What Is Biohacking & What It Means to Society

In this article, rather than on the broad subject of transhumanism, I focus on biohacking. My aim is to broaden our horizons by providing perspectives from multiple angles.

I want to inspire and encourage my readers to have a new mindset looking at biohacking from a positive outlook rather than the eyes of an enemy. We need to become allies for beneficial, safe, and valuable aspects of biohacking for humanity.

Biohacking is real. There are legitimate scientific institutes, business organizations, health professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts working on this phenomenon globally.

I am not saying it is good or bad at the moment. I depict both sides looking at the broad spectrum. However, biohacking has the potential to make the world a better place for everyone. It has the potential to bring equality, to stop suffering from hunger, physical pain, and psychological issues.

While some people are at the cutting edge to benefit from it in a rush, others are incredibly concerned and want to stop the idea. While some use biohacking for self-improvement, humanitarian, altruistic, and spiritual reasons, others do it for selfish, business, and commercial reasons.

My goal is to inform readers based on my knowledge and some experience in the beneficial aspects of sensible biohacking. I hope to empower my readers by giving them valuable perspectives to better assess this emerging discipline, which can address serious biological issues that we have been experiencing. My aim is to reduce suffering in the world by empowering the people.

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