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health, mental health, education, relationships, love, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, freelancing, artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies

ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications curate the most loved stories by discerning readers. In this post, we introduce these curated collections. 

The topics covered in these collections are health, mental health, education, relationships, love, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, freelancing, artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

Health & Fitness

Heath & Fitness Collection

This collection includes generic health, fitness, exercise regimes, nutrition, popular diets, fat and weight loss, and healthy habits. Many of these writers have top writer status in these topics and tags. 

Mental Health

Mental Health Collection

This collection covers memorable stories related to mental health. Many stories introduce standard and innovative therapies, mental health issues, and resolutions. In addition, a large number of stories are related to psychology, psychiatry, cognitive science, and neuroscience. 


Education and Learning From Many Aspects

This collection includes stories related to many facets of education and learning. Some stories cover primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Stories about learning experiences for various topics give perspectives to readers. Foreign language learning, STEM, technology, science, engineering, and maths are some common topics in this collection. 

Love & Relationships

How to Love and Relate

This is one of the largest collections as the publication has a specific focus and a featured paged for these topics. Relationships with self, family, parents, kids, lovers, students, community members, and overall society are covered in these engaging and informative stories. 


The World Needs Passionate & Compassionate Leaders

Our publications have many leaders in different industries, domains, and sectors. These leaders share their knowledge, skills, and experience from different settings. 


Do You Want to Become A Sexy Entrepreneur?

Related to leadership, entrepreneurship is also a big topic in our publications. We have many experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. Some already have their startup ventures. Learning from their experience can save us substantial time. 


Business Collection: A Mini MBA Bundle

As the title suggests, this collection is like a mini MBA for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. Many authors writing these stories have business degrees such as bachelor, masters, and even doctorates. 


The Power of Freelancing for Writers

We have a publication called SYNERGY, helping freelance writers to collaborate and share the experience. Writers who contributed to this collection have substantial freelancing experience. They provide insightful and engaging perspectives from their fields. A majority of these stories are distributed to various topics. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Top Stories About Artificial Intelligence

Top AI Stories on Technology Hits

We created two collections covering artificial intelligence topics. These stories include machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, robotics, business impact and implications of AI, societal, legal, and ethical implications are covered too. Not only technical but also business and personal development experts submitted articles to these collections. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFT Story Collection on ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Non-Fungible Tokens are new, but they gain reputation very quickly. Many creators, including artists, writers, and musicians, are interested in monetising their content using NFTs. These stories can provide helpful guidance on the use of NFTs by creators. 


How Storytellers Articulate Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing. Many readers are interested in learning about different crypto tokens like bitcoin and ledgers like blockchain. These relate to technical, business, economy, and finance readers. 

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as many other readers.

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