Selected Love & Relationships Stories

This collection includes only a small number of stories from my reading journal. This list includes stories only from ILLUMINATION. There are hundreds of stories on this topic on ILLUMINATION-Curated too.

It is impossible to add them to a single post. However, I will find ways to create more visibility to stories related to these topics.

I enjoyed reading every story on this list, and I hope you will enjoy them too.

I excluded poetry related to these topics as I will cover them in another collection. My poetry list is gigantic because I love reading poetry. I will add poetry about love and relationships in another collection. Please enjoy one of my favourite poems as a spoiler. Simply Love: Our World’s Survival Guide — Including Accompanying Video Poem by Martine Weber.

Here is the list of stories in no particular order. I added them as they appear in my reading journal.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Love Stories on Illumination To Make Your Heart Sing Carol Price

Epic Love is a Unicorn (I Still Believe) Crystal Jackson

The Call for Love: Love relationships are like belts. Rosennab

How Long Should You Wait for Somebody to Love You? Emily Wilcox

I Know He Loves Me Tina L. Smith

How Am I Supposed to Love Myself When You Keep Calling Me Fat Lindsay Rae Brown

Who is a human’s best friend: a dog or a human? Tara Desai PhD

Respect Doesn’t Always Mean Talking Out of Love Noorain Hassan, BMS

I Flirted With Death. Now, I Am In Love With Writing. Claire Kelly

3 Steps to Move on from a Love Connection Jennifer Pitts

Falling In Love Before You’ve Even Met Maria Rattray

The Art of Making Love to a Woman Kim Petersen

Love Is From The Heart, A Romance With Life Dr. Preeti Singh

My Dog Taught Me to Find a New Sense of Appreciation for My Partner Aditi Balaji

A Token Of Love For 329 Followers: Call me crazy but that’s how I am Bhavna Narula

Is Your New Year Resolution To Find True Love? Lanu Pitan

3 Little-Known Reasons Why You Should Love Those Who Disagree with You Athif Ibrahim

How to Love a Poet Carolyn Riker

The End of a Love Affair Julia E Hubbel

5 Things That Are More Important Than Love In A Relationship Yewande Adeleke

7 Questions About America (from My Danish Husband) I Just Can’t Answer Anastasia Frugaard

I Would Love To See Your Beautiful Face But Please Agnes Louis

Don’t Hate Yourself When No One Loves Your Story Amy Sea

3 Things I Learned About Love in a Mental Clinic Graceygee

Understand. Love. No one is born evil. Chowa Sekai

The First Duty Of Love Is To Listen Kim McKinney

I Didn’t Know The World Would Think Our Love Was Wrong. Lisa Holliday

The 3 Loves Needed to End a Marriage as Beautifully as it Begins Ron Dawson

7 Powerful Ways To Show You Love Someone Nathan Burriston

This Is A Good Time as Any to Give Love and Good Literature a Chance Selma

Don’t beg people for claps on Medium anymore, instead give them reasons to love your stories Adebola Alabi

The Path of Self-Love & Empathy Ryan Miller

From White Supremacy to Gay Love Rebecca Stevens A.

Projecting Love In Difficult Times Trista Signe Ainsworth

Love At First Taste Paroma Sen

How to Write Stories People Love to Read a Second Time Joshua Idegbere

Not All Loves are Equal Isak Dinesen

Love Yourself As A Writer Carel Kolchinski

Symbiotic Healing, Love, & Trees Georgia Dimitrious

Singleness, a tooth explosion, finding love and discovering what really matters during self-isolation John Ross

Do You Love You? Be Honest. Speak Your Truth. Kira Dawn

What I Want to Do For a Living Will Hurt the Ones I Love Charlotte Ivan

Falling in Love with Our Colorful, Expert Gaia Might Be the Answer Desiree Driesenaar

Love and Politics Dr. Jackie Greenwood

Relationships: Possessive is Acceptable Abusive is Not Sumera Rizwan

Many People on Different Paths, but One Love That Binds Us All Ruchi Thalwal

4 Simple Ways to Love Yourself and Your Life a Little More Itxy Lopez

Is There a Link Between Fear And Love? Myriam Ben Salem🦋

How Can the Things You Love Tell You about Who You Are? Bill Abbate

How to Influence the Collective Culture With Love Paul Myers MBA

The Process That Allows Me To Love Writing Every Single Day Erin King

The Law of Love You Didn’t Know Fareeha Arshad

The Secret of Verifying Your Passion: Do You Love the Thing, or Just the Idea of the Thing? Brian E. Wish, PhD

Love Me, Love My Fiction Remington Write

I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online Esther George

A Love Beyond Death Gurpreet Dhariwal

I Need Some (Writer’s) Love & A Lift Teressa P.

