improve the quality of your lifemedium.com

Kate Cohen

Should You Post Your COVID Vaccine Card On Social Media?
What to know before posting.medium.com

Kit Campoy

I Spent 3 Months on the Mexican Border with a Tyrant
Five valuable lessons learned from a horrible boss.medium.com

Y. Vue

Social Justice, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD
The mental toll and emotional exhaustion of amplifying voices for change.medium.com

Fareeha Arshad

3 Timeless Writing Lessons I Gained From My Traveling Experiences
#1 It’s not always about youmedium.com

Linda Halladay

3 Crippling Beliefs to Avoid — Part 2
Yes, it’s okay NOT to feel guilty!medium.com

Aldric Chen

A Moment Of Gratitude Comes From Unforeseen Circumstances.
Life lessons come from all angles. It can be painful at times.medium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

A rhymed acrostic alexandrinemedium.com

L.D. Burnett

Restoring Your Writing, Lesson One: Start Where You Are
Revive your writing voice by stripping some things awaymedium.com

Adam J Bell

4 Household Items that Made my Lock-down Life More Enjoyable
I know everything we read these days seems to be about the COVID-19 pandemic, and my intent is not to add to the doom…medium.com

Amin Sazuki

The Day You Become a Better Friend
From someone who only had two friends in college.medium.com


This is a misogynistic prevarication.
“Original sin” is quite the opposite. It is curiosity; it is thirst for knowledge not just of things, but of what is…medium.com

Lyle Grossi

Happiness is Like Fine Wine, Only Gets Better With Age
Wrinkles are a sign of the good times.medium.com

Paul Abela, MSc

Soon We’ll Be Free at Last! But Does Anyone Else Fear Life Going Back to Normal?
For some a day to savour, for others a day to fearmedium.com


How The Use Of Cosmetics In Popular Culture Effect Our Daily Life
A Deep Sociological Exploration Of Cosmetic Use In Modern Times & Its Evolvementmedium.com

Amar Dhillon

Life Experience Creates the Best Content for Writing. Not a Title.
A killer headline is important but is nothing without the life experience to go with it.medium.com

Ada LLoyd

Do Your Really Trust Yourself?
7 Top Tips for Keeping Commitments to Yourselfmedium.com

Matt Hogan

We Know How To Properly Dress Our Bodies, But What About Our Minds?
Did you even know that your mind wears clothes?medium.com

Kristy Lynn

4 Ways to Start Your Creative Reading Adventure Today
Ditch Medium’s homepage and choose your own path.medium.com

Erika Noble

I Had Writer’s Block, So I Ran a Marathon
How the habits of endurance running helped me overcome creative resistancemedium.com

Natan Morar, PhD

Modesty is Bull
Yesterday I wrote a poem that was awesome. Well… ok… not objectively awesome, whatever that means. It was awesome to…medium.com

Juliano Righetto

How a Spoiled Twenty-Three-Year-Old kid Ruined a Long Car Ride
My New Year’s Eve 2000 could have been much more enjoyable…medium.com

Dean Michael Love

The Importance of Gratitude
What is there to be grateful for? And how does it help?medium.com

Gippolito Ndp

What’s That Aphorism About Doing the Same Thing Over and Over, and Expecting a Different Result?
Oh yes, it’s supposed to be one definition of insanitymedium.com

Brian Tubbs

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Image
#5: Don’t let other people determine your self-worthmedium.com

Ryan Justin

How Krav Maga Can Change Your Life
Three major life skills learned through Krav Maga training.medium.com

Bob Wuest

World’s Best Example of Capitalism Gone Sideways
What’s more important: Loads of money, or your mental health?medium.com

Lyle Grossi

Bonds are Forged Through Courage
Look in the mirror with the prowess of a lion and the curousity of a cat.medium.com

Andrew Cho

The Instant Gratification Effect
Society is becoming more impatientmedium.com


Confessions of a 35-Year-Old Bachelor
My Quest for Settling Downmedium.com

Talya Adams

24 Hours, Zero Screen Time
How a day without devices reset and re-energized me.medium.com

Maria Rattray

Nose To Tail, The Hunter-Gatherer Health Revival
If you are cozy with the idea of killing and eating any animal for food, it’s at least fair that you eat the whole…medium.com


