Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #3

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #3


Image by Mark Basarab from Unsplash

In a moment I received a call from Jhanvi and she said, “Aahsiv… She….. not….. yo… Ri…”.

“Hello Jhanvi I can’t hear you repeat again,” I said.

“Aahsiv get up… Aahsiv get up….” Jhanvi cried. And suddenly…

Suddenly Riya pressed the brake of the car. The phone flew to the backside of the car. The car stopped and I turned to Riya. I asked, “What happened?”.

“Again she is doing this”, Riya shouted and her voice became rough when she pronounced the words. I didn’t mind about my phone and prepared myself to convince her.

“Hey Riya she is just trying to be possessive and you know we frequently used to talk, and this is a very big surprise for her and very soon she will understand us, don’t worry dear”, I concluded by saying this with a smile in my face.

“Whatever it is but I don’t like her and I am tolerating all this just because of you” Riya’s face turned red when she said this.

“I promise Riya, she won’t come in between us and I won’t allow her to do that again”, I stressed the word ‘again’ and suddenly it took me to some bad memories. I ignored that and I concluded this with a smile, but she doesn’t seem to be convinced. So I changed the topic of our conversation and asked her “Where are we going?”

“To home,” Riya said

“To your home?” I asked in a questionable tone.

“Your words sound idle Aahsiv we are going to our home, you idiot”, she shouted.

“What….? I don’t know what are you talking about? Your words hint me like as if we are living together”. I asked with a puzzled face.

“Why are you doing this as if you don’t know anything? It’s been 2 months since we started living together and don’t even dare to ask this again” she said with a frustrated tone.

I looked confused for a moment and I seem stumbled with a surprise. Because two years before it all seems as, only in my dream all this will happen. And this is because of my past and I did a very big mistake in my life, which separated me from Riya. I want to admit that the mistake was mine and I did it. And I suffered more for that too. When she started talking to me again, it felt like as if I have succeeded everything in my life.

After a long time, I came to know that I suffered from some mental disease. At the moment from the beginning of our reunion, Riya used to complain to me about that, but it doesn’t seem odd to me and I didn’t mind about my symptoms. And when the days passed, many of them repeatedly said this and she took me to the doctor and they gave me counseling. And they said that I am suffering from some type of mental disease. The cause for the disease is due to some prolonged mental suffering. I think you can guess what is the reason for this prolonged mental suffering. Yes my break up and I suffered from that for more than 2 years. I guessed that my mental disease is wreaking out of it.

With great relief, I understood everything and nodded with Riya. And I thought let’s accept whatever happens, because already I suffered a lot without her and now she is with me, so I would like to enjoy my moments.

With this, I thought about the ring and I searched for the ring in my pocket. And it was there so I exhaled with great relief. And when we reached our apartment I thought to surprise her with this ring.

The car reached our apartment and Riya seems frustrated with my behavior and I thought I have a great responsibility to convince her.

When I reached near our house, she smiled a little and this gratified my restless soul.

In a minute, we noticed the door was already open. Both of us stumbled for a second and when we entered into our home…..we saw.. and heard a loud noise…..

To be continued

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #3 was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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