Curated Writer Bios on Medium

This post includes links to biographies written by writers of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium.

Reading most of these bios delighted me. I believe you will enjoy these lovely pieces too. When reading these stories, I felt like having a conversation with the author of the biography.

Curated Writer Biographies

My Belated Writer Bio for ILLUMINATION: I encouraged hundreds of writers to submit a bio story but neglected it myself. This is the hardest story for me to… Dr Mehmet Yildiz

An Introduction: Arthur G. Hernandez: When I was five months old, I passed away on an operating table. Arthur G. Hernandez

Hi… My Name is Joe Luca: And this is my introduction. Joe Luca

My Story My journey in life and at work Dr. Preeti Singh

Introducing The Writeyard Well of course that is not my given name. Carol Price

Chelsea Mandler Seizes the Opportunity to Write for Illumination Curated. IC packed my bags and offered me a place to sleep as long as I wanted. CR Mandler MAT

Introduction to My Fellow Illumination Writers: Late, but fashionably so Julia E Hubbel

Becoming Michele Thill… From Homemaker to Business Owner
I had quite the life. The life I dreamed of as a little girl.
 Michele Thill

I Was Born From A Secret Marriage, Sebastian Purcell My Writer’s Biography Sebastian Purcell, PhD

What Really Motivates Me: Is your self-honesty brutal enough? Brian E. Wish, PhD

Author introduction: Erin King — Never Give Up On Your Healing
The key to finding happiness is not to stop until you’ve found it.
 Erin King

Here I Come (An Introduction): Annelise Lords Thanks Illumination for giving Us a Voice. Annelise Lords

Eternal Optimist: 5 Things About Me: Hello, I’m an eternal optimist! I think this is how I will start all of my introductions from now on. Trista Ainsworth

Nature, Me, and Others: Here’s my story, especially for Illumination readers, editors, and writers and the rest of my audience… Desiree Driesenaar

My World of Medium A little introduction with love. Geetika Sethi

About Me — Alan Lew In mid-2019 I retired from my university after some 40 years as a graduate student then professor studying, teaching… Alan Lew, PhD

An Author’s Bio on ILLUMINATION — I Read and Write. Now, I Type.
I am Aldric and I am a reader.
 Aldric Chen

Bio For Illumination Some Words and a Tanka from a Real-Life Beach Bum James G Brennan

Introducing: Agnes Laurens Just another woman on earth. Agnes Laurens

Introducing: Ron Pol: Illumination editor-at-large Dr Ron Pol

Hi My Name Is Lori Brown: I am a perfectly flawed human. Lori Brown

How I Became a Writer: Me? A writer? You must be joking Dean Middleburgh

A Self-Introduction from Timothy Key: From fighting fires to wrangling metaphors, an illuminating journey Timothy Key

Sweet Nothings of My Life: Introduction Gurpreet Dhariwal

Hello, Let Me Introduce Myself …: My name is Pavane Ravel and I have had an interesting life. Pavane Ravel

Hello, I’m an Introvert in a Social Media World: When I was growing up I was described as “painfully shy”.Melody Campbell

Self-Introduction: Hola from Spain! To everyone on Illumination
I quit my cubicle career and was done with the same-old corporate adventure. I started again by exploring a more…
Livia Dabs

This is ME …: It is ok to me yourself Naomi Knight

Introducing Tom Byers: Writer for ILLUMINATION and Spiritual Tree Tom Byers

Hi! This is Me: Attempting to introduce myself in the simplest possible way. Amy Marley

Illuminating Mister Weirdo: Introducing myself to the community Rasheed Hooda

The Man for His Time and Place: “No social study that does not come back to the problems of biography, of history and of their intersections within a… Jarrett Wilson

Introduction to Chuck Roast: I guess I didn’t do it right the first time (Yeah, yeah, that’s what she said. . .) Charles Roast

My Story: An Introduction: My life story in 849 words Daniella Mini

An Illuminating Introduction From a Fellow Writer: Hello, my name is Paul and I’m delighted to make your acquaintance Paul Myers MBA

David Paul Martin: An Expatriate Living and Loving Seoul, South Korea Dr. David Martin

Introducing Nicole: science nerd with a passion for fitness and health Nicole Linke

Who Am I? — I am ALIVE: Introduction to Illumination community KeepingItRealWithAnnick

Introducing: Eliot Kersgaard: A not-so-brief introduction to myself for my fellow Illumination writers. Eliot Kersgaard

Hello, There! Greetings From South Africa.: A Brief History (Her-story) Lynette Clements

Hi! I’m Terry Mansfield and I Specialize in Eclecticism: Here are some things about me you probably don’t know (and maybe don’t even care to know; sorry about that). Terry Mansfield

Pleasure to Meet All of You: Telling my story with some photos CJ Kowalski

Introducing a Survivor — Just call me Bill: A new writer on Illumination and the Author of Uncommon Sense. Bill Abbate