Publication of Book Chapters
This is a call for authors of books. Published or unpublished, on any topic, Illumination Book Chapters are happy to…medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

Happy Hiking
A publication by Øivind H. Solheim — Mediummedium.com

Nahid Husain-Habib

5 Ways to Find Your Core Self
A starter pack for reconnecting with yourselfmedium.com

Manas Bhardwaj

10 Badass Writing Tips to Skyrocket Your Writing Skill
Game-changers for your writingmedium.com

Randy Wolken

Why Should I Be Kind And Caring?
Kindness makes our world a better placemedium.com

Andrew Brewerton

New COVID 19 virus Word Of My Day
Busy learning new stuff every daymedium.com

Catarina Pedreira

Why I’m Trying to Be a Better Listener
Spoiler alert: it’s highly underratedmedium.com

Khadejah Jones

10 Useless Goals in Life That People Strive For
Don’t waste your time with these.medium.com

T.J. Johansson

Why You Must Avoid Burnout at All Costs as The Natural Recovery Takes Time, Energy and Lots of…
Your job is really not worth dying formedium.com

Eddie Becker

An Ode To Mommas Who Haven’t Killed Their Babies Yet
Maybe every day should be Mother’s Daymedium.com

Julia E Hubbel

Thanks MarleyK
Time to plan an exit strategymedium.com

Andrew Youngker, RN

The Almighty Golden Handcuffs: They are Still Handcuffs, Only Prettier
Seeking higher wages is a natural progression in a career ladder. When more money leads to more expenses, you put…medium.com

Tracey Folly

I Dated a Man With a Nazi Flag Over His Bed
He had a copy of Mein Kampf on his bookshelfmedium.com

Nuno Fabiao

How To Improve Your Voice and Tone
We so often deviate from our writers’ avatar.medium.com

Floyd Mori

Bernie Sanders Wrote About Trump’s Lies Early In 2017
He could see the writing on the wallmedium.com

Jack Burt

RN — 4
Procrastination ends with Limited Edition Lucky Charmsmedium.com

Benazir San

Cosmic thoughts.
e pluribus unummedium.com

Midori by the Sea

How to Relieve from Anxiety During the Final Months of Lockdown
But unlike last time, I am frustrated because there are so much I look forward to doingmedium.com

Nishith Goyal

Enrichment — Excitement for Animals, A New World for You
Journaling is a form of enrichment that can help you prepare for an “enriched” life.medium.com

Terry Trueman

What Makes a Stupid Person, Stupid?
Or a smart person smart?
Genetics, of course and education
And maybe life experiences to some degree.
But really, for…

Claire Kelly

Stairway to the Moon
Get your moon shoes on.medium.com


Morning Blues
I wake to golden sunlight echoing your song.medium.com

Lucia Landini

5 Ways To Practice Active Listening
One of the greatest and most precious gifts in life is to find someone who listens to you.medium.com

Claire Bleiler

The Women COVID Left Behind
This morning I spoke to my Grandma on the phone.
COVID has plagued her body for over a week now and
I can hear…

Emlyn Boyle

Lost Girl
A poetic ode to storytellingmedium.com

Shiraz Zafar Hussain

The 7 Types of Wealth
It’s Not Just Materialmedium.com

Kenan Kolday

The Untold Story of The Dollar Empire That Is Dominating the World
There are things that you do not learn in school until things start to collapse.medium.com


People who invest in Snapchat, TikTok, and AirBNB unite to combat Asian-hate behavior.
It’s time to make a move on this significant oppressionmedium.com

Shireen Sinclair

Make Writing a Spiritual Experience
and find that distinguished voicemedium.com

Orla Kenny

3 Simple Steps to Letting Go
— free yourself from your difficult past.medium.com

Bill Abbate

Keep Learning to Regain Your Youth and Become More Valuable in Life
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or eighty.” Harvey Ullmanmedium.com


Creativity Has Been Reduced to a Formula
Research has shown that we can set the conditions for creative processes to occurmedium.com

nina kezz

Millennial Money: the Finance Series Everyone Should Watch
Relatable personal finance from real peoplemedium.com

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Thank you for reading stories of outstanding writers compiled by ILLUMINATION-CuratedILLUMINATION and Editor of Technology Hits

image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

Submit your book chapters in story formatmedium.com

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