The Significance of Quantum Computing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 5 of the book “On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution”

When I was penning this chapter, I imagined the year 2031. So, if you save this article and have a chance to read this piece in the next ten years, you will most likely say, “yes, these things were just thoughts once upon a time”.

This book is about the revolution of artificial intelligence. If there is a single technology that can revolutionize AI, it most likely is quantum computing. In this chapter, I introduce the capabilities of quantum computing, its impact on AI, and its implications for business, industry, and the economy.

Quаntum соmрutіng has the potential tо dіѕruрt the еntіrе world, economies and industries. Artificial Intelligence is making a substantial impact globally. However, this impact will multiple with the addition of quantum computing. The revolution of artificial intelligence will manifest with contributions from quantum computing.

You can read this chapter on Medium.

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