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ILLUMINATION is a unique publication with 10,000+ writers and 97,000+ readers growing rapidly on Medium. We are delighted to add new writers bringing different perspectives each day. Our editorial team embraces diversity, value our writers, and help them find their writing voice in a collaborative platform. You are welcome to join our diverse team engage in a Slack channel. We value diversity, freshness, originality, and authenticity from new voices. We strive to empower our writers and support our readers.

Information about ILLUMINATION-Curated. This curated collection is now followed by 32,000+ readers on Medium.

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I am the founder and chief editor of ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY. I established these significant publications supporting 10,000+ writers and serving 137,000+ readers on Medium. You are welcome to subscribe to my 100K+ mailing list, collaborate, enhance your network, and receive technology and leadership newsletters reflecting my industry experience. You can show your interest to support my publications as an editor. My free content strategy and marketing newsletter can be accessed from Substack. I also write for News Break and Vocal Media.

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