Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disorder affecting 6.2 million Americans. And many more millions are affected globally.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a drug named aducanumab branded as Aduhelm by Biogen in the United States.

I aim to provide perspectives covering a broad range of thoughts and sentiments by professionals and the public as reflected in traditional and social media. Media sentiments demonstrate both celebration and apprehension.

I wrote many articles and papers about dementia. The most recent one was titled “Everyone Desires Longevity, But Nobody Wants Living With Dementia”. In this article, I touched on the culprits for dementia and introduced cognitive reserves and preventative measures.

In addition, I pointed out the contributing factors such as neurological decline, other health conditions, environmental impact, particularly toxins, and genetics. However, even though genetics is mentioned, scientists are still yet to find the gene codes causing dementia.

Wearing my cognitive science hat and concerning my aging brain, I celebrate this event for compelling reasons. Our brain is the most critical organ, and our mental health determines our happiness and satisfaction in life.

The news about this controversial drug was released in the press and widely discussed in major TV channels, YouTube, and multiple other social media platforms.

When I searched Google, 871,000 results appeared. The top ten entries on the first page related to the FDA. The first entry was titled “FDA Grants Accelerated Approval for Alzheimer’s Drug | FDA —”. This key artefact is the FDA news release dated June 07, 2021.

I read FDA’s Decision to Approve New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. I also read comments on social media and watched the news on several channels.

I want to base my perspective on a specific quote. Patrizia Cavazzoni, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, is quoted in this news release by FDA.

According to Cavazzoni, “Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating illness that can have a profound impact on the lives of people diagnosed with the disease as well as their loved ones. Currently available therapies only treat symptoms of the disease; this treatment option is the first therapy to target and affect the underlying disease process of Alzheimer’s. In addition, as we have learned from the fight against cancer, the accelerated approval pathway can bring therapies to patients faster while spurring more research and innovation”.

This critical quote from Dr Cavazzoni brings us on the same page. The message is clear.

You can read the article on Medium.

Mixed Sentiments And Thoughts For FDA’s Approval Of Aduhelm for Alzheimer’s Disease In America

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