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Innovative Robotics Ecosystem in Massachusetts Opens New Economic Windows to the Future: Collaborative robotics research, business, and entrepreneurship initiatives create an exemplary economy

This article introduces robotics and artificial intelligence research, relevant business programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives progressing in Massachusetts.


Business Growth, Ethics, Governance & Law of Technology for the Future of Nebraska

This article introduces technology business development such as software engineering and highlights entrepreneurial activities by featuring some startup companies in Nebraska.


Employee Ownership Concept in Colorado Empowers the Capabilities of Technology, Science & Other Businesses

In this article, I introduce a unique business and economic model in Colorado. In addition, this article gives some business development examples from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.


STEM Education Prepare Us for the Future: Virginia exhibits a bright vision for young brains to grasp great passion for STEM Education

In this article, I highlight the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in the US and give some prominent examples from Virginia.


Digital Citizenship, Technology Education, & Development Incentives: Innovative progress in Oklahoma

In this article, I introduce the digital citizenship concept and how Okloma state makes significant progress leveraging The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) capabilities.


Governor Sisolak Paints a Magnificent Picture on the Blank Canvas of Nevada: A bold & innovative technology vision for the future workforce of Nevada how Nevada will be the blockchain capital.

This article introduces the remarkable progress of the Blockchain in Nevada. This state has a unique approach to their technology investment. As a result, it is a first of a kind business and economic development globally.


Smart Adoption of Emerging Technologies Made California the Digital Media Capital of the World: The rise and market dominance of digital media in Silicon Valley

This article introduces digital media progress in California and shows some prominent examples from Silicon Valley. I discuss why and how California leads this sector globally.


July is the “Disability Pride Month” in the US. 2021 is the 31st Anniversary of the ADA: Utah Celebrates Neurodiversity Acceptance in Disability Pride Month

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness on disability pride month, introduce the concept of Neurodiversity, and show how Utah is making good progress in empowering disabled residents.


Unlimited Supply of Cheap Nuclear Energy May Open New Doors To Crypto Wins For Miami: Algorand is new crypto getting attention from crypto enthusiasts globally

Miami has an exceptional approach to cryptocurrencies. In this article, I introduce the focus by the Miami mayor and how he empowers the crypto business and economy in this state. In addition, the article provides insights on the future of clean and cheap nuclear power as a source of energy for crypto mining. Finally, I also introduce Algorand and how this cryptocurrency is taken well in Miami.

New York

E-Bike Technology, Commute Agility, & Health Focus Define More Sustainable Cities: Leveraging technological advances with health and fitness awareness can contribute to sustainable lifestyles for large…

The focus of this article is to introduce ride-sharing, giving e-bike and e-scooters progress in New York. I also present leading companies like Citi Bike and JOCO in electronic bike progress in the state.


The Sustainability Laws & Emerging Technologies: Addressing Transportation Problems of Colorado

This article aims to introduce the new law titled Sustainability of the Transportation System in Colorado. I also present common trends in the transportation industry.


What Does It Take To Be A Smart City?: Chicago is a Smarter City Thanks to the Internet of Things & Array of Things

The purpose of this article is to introduce technological progress related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Array of Things (AoT) in Chicago. Another critical concept in this article is cyberinfrastructure that enables artificial intelligence at the edge.


Biotechnology Innovation Excellence & Business Leadership in California: The importance of biotech & how California excels in this business domain.

The main focus of this article is to introduce biotechnology (biotech) business and technological developments in California. In addition, I also cover healthtech, bioengineering, and telemedicine concepts.


Startup HealthTech Champions Strive for Well-being of Citizens: These fresh and brilliant Tennessee brains solve fundamental problems in the healthcare industry.

The purpose of this article is to create awareness of the health-tech industry in Tennessee. In addition, I provide some examples of health-tech startups and entrepreneurs in this state.


Are We Losing Freedom of Speech? Why Florida government focused on content moderation from a different angle and how others reacted to this perspective

The purpose of this article is to introduce recent laws relating to regulating social media content in Florida. It is the first law introduced in this space in the US. I give some examples of public thoughts and sentiments on this new law.


Seattle Startup Ventures Shine Brighter in Tech Industry: Many tech startup ventures are flourishing in this fascinating city.

This article introduces progress in the technology sector of Seattle by giving examples from established business organizations and the emerging startup companies in this city.

New Jersey

Permit the Use of Telemedicine for Medical Cannabis
 The emergence and implications of telemedicine and telehealth for the US Healthcare System

This article introduces the use of telemedicine and telehealth concepts in New Jersey. The exciting part is now patients can get cannabis prescriptions via telemedicine in this state.


Why We Need Faster Internet: The Internet has become essential in all walks of life. Our business, education, and health require the Internet.

This article provides ideas on the importance of fast internet for business and the economy. Unfortunately, Montana has the slowest Internet speed and how and why this status should change.

