Why I stopped Running After Addicting to it

Striking Health Risks of Running

Science says too much of anything could be bad for humans. What could we do?

Running was almost killing me. It was my daily ritual, so I got addicted to it. From hindsight, I can see the reason for my unsubstantiated passion. I was addicted to a silent killer.

Running has a robust hormonal effect. So, in addition to fitness goals, it is part of the ritual for some of us. And for some, it is therapeutic.

Unfortunately, many people died from running. Ironically, these deaths occur with the intention of better health and longevity.

I am not against running. I was one of the long-distance and intense runners once a upon a time. I used to run very long distances when I was younger, and I loved it for various good and bad reasons.

However, I had to give it up due to some noticeable side effects in my life. The main reason for me was excessive inflammation in my joints. I also experienced several side effects that I explain in the section reflecting my perspectives below.

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Please note that this story is not health or fitness advice. I shared my personal experience and reading fro the literature for information purposes only. If you have symptoms of health issues related to fitness and exercise, particularly running please consult your primary health care professionals, physiotherapists, or training coaches.

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