Why Living a Life You’re Proud of Now is Better than Living a Life You Will Love Later Angelina Der Arakelian

Love: An Epiphany The Garrulous Glaswegian

‘I Love the Poorly Educated,’ Donald Trump Said but Do They Still Love Him Dew Langrial

I Hate That I Love to Talk About People Behind Their Back Tommy Ueland

Why You Should Stop Comparing Love With Money Godofredo Rojas

Lace Up Love! A simple way to think about showing kindness to others Tim Maudlin

Poetry Can Teach Us Much About Self-Love Christina M. Ward

Love & Tranquility: Humans are resilient. We will prevail! Chris Hedges

How Not to Fall in Love: A tentative thought Patrick M. Ohana

A Basket of Love: Limericks and a message for Patrick Carolyn Hastings

Save Money Spending More On What You Love Diana Bernardo

The Basic Rules of Decent Communication with Those You Love Jessica Lynn

Do You Think God’s Love Is Unconditional or Is It a Give and Take Process? Geetika Sethi

Love is My Name Annelise Lords

My Eyes Witnessed Love Melanie J.

The Gift of Love is a Powerful Force for Healing Tree Langdon

Your Love Language is What You Lack Mallika Vasak

The 7 Ways I Forget About Success And Do What I Love Yara Zeitoun

Look for “Love Until Last Sight” The Maverick Files

A Mother’s Love Sylvia Emokpae

Why You Should Learn to Love Yourself Kristina Segarra

I Propose Pre-Ghosting Love Interests Jennifer Rosater

Love & Marriage Bob Jasper

Dealing With a Break-up Tavian Jean-Pierre

Follow The Love Not The Money Liam Ireland

Fall Madly in Love With Writing If You Want to Be a Writer Mahmudul Islam

How to Make Your Enemy Love You Britni Pepper

3 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely FALL IN LOVE With Your $0.01 Stories. Aldric Chen

Love is Accepting People Where They Are Cristina Comunian

Write A Love Letter To Yourself Jennifer M. Wilson

Give Her Love She Always Deserves Maryam

Love beyond the border Jojo

15 Happy, Love, and Relationship Life Lessons I Hope You Don’t Miss Tonya S. Ware

I Went Wedding Dress Shopping With the Fiancé of the Man I Was in Love With Caitlin Jill Anders

It’s Never Too Late for Love Celine Lai

Yes, You Can Love Someone and Still Think About Breaking Up With Them Renee Rose

Love and Other Punishments Part 4 of 4 Simon Dillon

When You Love Yourself Karen Madej

How to Love Emily Jennings

Forbidden Love Part 1 P.G. Barnett

Love . . . Not Racism Beth Stormont

5 Reasons Why People Love Self-Improvement Olha Bahaieva

How Married Actors Deal With Love Scenes Juliano Righetto

To Live from the Heart, Love is Not Enough Aline Müller

Do You Really Love Your Family or Just Tolerate Them? Tracey Folly

When You Love the World, the World Loves You Back Andrea D’Angelo

Recycled Love: Adopt a Senior Dog from a Rescue Organization Jacquelyn Lynn

The Day We Went To The Love Parade. B. A. Cumberlidge.

How to Be Fluent in the Language of Love Mathias Barra

Your Love Cannot Save Someone Who Is Destroying Themselves Holly Kellums

The Cost Of Love Janie Emaus

Letters for Loved Ones in Our Lives Ana-Maria Schweitzer

There Are 2 Levels of Self-Love — You Need Both Moreno Zugaro

This is Where Love Lives John C. Davis

Letter For Someone I’ve Loved Simão Cunha

Reflections On My Love Affair With Medium William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Stages of Love In A Lifetime Jo Ann Harris

Love on Trial Harry Hogg

Does it matter, if you learn to love? Riku Arikiri

How relationships can be the best place for transformation İpeksu Durmaz

How To Deal With The ‘She Said, He Said’ Problem In Relationships Terry Mansfield

The Deliberate Misrepresentation of Interracial Relationships in Film and TV Carl L Lane

The 3 Steps to Manage Toxic Relationships Dr Michael Heng

Advice for Long Distance Relationships in the Era of Self Isolation Kathy Lum

3 lessons psilocybin mushrooms taught me about relationships Shawn Jr

Two powerful Mantras to Strengthen Relationships Mukundarajan V N

Great Relationship Advice: Secrets of Amazing Relationships Jeff Herring

What the 90 Day Fiance Series Teaches Us About Relationships Keara Lou

5 Unhealthy Habits That Keep Destroying Your Relationships Will Fulton

You Don’t Have A Single Attachment Style. What Does That Say About Your Relationships? Kylie Fuller

Ghosting In Relationships Michael Patanella

Relationships Book Piper Steele

Our Mental Patterns Set the Tone of Our Lives — and Some Need to Be Broken. Harshy

Keep These Things In Mind When You Loan Money: To friends or relatives Anu Anniah

Attachment Theory, Negative Ions, and Epigenetic Negotiating: 3 Mysteries of Twin Brains Sharon Woodhouse

I’m So Happy I Got Divorced Colleen Sheehy Orme

Communication is Crucial For Successful Relationships Jimmy Misner Jr.

