Why Montana Needs Faster Internet

The Internet has become essential in all walks of life. Our business, education, and health require the Internet. Fast Internet is not a luxury anymore.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I am inspired to write this piece after reviewing a recent report measuring the quality of Internet services in the United States.

According to a nationwide speed test by High-Speed Internet.com, Montana received the slowest Internet speed in the United States.

The meantime download speed for Montana is 54.4 Mbps compared to Rhode Islands 129.0 Mbps. According to the report, Montana made substantial improvement from last year, which was 30.1 Mbps.

In an article by Peter Holslin and Dave Schafer, “most internet service providers have data caps, putting a limit on how much internet you can consume on your home Wi-Fi every month. Using too much data means you could get extra charges or have your speeds slowed down”. You can find Internet service providers (ISPs) that put data caps at this link.

Montana has relatively better broadband services covering 90% of the citizens.

You can read the article free on News Break.

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