Deep Neural Network for cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases causing suffering and mortality to millions of people globally. While humanity finds reasonable solutions for other diseases, minimal improvement has been achieved on cancer. Yet, many scientists work hard on finding solutions. When you check, you may come across over four million papers related to cancer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), like any other emerging field, is believed to contribute to oncology (the study and treatment of tumors).

This article introduces some practical ways that AI contributes to oncology, especially in research and development areas. I also provide sample data sets and image repositories for oncology research.

Other Chapters of the Book

Introduction: Purpose of the book

Chapter 1: How to be friends with artificial intelligence and look at it from a fresh perspective

Chapter 2: Technologies Contributing to Artificial Intelligence Solutions — An overview of machine learning systems and solutions

Chapter 3: Artificial Intelligence Applications & Common Business Use Cases

Chapter 4: Societal Impact and Bеnеfіtѕ of Artificial Intelligence Tools

Chapter 5: The Significance of Quantum Computing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

More chapters are coming soon to ILLUMINATION Book Chapters so that members can read the book free on this platform.

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