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Ryan Justin

Don’t Allow Rest to Become Your Downfall
Falling into a rut of procrastination is easy to do but difficult to escape.medium.com

Boateng Sekyere

I’m Embarking on an Adventurous 30-Under-30 Publishing Challenge
A nod to David Majister’s 30 articles to 30 pubs in 30 days challengemedium.com

Matt Ray

Have you ever flown over a volcano?

Todd Williams

Wage Garnishment, Student Loans, Social Security, and Collection Agencies Tricks
The reason why I wrote this article is that many do not know their rights.medium.com

Stuart Englander

Day Tripping: April 2
Projectiles, Pop Singers, and Paratroopersmedium.com

Kim McKinney

I Am Selling My House, Moving to an Apartment, and Decluttering
So why did I keep that penis candle for years and years?medium.com

Clive Wilson

What I learned From Reading Every Article in Illumination’s Featured List.
Entertained, irritated, shocked, surprised, humbled and informed are some of the ways I felt after reading 52 random…medium.com

Ayu Johari

Wear Your Truth
In these times we live in it’s hard to wear your Truthmedium.com

A. Nonymous

Eight Reasons To Stop Feeding Your Workplace Bullies
That “Mean Girls” culture is bringing everybody down.medium.com

Randy Wolken

Slow Thinking In A Fast World
How to slowdown and succeedmedium.com

Lisa Richards

5 Ways to Successfully Declutter Your Home
Get closer to a comfortable stress free home.medium.com

Harold Finch

A Poemmedium.com

Tim Sussmann

What ethical travel looks like, and what to avoid.
How to make a good impression for the traveler that follows you.medium.com

Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Watching Over Me
A Poem (Rondeau) for Eastermedium.com

Warren Brown

Come Hell or High Water
There will always be a reason to celebrate lifemedium.com

Chandrani Anantharaman

Eight Interesting Qualities That Make You Attractive
Do you want to stand out and be noticed? Take a look at some of the qualities that can make you attractive to the…medium.com

Kaori Mitsui

Sniff, sniff.
woof woof.medium.com

Tracey Folly

4 Ways to Get Emotional Support in a Relationship
How to give and get emotional support from your partnermedium.com

Josh Balerite Acol

What Poetry Means To Me
A poetic prompt for day 13medium.com

Rahul Gopakumar

Revisiting an Urban Solar Energy Start-Up!
What are the obstacles and chances that new energy start-ups should account for?medium.com

Trapper Sherwood

5 Reasons This Skill is Good for Floundering Business Leaders
Do you struggle with communicating effectively with your team or customers in general? Hard to find the right words to…medium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

Will We Ever Know Why Tiger Crashed?
LA County sheriff refuses to release details of the crash due to privacy concernsmedium.com

Dr. Fatima Imam

Poetry prompt day:-20medium.com

Indra Raj Pathak

There has ever been a controversy between saying and doing, preaching and following, vision and…
Whatever you expect from others, you never do yourselves. Your statement varies from place to place and person to…medium.com

Alice Vuong

These 5 Shows Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Life
Goofy comedies and a drug lord can show you what it means to be humanmedium.com

Caden Strause

Lessons From The Worst Dates Ever
A man’s perspective on horrible datesmedium.com

Khadejah Jones

Americans Have Privilege — You Don’t Have to Remind Us ALL The Time
The white saviors are on their soapbox again.medium.com

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Reality Check At The Mexican Border
A lesson in “you reap what you sow”medium.com

Andrew P. Brown III, PhD

To Spank Or Not To Spank: That is the Question
Does sparing the rod spoil the child?medium.com

Nicole Dyer

5 Steps to Engage in Experiences With Satisfaction
…easy peasy!medium.com

Vuyo Ngcakani

4 Parts Of Conversation That I’d Like To Eliminate
Conversation questions that annoy me to no endmedium.com

Terry Trueman

Experiential Knowledge
Alcoholism isn’t a disease
to someone lying in a hospital bed
with 17 seconds of life left
after struggling with cancer…

Destiny S. Harris

Would You Ever Tell A Baby To Stop Trying To Walk?
It’s An Absurd Thoughtmedium.com

I. Trudie Palmer

Coming Soon: Garden Therapy Near You
Benefits are limited only by your imaginationmedium.com

Sanjukt Saha

A Manual for Myself
And maybe, someone else will have use for it too.medium.com

Floyd Mori

Is Hating Democrats A Worthy Passion?
He seems to think somedium.com

James Jordan

Rethinking Judas as the Bad Guy
Ancient text suggests a different motive for the greatest betrayal in historymedium.com

Benazir San

A letter to “yusuf”
Perhaps I’m never gonna be so proud of memedium.com

Juliano Righetto

Is it Worth Giving a Chance to a Relationship With Someone You Are Not In Love?
Life is too short, you know…medium.com

Mike Orsini

Have We Programmed Ourselves to Continually Wait For the End?
We’re always waiting for the end.medium.com

Charles Mendelson

Who Gets To Be An Influencer?
A discourse on what it means to be an expert vs appearing to be an expertmedium.com

Randy Wolken

Get Vaccinated Please!
Vaccinations offer us a path to a new normalmedium.com

Terry Mansfield

The Winning Entry?
About going for the big prizemedium.com

Robert Planz

Here’s How I Made $1,200 My First Month on Medium
Answers to the most searched questionmedium.com