3 Reasons Empathy Might Be Damaging Your Relationships Mia Thompson

7 Ways to Survive a Narcissist Adekunle Jr

How I Challenged a Privileged White Male Friend’s Racism Daniela Gitlin

Are You Addicted to Distraction and Multitasking? Christina Morgan

Today a Friend Paid Me Back $20K She Borrowed Decades Ago for Her Divorce Toni Crowe

Why Leaving Your Toxic Family Could Be The Best Thing You Do Today Miles Etherton

My review of ‘The Sacred Art of Letting Go’ by Vishnu’s Virtues Martine Weber

Would You Like Your Friends if You Met Them Today? Corrine Roberts

Grant Yourself Some Grace & Love Colin Munro Wood

Your network is your net worth. Tarun Kohli

The Nicotine Blues Pamela J. Nikodem, M.S.Ed

It’s Never Too Late to Make Amends With the People You’ve Hurt Michelle Jaqua

How My Passion Died In Me Elvie Lins

Your Article Will Hurt Her, and You Haven’t Even Met Her Yet Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Journey’s End Ravyne Hawke

Father’s Day is Canceled Coco Garcia

6 Valuable Conversations Before Moving In With Your Partner Cheshta Mann

8 Brutally Honest Reasons She Doesn’t Want to Date You Shannon Hilson

How A Mistaken Swinger’s Party Taught Me To Trust My Instincts Janie Emaus

Ten Things That Happen When Your Husband Gets Old Ruby Lee

Tribalistas: a deep human connection beyond music Mario López-Goicoechea

10 Signs You’re Hanging Out With a Narcissist Charlie Lukas

This Habit Might Be Pushing People In Your Life Away Kirstie Taylor

How You’re Being Selfish in Your Marriage and Don’t Even Realize It Rob Cyrier

How to Raise Hardworking and Independent Children Rachel Sample M.Ed.

Every Trauma Matters. Don’t Minimize Yours Patrícia S. Williams

Why Do Women Act This Way? Bebe Nicholson

Three Ways to be Authentic in Your Grief or Pain Camille Parker

When Dad’s Girlfriend Dies, I’ll Get a Bunch of Money Roz Warren

Understanding Your Emotional Triggers Rebecca Romanelli

How to Stop Dating and Start a Relationship Laura Silverstein, LCSW

Social Attractions Between Beauty And Money Jessey Anthony

The Right Partner Won’t Perceive Your Independence as Intimidating Diana C.

Thoughts and Second Thoughts on Breaking My Isolation After 3.5 Months Helen Cassidy Page

The Blessing of a Grandfather Michele Thomas

Grief Is Love With No Place To Go Kathy Parker

5 Truths I Want You To Know About Dating Yourself Rashmi G

3 Reasons Empathy Might Be Damaging Your Relationships Mia Thompson

Not That Kind of Florida Man May Y. Yang

Blue Grass and Green Light Lisa Gerard Braun

Sunday School Teachers Turned Murderers JustAnnet 👑

How To Overcome Difficult Circumstances Todd Cardon

Don’t Hang Out With Dr Jekyll Daisy Chains

Popular Self-Help Advice That Is Actually Really Toxic Vidhipssa Mohan

It’s Not Your Fault That Death Steals Your Words Dr. Audrey

Motor Boatin’ in the Rain Donna Sheehy

I Am Finally Breaking Up With Summer Brian Abbey

Men, Stop! Listen To This Advice Justin Stinnett

Are you Sabotaging Your Own Happiness? Libby Shively McAvoy

5 Behaviors That Show Italian Men Love Their Moms More Than Anybody Else Lucia Landini

The 3 Phases of Romantic Relationships Ralph M Davis

Vital Advice I Gave My Son For An Unbelievable Summer Anthony Fireman

Anatomy of an Apology Crystalclearcandace

Self-Sufficiency Keith R Wilson

The Things You Must Know To Manage Conflicts Today I Lived

If You’re So Great, Why Can’t You Curb The Horrible Things You Say? 𝑺𝒆𝒚𝒇𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒊𝒏

