Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #6

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #6

Hey there, I hope you are doing well. This is the fifth part of my story. To read the previous part, click on the links provided below.

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Revealing surprisesAdi Goldstein From Unsplash

When I heard the screaming of Riya, I went inside the bedroom and saw her sleeping in her bed quietly. I stumbled for a second, I heard her voice, but she is sleeping. I seem confused and within few minutes I blamed it on my mental disease. I used to hear her voice all the time after we got separated. Due to her absence, I used to believe in the existence of imaginary Riya. When I am alone I used to talk to her, no one has noticed me doing this till now. All I was doing this just to calm my mind and I couldn’t do anything to fill the vacant space that happened after our breakup.

The time is 7 now and still, Riya is sleeping. So I prepared her coffee and poured it into the flask. I prepared breakfast before she got up and sat in the main hall. I saw Riya coming out of her bedroom and sat beside me. “Shall we go? to reveal your surprise,” Riya questioned.

“Let’s eat and go there, I have prepared your special food.”, I replied.

Riya nodded and we both ate our breakfast and became ready to go. Riya got a call and she attended it and said, “We will be there in 15 minutes”. She said.

I don’t have any idea whom Riya is talking to. I ignored her and didn’t ask her about that, because I know she won’t tell me anything now. We reached the place and it’s the park. I don’t have any idea why we were here. I didn’t talk anything, I just smiled and smiled and smiled. Whenever I smiled, she replied to me with a sarcastic smile.

When we went there, I heard the voice of my friends. They don’t know to surprise anyone in a quiet manner, because they will forget within a minute that they were surprising me. I heard someone laughing like a ghost behind the tree and I guessed it was Pallavi.

And also heard the loud noise of Yamika. When I reached them, I noticed that they were hiding behind the tree. I thought I should not spoil their surprise, I acted like I didn’t hear them and went near the tree.

“Hello, Aahsiv and Riya, we were happy for you both. Riya it’s a pleasure meeting you”, everyone said at the same time.

“How was our surprise?”, Manasi asked.

“Wow, I just stumbled seeing you guys and I would be more surprised if you guys did it silently”, I said in a mocking tone.

Everyone turned towards Yamika and Pallavi.

“It is impossible to close their mouth”, Varsha said.

I thought only she can say this because she is the only silent girl in our gang.

I searched for Ishaan and suddenly he came behind me and beat me with his bare hands. And he said, “You both didn’t even say to me about this, How dare you?”. He again slapped me. Without even giving time to react, he slapped again.

I said, “I just want to give you a surprise and now you guys are surprising me.”

Suddenly I saw Riya’s face did not seem to be happy of seeing Jhanvi again. I have arranged to make her happy too by giving her a surprise. So I called Ishwarya (Riya’s friend) and told them to come to the place tomorrow. I added I will send you the location after I reached there.

When I entered the park, I shared Ishwarya my location. And within a minute she said they are on their way to the park.

“It’s happy again meeting you Riya, and I want to thank you for forgiving Aahsiv’s mistakes”, Monu said.

Riya smiled and didn’t reply anything. “We thought you were not going to talk to him again and he almost became mad, it feared us more”, Surbhi added.

Riya was in the same gesture as she was in before. She just smiled.

After a moment her friends gave her a surprise. She doesn’t seem happier at all. It surprised me more and Riya said, “We were going to plant trees here and you thought you were giving a surprise for me by calling my friends, but I already invited them. I tricked to make you call them”, Riya winked.

“Good play Riya”, I said. “Are we going to plant trees?”, I questioned.

“Yes, I know you like this more than anything in this world and that’s why I arranged this for you”, Riya said in a low tone.

I smiled and said, “No one can understand me as you do, I know ‘sorry’ is not going to heal you, but I want to say again, I am sorry for what I have done to you”.

After we planted 30 saplings in the park, we were chatting with our friends separately. We got separated from each other, I thought it’s a good idea because anything can happen. My friends don’t like them and their friends don’t like us.

I signaled Yamika to come and said, “I have a big surprise for you and Pallavi.”

“I have good news for you all and I didn’t even tell Riya. I thought I can say when she is with us, but she is busy with her friends and so I am revealing this to you”, I said.

“You know I have been trying to make a film right? Yesterday, I got approval from the top production company that they liked my story and they will sponsor for it.”, I added.

“Wow”, Everyone said in a surprised tone.

After I revealed this we heard the voice of Ishwarya, she came running toward us and said, “Riya is crying. We can’t console her Aahsiv please come.”

I went there and Riya came running towards me and she hugged me telling me, “I am sorry for what I did I would not have left you. It’s my fault and now you are suffering from this disease.”

“Riya it’s ok it was not your fault and it can be cured soon, don’t worry, now be happy I won’t leave you at any cause, I promise and nothing will happen. I consulted a doctor and he told me there is nothing to worry about and he assured me that it can be cured very soon.” I thought these words will console her.

Now she stopped crying, but she doesn’t seem completely alright.

To be continued…

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #6 was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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