How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius

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There is a misconception about geniuses, that they were born geniuses. But that’s not the thing.

Do they become geniuses later on in life, is it possible if yes, then how?”You don’t have to be born with a talent, you can develop it.”
– Marco Diaz.

A book was written by Michael J. Gelb named “How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci”.

The author researched a lot about “Leonardo da Vinci” who was a genius of all time, he was a master of many subjects.

And the author found 7 steps that Leonardo Da Vinci implemented in his life and became an extraordinary person of all time.

Here are the 7 steps to becoming a genius:

1. Curiosity

Curiosity expands your mind by questions, which need to be answered, in that case, you go for an answer, which enhances your knowledge and promotes you in your better version.

* Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work.

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”
– Ken Robinson.

Always try to produce questions in each and everything which will increase your knowledge when you go for an answer.

And that’s the thing you will come to know more about things, which increases your knowledge and make you a genius and a master in anything where you want to be.

2. Demonstration

Knowledge without demonstration is just like a tree without roots.

Da Vinci always tested and experiment with anything he learned because he used to think knowledge has no worth without demonstration.“A demonstration is more than worth a thousand words. ”
– Michael Scott

So, this is the second thing you need to add to your life for becoming a genius. Start exploring knowledge and read as much as you can then go for testing that thing in reality.

3. Sensation

Sensation means using your all senses. For instance, If you are sitting in a park, don’t only sit, but also observe how people are walking, how children are playing, how beautiful are the different color flowers and how beautiful these trees around you which are perfectly grown everywhere in the park.

Using all your senses is important as well as beautiful. Da Vinci always used to use all his senses(touch, smell, hear, feel, and taste).“The greatest art of sensation is life, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”
– Lord Byron

Whenever you touch something feel that thing, whenever you sitting somewhere note the smell around you, whenever you listen to music stay there and just focus on pattern, whenever you go for a walk or jogging feel the air flowing across your face, and whenever you eat something don’t only satiate but feel that recipe or anything in your mouth. Wow!

4. Comfort With Paradox

This is very important and takes a little longer because I want you to understand it with example.

It means that everything has alternative views and a genius never judges directly but tries to understand.

It simply means never jump to the conclusion , always understand what is behind the scene.

For Instance, if you hear me talking to someone “You should kill them”, on the other hand with another person I’m talking that “You shouldn’t kill them”.

These are two different things, if you are a normal mentality person hearing me, you judge me or come to me and say “ You are very bad because you are saying different things with different people”.

But if you are a genius mentality person you will never go this way because you know there will be a reason behind that, you become curious about that why did I do so and ask me or figure out yourself, but never judge me.

5. Arts & Science

Presently most of the people are giving importance to Science but not arts. But according to Da Vinci, we should attend to both because both are very important.

As you all know Leonardo Da Vinci was a great genius and he was a master of many subjects like History, Architecture, Biology, and much more. It means we can learn both and we should.

If you’re enjoying reading the article here it is obviously because of science, but if you found Medium interesting and comely, it is because of arts.

Remember arts is the thing which prevents boring and ugliness on anything, so it is very important for becoming a genius.

6. Corporality

This simply means physical fitness. Maybe you saw a genius with a fit, strong and attractive body, but they exist like that.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a very fit, strong, and attractive person, who can bend a metal rod with his hands. He always swam, horse ride, did exercise.

According to him, an individual should focus on his health if they wanna be mentally strong.

7. Connection

Everything is connected.

For understanding — this principle just assumes how you are connected with your family, and your family is connected to society, the society is connected to country, and so on.

Always try to figure out the connection between two things. It is very important to see a connection that will increase your intelligence on another level.

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