The Final Lesson My Grandmother Taught Me Joshua Cronkhite

A Silver Lining of Loss: Choosing to Cherish Your Loved Ones Mag Moreno

Life Lesson #1: Child Abuse is Never Okay! Ken Kayse

Are You Ready for a Relationship? Benjamin Bratz

When Parent’s Love Converted Into Control Richpal

An Open Letter to My Best Guy Friend Lily

4 Shifts in Awareness that can Radically Transform your Relationships Aimee O’Neil MSW

The Great Ungrateful: Adventures Living with Narcissistic In-Laws Heather C Holmes

You Are In An Abusive Relationship Groupe Intellex

After 18 months of Covid, I’m ready to see old friends, make new ones, and have some raunchy Belle du Journey

5 Signs of Bread-Crumbing — Take Back Your Time! Sohrab Khandelwal

How To Have An Affair With Your Art Rosa Diaz

Bad is Stronger than Good: Negative vs Positive Reinforcement in Relationships Michael Wilkins

8 Simple Tips to Help You Start Conversation with People Andy Demidov

Why millennials are turning down marriage Sapna M

What Makes Some People More Charismatic Than Others? Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


Do You Know When to Apologize? Jimmy Misner Jr.

To Be A Good Giver You Must Learn How To Receive — Mercy Speaking Felix Adeoye

The Ability To Listen Is The Ultimate Superpower David Graham

Imposter Syndrome Can Destroy Life — How To Cope With It Diana Braune

A Recipe For Seduction Francesco Rizzuto

How My Astrologer Stimulated Me Janie Emaus

Confession Or Apology, What’s Better For The Soul? Brian Dickens Barrabee

Gaslighting: How to Recognize It and 7 Ways to Shut it Down! Himani Parikh

Looking for an easy way to improve your relationship? Sarah Albo

The Kid Who Was Tortured: I Would Rather Stay With God Dihan

Is Love What It Can Look Like? Øivind H. Solheim

What Life Lessons Would You Love Your Kids to Know? Cynthia Marinakos

No — I Don’t Want Your Husband! Jennifer Friebely

Time To See and Be Seen Judey Kalchik

4 Reasons You Haven’t Tied the Knot Yet — That Have Nothing To Do With You C.C. Writes

Money for Sex Jonathan Morris Schwartz

A Fortune Teller Says My Life Purpose Is To Find a Man Zee Praise

The Immortality of Man C.J. Obikile

Women’s Lies about Sex Tyana Wolff

5 Expert Questions to Gain Self Esteem Christopher Madsen

4 Trivia Reason Relationships Fail Akhaine JesuOboh Precious

5 Toxic Ideas About Love I Learned From Watching Too Many Romantic Movies Mari Concepcion

On Perspective Katherine Sullivan

Why Is Everyone Around Me So Irrational? Neera Mahajan

The 5 Types of Toxic People to Cut Loose from Your Life John Cristóbal

Why Women Prefer Taller Men Andrew Stuart

Create a Deep Magnetic Connection Between You and Your Partner — Using This 2 Step Psychic Technique Daniel Hinds

7 Steps to Recover From Narcissistic Abuse Cesca Nichol

Let Go of the Handshake. Time to Usher in New Social Etiquette Jen Gippel PhD

True Friends Show Up With A Plate Of Cookies Todd Cardon

Inside, I Die Eddie Heath

Survival Guide: 5 Traits Of Highly Obsessive Ex Mila

Didn’t See That Coming- Neither Did They Patricia Rosa

Don’t Let Jealousy Ruin Your Life Mustapha El Hajj

Social Norms That We Teach To Kids JJ Sum

Four Outdated Social Narratives that Still Govern Our Lives Schalk Cloete

Not Your Typical Massage T.J. Batts

Will You Wait For Me? Maïa Belart

“What If He Dies?” John Bullock

The Only Two Things You Need in Life Hyrum Bradshaw

The Hare and The Tortoise: A Fairy Tale That Reveals Powerful Life Lessons To Help You Win Roy Landers

6 ways to cope when you live with someone toxic Sage Crystal

Inability to Care: Ways To Deal With a Partner Incapable of Caring The San B

Traveling Back In Time: Advice to a Young Whipster* Bev G 🧙‍♀️


One of my takeaways from these stories is that the key points to successful relationships are love, understanding, empathy, compassion, good communication, and respect.

Please enhance the messages of these stories by leaving comments related to love and relations. Perhaps share your thoughts pointing out the stories that attracted your attention or gave you valuable insights and perspectives.

Thank you for reading these engaging and insightful stories.


Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

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How to Love and Relate: Selected stories on love & relationships reflecting interesting perspectives

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