My World Of Fantasy


I dream that I am Alice in a wonderland

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

I close my eyes and see,
I am Alice in a wonderfland,
I am transported to a castle,
Swirling in my white dress,
Looking in amazement.

I am dazed,
I find golden taps,
The fountains in colors,
With sprinklers sparkling,
The walls are fully painted.

Is this me?
Am I dreaming?
Horses carriage,
Footmen waiting,
The lady is smiling.

In my fantasy world,
I dream of beauty,
Gives me happiness,
I wake up to find,
Life is a duty.

Fantasy and reality,
Different worlds,
Relax in your sleep,
Take action in the real world,
It makes you wise and worthy.

This is poetry prompt 16 by Sahil Patel. He wrote that he wished that reality and fantasy could be his friends. He loves both and he loves to imagine. Dr. Fatima Imam imagines a world without guns and borders. My Fantasy world is when I close my eyes I go deep down and imagine that I am Alice In Wonderland by ‎Lewis Carroll. I go into the castle and there I see everything sparkling. I have written my poem on those thoughts. I read the book as a kid and I still love it. For me Fantasy and real worlds are different. I enjoy the beauty of the dream world and perform the duties of the real world with happiness.

Please do read Dr. Fatima Imam’s poem Prompt 16

A Figment of Imagination

Sahil Patel’s 16th Day Prompt on Fantasy World:

Fantasy World

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