Harry Hogg

One Notable Exception
Bubbles in the bathtub give her awaymedium.com

Dhanaraj Natesan

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Is Very Important Than (IQ)
Emotional Intelligence is one that helps to solve problems that come up in the real-life of human beings.medium.com


What Hurts More, Time or Rejection?
Both time and rejection hurt but one of these hurts the worstmedium.com

Stela Gineva

Calling Successful Authors ‘Poor Writers’ Only Makes You Look Bitter
Being embroiled in a Twitter argument showed me the arrogance and lack of self-awareness that some aspiring writers…medium.com

Adam J Bell

I Graduated and Hated my Career — Here’s how I Repurposed my Skills
Three years ago today I was shaking hands with the dean and walking out the school doors for the last time. I was…medium.com

Sion Evans

4 Traits of Personal Growth We Take For Granted
Sometimes we need to take a look back to see how far we’ve come.medium.com


No Longer Waiting for Rain
Learning to be present without fixating on the futuremedium.com

Ed Fernyhough

3 Major Problems With Twitter
A platform with a toxic culture has led to toxic solutionsmedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Here’s How I’ve Made My Fortune on Medium
I’m two digits to the left, to the left, baby!medium.com

E.P. Hasan

Accumulate Rejection Slips
You only need one yes to win.medium.com


A State of Panic in the Garden
of the feathered varietymedium.com

Zachary Seda

Life Below
A short story about family.medium.com

Nasar Karim

A poem about paths and destinationsmedium.com


‘Gorilla Vs Kong’ Is Wildly Entertaining
A Movie That Is Insanely Stupid But Is Just Dumb-Funmedium.com

Bill Abbate

How to Find the Best Way to Stretch Your Mind Each Day
What you need to know to expand your mind and enlarge your lifemedium.com

Mira Khatib

Standing close casting a shadowmedium.com

Shaista Malik

From a series of prompts by Sahil Patelmedium.com

Noah Nelson

I’m Getting Better at Medium
Slow and steady wins the race.medium.com

Gippolito Ndp

The Idea of Kneeling is in a Absurdly Transformative Phase — From “To and For” to “On”
I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, so I know all about kneeling before God, Jesus and our Beloved Mother Mary.medium.com

Melanie J.

One-Lined Poem: Happiness (#19)
A phrase about one simple pleasure in lifemedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

DSJT Strikes Back
But we both dislike Star Warsmedium.com

Mike Goldberg

How to Leverage the Law of Attraction
The answer is always within your controlmedium.com

Ilham Esse

5- Micro Habits That Will Help You Live a Healthier Life
The bare minimum. Literally.medium.com

Lori Brown

My First Memory Of Humiliation
A story about assumptions and poor communication between teachers and students.medium.com

Brad Creech

Three Reasons I Love History
And why there is so much to gainmedium.com

Jay Toran

One of the Most Fascinating Reads to be Found
On Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness by Keri Mangis on ILLUMINATION Book Chaptersmedium.com

Ivette Cruz

My Poem’s Ink
Sometimes is bluemedium.com

Kevin Lee

If You’re Afraid to Publish, You Need to Cultivate an Imbalance of Fear
When one fear dominates, you can create. When the other prevails, you can’t.medium.com

Tavian Jean-Pierre

Freeing Myself From the Chains of Poverty
Three Things I Had to Overcome Whilst Poormedium.com

Lucia Landini

One Way To Survive A Regret From Childhood
Time Is On Your Sidemedium.com

Melanie J.

I Pause…
Poetry prompt day:-20medium.com

Rosalind Pagan

I Had The AstraZeneca Vaccine: Now I’m Worried Sick
The news reportage is playing havoc with my hypochondria.medium.com

Felix Otoo

7 Life Lessons From a 29-Year-Old
Time keeps going, and we keep growingmedium.com

Nahid Husain-Habib

5 Quotes about Grief to Help You Keep Going After A Loss
Take it day by day with these perspectives you may not have consideredmedium.com

Juliano Righetto

Minor Mistakes, Big Scoldings
Why is it so hard for some people to congratulate others on their excellent work?medium.com

Keri Mangis

Hi, I’m Keri Mangis, Wholeness Advocate
A self-introduction, as much as possible without the dreaded labelsmedium.com


Lil Nas X Has Caused Quite The Frenzy With His Satan Shoes
And people are getting madmedium.com

Gary Westfal

3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom
Common sense advice on a topic most people overcomplicate.medium.com

Shea Hulse

Manifestation Methods That Actually Work to Attract Your Happiest Self
Manifestation Methods that I personally use and have worked for me to become a happier individual.medium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Will Terry Live?
Episode updatemedium.com

The Maverick Files

Hey Animal Loving Meat-eaters — You Might be the Animal Version of Racist
Dogs are oh so cute, but cows are delicious?medium.com


6 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Me But Were Too Afraid
Debunking stereotypes about Montenegro and its people.medium.com

Charlie Lukas

Five Keys to Achieving Rock Solid Consistency
Showing up really is half the battle.medium.com

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image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com
image designed by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — digitalmehmet.com

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