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Eliza Shed 30 Pounds In Six Months With Two Tips

Fat Loss Has Nothing To Do With Calories

Why Fat Loss Has Nothing to Do With Calories

Why & How Eliza Lost 30 Pounds of Fat in Six Months?

How I Naturally & Easily Fixed My Leaky Gut

How Can We Get Rid of Loose Skin?

How I Felt When I Was Thrown out of an Airbnb House

The Beginner’s Guide to Write Viral Articles & Blogs

How To Become A Top Writer In Three Months

How To Get Six-Pack Abs Without Destroying Our Health

The Joy of Selling 1,000+ Books In A Month With Minimal Investment

How I Turned Off My Hunger Switch

Invitation to Join the Summer Fiction Challenges, Offering Attractive Prizes

The More Nutritious Fat Consumed the More Belly Fat Got Burned

Are You Sluggish & Exhausted Often or Sometimes?

The Lazy Way To Fast-Mimicking Diet

How to Love and Relate

Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of Loose Skin?

Education and Learning From Many Aspects

12 Entangled Health Conditions I Owned & Fixed By Myself

Fix Metabolic Syndrome, Live a Longer and Healthier Life

The World Needs Passionate & Compassionate Leaders

100 Day Challenge For New Writers

Striking Health Risks of Running

The Significance of Quantum Computing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

What If There’s Hope to Improve Immunity: Why NAC is a Critical Molecule for Health

The Power of Freelancing for Writers

Essential Checklist for Writers

Having Six-Packs After 50 Years Old

Conduct Guidelines for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Do You Want to Become A Sexy Entrepreneur?

Yes, You Can Now Directly Write For ILLUMINATION-Curated

Consideration of Intermittent Fasting & Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Prevention & Treatment

How I Fixed My Leaky Gut

Major Causes of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

How to Benefit from Epsom Salts

How Not to Be Cracked by Toxic Emotions and Chronic Stress at Work

How Technology Can Be Racist

1,000 Short Posts in 100 Days

Hormones That Cause Fat Gain

A Holistic View of Biohacking from Multiple Perspectives

The Role of Sex & Emotional Intimacy In Reducing Chronic Stress

The Importance of Design Thinking Practice & Thought Leadership

How To Earn Good Money On Medium

Can You Make $10,000 on Medium in a Month?

How To Triple Your Writing Income Methodically

How to Become the Kim Kardashian of Life-Hacks

Business Collection: A Mini MBA Bundle

My Unusual Diet Revealed

Top Stories About Artificial Intelligence

Digital Twin Solutions

Purpose of Synergy

Why Is Activated Charcoal in My Emergency Bag? Is It Hype or Hope?

How I Defeated Arthritis

How to think like a designer

How To Be An Excellent Technical Leader

Healing Mild Depression By Scheduling And Prioritizing Fun

Cross-Pollination at Work

How to Go to a Fat-Adapted State.

Why Digital Intelligence Matters

Practical Use of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology & Genetics

Why Emotional Maturity Is Critical For Relationships

Process and Procedures

Innovation Partnership for Small Business Success in Pennsylvania

Short-Form Stories Not For Income But For Visibility. Think Of Them As A Tripwire

The Paradox of Six-Pack Abs

Preventing Gum Disease With A Simple Hack

Top Three Simple Workouts For Sustained Fitness

Why And How We Should Initiate Autophagy

How To Make Six-Figure Income On Medium

On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution — Preface

Digital Transformation Handbook for Solution Architects

How Storytellers Articulate Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Invitation To A Writing Challenge

Give Your Long Stories a Second Life

My Testimony of Hydrolyzed Collagen

Heath, Fitness, & Lifestyle Topics Collected on Transhumanism Leadership

Mental Health Collection

This Is My Simple Formula To Creating Viral Stories

A Modern Enterprise Architecture Approach

A Bizarre And Hilarious Story Likely Caused By Artificial Intelligence

Activated Charcoal

The Importance of Biological Rhythms & Psychological Aspects in Fat Loss Journey

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing -Chapter 1

Breakfast Not Necessarily The Most Important Meal

How to Get Started with Quora and Amplify Your Medium Stories

Glimpses From My Fat Loss Journey

Powerful Life-Changing Hacks That Truly Transformed My Life

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Ethical Hacking

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Learning AI, Cognitive, Data Science, Programming, & Cloud Computing

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Managing Complexity Of IoT Sensors, Endpoints, Gateways, And Network Bottlenecks

IoT, Big Data, & Cloud Computing

Rapid Development And Integrated Automation For IoT Solutions

The Emergence and Convergence of Artificial Intelligence in the Business World

Business Growth, Ethics, Governance & Law of Technology for the Future of Nebraska

How Technology Accelerators & Innovation Bills Spark Business Passion for Alabama Entrepreneurs

How Artificial Intelligence Tools Transform Small Business In America

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I am a technologist, postdoctoral researchers, published author, editor, blogger, digital marketing strategist, and content developer with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles for Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapter, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY publications supporting 11,000+ writers on Medium.You can Join my publications requesting access here.

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