Is The Pandemic Playing With Our Minds?

During the pandemic process, most of us are considered being in a state of madness

We have been trying to stay in our homes for 1 and a half years with thoughts like am I depressed or I wonder if I have COVID.Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Yes. As for the pandemic process, let me speak for myself, a week or two is where I feel fine, a calm state of mind doing my routine stuff, then the following weeks are deep black and I feel like I have fallen into a void that I cannot get out of easily. Suddenly, where am I? What am I doing in my life now? I’m 27 years old. Will it pass this way?

There comes a moment when everything is actually a routine and when you are used to it, that is, getting up in the morning and making my 2-egg omelet, then drinking my coffee and checking my emails and feeling beautiful with the calmness of the morning, eating my salad at noon and continuing to work, sometimes watching an episode of Friends. Maybe annoy my boyfriend who is trying to work behind me on the couch or to go out to the garden and to go inside again 10 minutes after seeing the sun burning my face and start wondering about what to do next. Then I realize that it’s already 6–7 pm in the evening. Anndd then preparing dinner, binge watch some series or read a little bit then going to bed.

I don’t know if you have such a routine or is it changing every day, but I don’t think it is too variable due to the pandemic effect. Routine is good actually, as long as there are good habits, the routine can even get us one step ahead. But sometimes there is such a thought that how long can I go on like this or how long I fall into this void , despair overwhelmed by the stuff happening in my country or the world being under the influence of a pandemic. Believe me, it is not that easy to get out of that fog where I cannot see anything clearly. I’m not a very optimistic person -I am not a pessimist- but I could not be someone who can look at everything from the full side. I am a realistic person who tries to make rational decisions.

I try to keep my motivation high, to make small changes at home, to do what we call ‘empty’ while looking at the computer, but I try to improve myself, research, read, educate myself, and do things that I can think of as a more advanced person in terms of character and mind. After all, our computers or phones are not just about browsing Instagram, comparing myself to others, and absorbing negative news every damn day.

I love to read blogs such as Medium, browsing Twitter, and reading educational tweets and researches. I follow academics and people who have achieved many things in life that give me the motivation to see them. During the day, I try to get myself out of this misty cloud situation and walk, even for 10 minutes maybe, read books or newspapers for 5–10 minutes, stay away from my iPhone or Macbook.Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

I know your motivation is low. Maybe you work a lot during the day or maybe you do nothing, it is easy to say to get off your butt! In such cases, even a very small activity will save us, even if you don’t want to go for a walk, put your shoes on and throw out the garbage bag you had for 3 days outside your door or open a 5-minute YouTube video where you can learn X something instead of binge-watching Netflix on the couch.

If you are wandering around in a routine like me and falling into this deep void sometimes during the week or month, we will get rid of this together and we will find even tiny ways to improve ourselves further during this period that we are all at home.

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