How To Get Rid of Loose Skin

Many people after substantial weight loss can have difficulty in losing stubborn loose skins. While this seems to be a minor concern for young people, it can be a significant concern for people over 40 who lose large amounts of weight in a short time frame. From my understanding, excessive loose skin may affect people psychologically and is associated with low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

From my personal experience, I know that loose skin can be stubborn and hard to remove using traditional methods. For example, even though I lowered my body fat percentage and increased my lean muscle mass substantially after losing weight, the loose skin was still staying there after many years. It didn’t bother me much, but I preferred to get rid of it.

Through my studies, I learnt that there were practical and simple ways to get rid of loose skin; however, these simple solutions were not necessarily easy. They required lifestyle changes, persistence, and commitment.

One of the proven methods of removing loose skin is surgical. Surgical removal does not seem to be a viable option for many people due to prohibitive cost and health risks.

So, how can we realistically and safely get rid of loose skin?

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