North Carolina

North Carolina is Getting a $1B Slice of the $430B Apple Pie: What does the $1 billion investment of Apple mean for NC citizens?

North Carolina made excellent progress in the technology sector and secured substantial funds from Apple for the Research Triangle Park. The story introduces the progress and provides insights from the governor and the leadership in the state.


Massachusetts Lawmakers Request Firmer Rules About Controversial & Invasive AI Surveillance: Artificial Intelligence tools are growing persistently and causing perceived intrusion of privacy

The purpose of this article is to highlight concerns caused by invasive surveillance technology leveraging law change requests in Massachusetts. In addition, I highlight the premise of using biometric software to rely on the difficulty of impersonating the human presenting the trait to a device.


The AI McDonaldization Era Means Humans And Robots Must Work Side-By-Side: Burger robots are already cooking delicious meals. And MacDonald’s AI voice recognition system is at ten drive-throughs in Chicago now.

This article introduces the use of robotics for the food industry, especially safety and distribution points. I give Chicago as an example because MacDonald has started a pilot AI project in Chicago.


How Professional Gamers Earn Money With Twitch: Smart gamers use the largest streaming platform with massive traffic collaboratively.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the Twitch live streaming platform for online gamers. I present progress by players in various cities of California.

New York

A Bizarre And Hilarious Story Likely Caused By Artificial Intelligence
 Is there a way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine?

This article introduces a recent funny incident caused by artificial intelligence for a person in New York. The purpose is to give glimpses into the risks of heavily being dependent on AI.


Can Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Shoplifting In America?
 Yes, most likely, it can!

This article aims to introduce the potential use of artificial intelligence for eliminating and preventing shoplifting in the US. I use San Francisco as an example as it is the most affected city by shoplifters.


Let’s Meet MISSI! She’s Mississippi’s First Artificial Chatbot.
 Discover what this artificial intelligent chatbot can do for you.

This article introduces artificial intelligence chatbots by giving Mississippi government initiative called MISSI in this state.


Lessons From FBI’s Recovery Of Colonial Pipeline’s DarkSide Bitcoins For Ransomware Attacks: Security awareness, knowledge, and skills can remove fear and empower us in effectively dealing with this situation.

This article introduces recent progress and achievements in handling ransomware cybersecurity attacks in the US. Ransomware attacks cause millions of dollars to the economy and create anxiety for computer users.

New York

Importance of The NVDRS Database & How It Relates to The “LGBTQ Essential Data Act”: Violence never rests. Data is gold for violence prevention.

This article introduces the importance of the NVDRS system that is the only state-based surveillance system pooling more than 600 unique data elements fed by multiple sources into a usable and anonymous database. CDC (Centers for Disease Control And Prevention) makes this essential database available for decision-makers and program planners.


Texas Governor Informs Us About Signing A Cryptocurrency Law
 Why does this bill matter?

This article introduces a new law developed in Texas to define cryptocurrencies. Texas is one of the pioneering states attempting to regulate cryptocurrencies.


How Georgia Leads Multiple Technology Sectors To Accelerate Economy: an overview from different perspectives.

This article introduces progress in FinTech, InfoSec, and HealthTech sectors in Georgia. The emphasis is on logistics services in the state.


The Economic Importance of Health & Information Technology Investment & Jobs in Wisconsin Portfolio

This article aims to introduce highlights from the Wisconsin Portfolio published by the Wisconsin Technology Council and the Tech Council Investor Networks in 2021.


Michigan’s Leadership in Smart Mobility Legislation, Technology Innovations, & Business Practices.

This article introduces recent development and leadership in the automotive industry, including autonomous vehicles. Michigan is the first state to allow self-driving car development and use in the state. I discuss the importance of business and economic development and how it is a distinguishing value for Michigan.


How Technology Accelerators & Innovation Bills Spark Business Passion for Alabama Entrepreneurs

The purpose of this article is to introduce technology accelerators and recent innovation bills for entrepreneurs of Alabama.


Innovation Partnership for Small Business Success in Pennsylvania: How Pennsylvania government and partners lead small business innovations and investments.

Pennsylvania is a state that provides a high focus on small businesses. This article offers recent developments, bills, initiatives, and business programs for entrepreneurs and sole traders in the state.


Technology Innovation Leadership for Sustainability, Climate, & Employment Issues in Indiana: Reflections from a state where government and business organizations work closely together for moving a sustainable ecosystem forward

In this article, I provide an overview of technology innovations, economic development, and key initiatives for infrastructure, sustainability, climate, and employment opportunities in the state.


Connecticut’s Outstanding Leadership in Human Development and Economic Prosperity: What does human development mean, and why does it matter to humanity?

In this article, I introduce the topic of human development, emphasize its importance, and how Connecticut is leading this required field. Let’s face it! Who doesn’t want to experience a free, prosperous, and high-quality lifestyle, including for their loved ones? The purpose of human development is to enhance people’s freedom, opportunities, and overall well-being. Freedom means to decide who we want to be and how we want to live our lives.

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