Soul Rights

…thoughts for a New Earth

Photograph by Author: Freedom

Often I allude beliefs to boxes, boxes that keep us stuck in a rigid space whilst our souls’ desires are for expansion. Often I allude to our search for human rights as hypocrisy as, what the fight for ME is not what the fight for WE.

Often I think of us as being searchers for truths in an attempt to fight our indoctrinated hypocrisy and formatted thinking. Caring what is for ME, but how about caring for WE?

One rule for one, one rule for another. Boxed in our limitations based on past historical events that theorists dispute about. Do we resolve absolutely everything? Nothing is set in stone, we can only control ourselves, we can only bring peace to our inner selves.

As the world divides yet again in the name of peace, have we lost the whole point of collective humanity? I hope and pray that can we collectively agree on one thing & one thing only: Collective World peace. Humanity at large deserves it. Souls need it and we are The Souls of the World, connected in Oneness.

This virus did not discriminate but it united humanity. Could we possibly continue thriving with our unity? Just only last week most of us were in lockdown. Now, it feels some feel empowered by political hatred.

Some well-meaning souls call for marching for freedom or rights. What freedom, what rights if we are polarised in our blinkered views. Can we resolve anything when we are being played by the few, who thrive on fear & terror?

I feel that for too long we talk about human rights, a label that keeps us within lines. I feel sometimes these human rights may violate the rights of another human. Humanity at large deserves recognition. Souls deserve rights.

What is right for Human A may not necessarily be right for Human B. So… why not reevaluate the whole concept of rights and recognise and meet our souls’ needs.

Our souls have rights. The right to expand, to evolve, to progress. The right to receive and give love, to share knowledge and compassion. The right to accept and be accepted. The soul has no ego and is limitless. The soul loves and is abundant.

Recently I wrote about Systemic Arrogance. Are our modern human rights in line to support this inherent human arrogance? I may be too alternative in my thinking for the many, but we have clearly established that we are being asked to step out of the old us to create the new us. A New Earth and Humanity demand us to renew and evolve.

Rather than seeing us boxed by our race, religion, heritage or country of birth, how about we rewrite stale rhetorics. How about saying I am the Soul, I am connected to Source & Mother Earth is my home. She needs peace & I share my peace with all Souls. Peace is our collective Soul Right.

It is much easier said than done. We have made it harder to act with love. We, humans, love a good fight, as history clearly demonstrates. We are told to Man up. How about Soul up and Vibe up?

As we are all just Energy, how different are we to one another? If we stood by our Souls and Vibes, we would possibly find it hard to discriminate, oppress and function in hatred. All we would do is just allow each other to live with dignity and create space for peaceful growth. All we would do is to respect and acknowledge each soul his or her rights.

“Where you tend a rose,

My lad,

A thistle cannot grow”

-quote from The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett

The world needs more positivity and we have infinite power in our collective thoughts. Can we leave history and perhaps move forwards with it, just as we do with our personal griefs? Rather than carrying polarised views of the suffering of many, rather than lamenting about the colonial divisions and boundaries, I would prefer to focus on progress on how we can rise from differences and co-create a New Earth. Recognise our individual Soul Rights for a Better World.

Here is to hope and peace. We are the World, we are peace. It is our Souls’ Right. We all matter, all lives matter.

Soul Rights was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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