My Perspective To Heroic Life

A heroic life might be what our heart and soul desire, but only a small number of us can achieve this goal. Most of us scale between various ranges based on our capabilities, effort, and aspirations.

Despite medical advances and lifestyle options, life is still short. I haven’t heard of anyone who has lived over 130 years so far. The last time I checked the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest living human being is Kane Tanaka, as verified in February 2020.

Most of us live our lives in mediocrity. However, mediocrity does not satisfy the aspirations that come from our hearts and souls. But some of us insist on living in mediocrity. Why do we do that?

My opinion is part of our primitive and emotional brain causes this. Our reptilian brain always operates in survival mode. We are hard-wired for this conceptual and physical position. And our emotional brain creates a comfort zone to protect us from discomfort.

You can read the article free on Vocal Media.

What Does It Take To Live Above And Beyond?

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