Importance of Freelancing For Writers, Editors & Bloggers

Freelancing and Content Marketing

The Power of Freelancing for Writers

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Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing job groups in the current market. Writing is one of the freelance jobs. There are job roles like copy-writing, ghost-writing, script-writing, article writing, editing, proof-reading, and many more.

Even though creativity is critical, freelance writing is an entrepreneurial and business-related occupation. The main reason for choosing to freelance is freedom. Freelance writers find their clients and nurture them.

If it is done correctly, freelancing brings freedom and financial benefits. However, freelancing can be as stressful or even more stressful than usual if it is done incorrectly.

The main success factor for freelancing is planning, priority management, communication, and networking.

Even though there are many freelance jobs, in this story, my focus is on the content development, marketing, and distribution aspects of freelancing. This includes various tools, techniques, and processes.

The freelance industry is overgrowing. Pandemic expedited the growth of freelancers. The gig economy is attractive to many freelancers and being a massive economic phenomenon.

Repurposing adds a tremendous economic value to freelancing jobs in content development. With minimal effort, the income can get multiplied. For example, you can repurpose your Medium stories or blogs on Vocal Media and News Break. You can learn more about repurposing in this article titled how to triple your writing income.

Participating in writing challenges such as our 100 day challenge and writing in competitions such as the ones offered by Vocal Media inspire freelancers. There is an excellent opportunity for fiction writers that I introduced in this story. They not only motivate the creators but also encourage them to repurpose their content. You can find all Vocal Media writing competitions at this link. If you are not a member of Vocal+, you can join using this link.

Repurposing helps you multiply your digital assets. As a result, you can generate passive income in the long run. One of the low hanging repurposing for writers on Medium, Vocal Media, and NewsBreak is converting stories to e-books. I provided guidance on how to create a 30,000 word e-book in a month. This approach can create passive income from your current digital assets.

Introducing affiliate marketing to your freelance business can substantially boost your passive income. Joining affiliate programs and using your affiliate links in your articles and blogs is an easy process. As long as the links are relevant, appropriate and you do it meaningfully, you can generate substantial passive income.

On content platforms like Medium, Vocal Media and your blogs, you need to declare affiliate links to stay compliant with platform rules and obey ethical rules of marketing. I shared a book on Medium that you can learn about affiliate marketing for content developers like freelance writers.

In addition to writing for public platforms, many agencies and websites offer private freelance writing jobs such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Flexjobs, and many more. I compiled some of them researched by Terry L. Cooper on SYNERGY. I use the WritingPaychecks site to find freelance offerings easily in my niche, such as technical and academic writing.

Medium has thousands of writers. Over 10,000 of them contribute to ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications. So I started creating collections for these publications based on reader feedback. Our discerning readers want to obtain easily accessible curated content. Finding stories on Medium is not an easy task.

One of the prominent publications is SYNERGY bringing freelance writers to one place. However, in this post, I share insightful, engaging, and informative stories about freelancing covering many aspects of the sector from contributors of ILLUMINATION.

I previously featured some relevant stories on SYNERGY under the writing topic. My plan is to create a special collection from SYNERGY as the freelancing topic is comprehensive, with hundreds of stories contributed by accomplished freelancers on this unique publication. I will also create another collection from ILLUMINATION-Curated soon as that publication has many high-quality stories about freelancing.

As a writer, editor, or blogger, freelancing is a rewarding career. If you do it right, it brings desired income but also can make your life more balanced. Adding affiliate marketing can substantially contribute to your passive income goals.

Investing in your education and especially learning from the experience of others can give you insights and prevent you from making mistakes others have already made. This growth mindset can save you plenty of time.

About the Author

I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher, published author, editor, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles for Medium, News Break, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapter, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY publications supporting 10,700+ writers on Medium.

You can Join my publications requesting access here.


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