Three Simple Rules that Drive My Writing: Jill Ebstein Jill Ebstein

Introducing Greg Lawlor: How to introduce myself. Well, this is different. Normally, I would ask about you. Greg Lawlor

My Journey So Far: An Introduction by Kevin Buddäus Kevin Buddaeus

Introducing Myself to Illumination: Getting to know me — Dipti Pande Dipti Pande

Rick Dobson: Life from Ice Boxes to LED Lights.: In Cleveland in the days after World War II, I lived in a row house in the University Circle area of Cleveland, Ohio. I… Rick Dobson

Who am I? Let me introduce myself. Candy L Hill

Hi, my name’s Paddy. Hello there, I’m Paddy, nice to meet you! Paddy Corry

The Man Behind the Keyboard Who is Ryan Justin? Ryan Justin

Hi, My Name is Stephen, and I’m a … An introduction where I attempt to pigeon hole myself Stephen Scott

An Introduction: Sandy Barrett: Can I help you make a difference? Sandra Barrett

WhoAmI, In This Beautiful World? A free-spirited soul, longing to do some good while here. Shreya V

Hey- it’s my introduction: I endeavor to be as a learner, as a follower and as a good human being with daily life lessons. Farrukh Jamal

Have We Met? A virtual introduction to Selma Selma

Hello World, I’m Tee and iWrite: Greetings Everyone,iWrite!

To My New Friends at Illumination: I see your help and input as a vital part of my writing process Joshua Davis

Illumination Introduction- My Degree in Life: Who I am is where I’ve been. Corrine Roberts

I Embrace a Crooked Path: My Introduction to Illumination Mike Schoenhofer

Short intro: Willem-Jan Ageling: I love to write. And I wish to grow in my writing. Willem-Jan Ageling

Who is Kira??? This is Me. Introducing myself to ILLUMINATION. Kira Dawn

I’ve Always Been a Reader: And Secretly a Writer Tree Langdon

Pamela’s Intro: Illumination inspires writer’s to become authentic. Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

Introducing Ahmed Jamal: Bio of a simple and kind man Ahmed Jamal

Who Am I? A Poem Muhammad Zunair

Introducing: Maïa Belart My introduction for ILLUMINATION Maïa Belart

An Author Introduction: Photo by Sarah Witting, courtesy of The American heart Association aimeepalooza

SNEAK PEEK An introduction Nikita Vipul

Introduction of Marla J. Albertie, M.Ed., A.P.T.D World changing I/O Psychologist in the making Marla J. Albertie

Who am I? Allow me to introduce myself. Susie Pinon

Opening notes to tell about myself Introductory remarks Suntonu Bhadra

A Brief Introduction Christine L. Smith Christine L. Smith

Introspection: Love is the only way, others are just detours… an introduction to Jean Carfantan. Jean Carfantan

Call Me Kay A self-introduction to Illumination & beyond Kay T.

Diane Overcash is My Real Name Biography Diane Overcash

A Life of Opportunities Some recognized, some created, many acted upon. Carolyn Broadfield

Introducing Myself to Illumination Hi all, I am Jaysankar. You can call me Jay. Introducing myself is a big task for me Jaysankar D Talukdar

Who I Was, Am, And Hope To Be My bio for ILLUMINATION Elisabeth Khan

The Me That I’m Aware of Bio prompt from Dr. Mehmet Yildiz John C Davis

Introducing: Celine Lai A life-time mastery of patience and tolerance got me through to today Celine Lai

I’m Aric With An A And I’m here to tell ya… Aric D Mayer

Hi Neighbor! Greetings from Tim Maudlin, your neighbor in Indiana. Tim Maudlin

Allow Me to Introduce Myself in Case You Don’t Know Me
Greetings from South Africa!
 Caroline de Braganza

Isak Dinesen Please call me Isak. My pen name affords me greater freedom. Isak Dinesen

My name Is Debbie and I Am a Queen In my Kingdom, we encourage, engage with, and empower each other to lead fulfilled lives. Debbie Walker

Why I Write Introduction for Illumination Tracy Luk

Nice to Meet You And here is my story Meen Sokri

Hi, I’m Viktor. Yes, with a “K” A short bio for my fellow ILLUMINATORS. Viktor Marchev

Elsewhere, a Stochastic Brain Hi, I am Keno Keno Ogbo

Meet Simona: The Story of the Path Less Traveled By A brief introduction to Simona through her inner and outer journeys Simona

Hey, Y’all, I’m Debra. Here’s More About Me Than You Probably Want to Know. Writer, bookseller, naturalist.DRM

Greetings From An Introverted Veteran And a lesson I learned while serving in the military. Koree Scott

Meet John: Why I Joined Illumination And why I continue writing for this crazy, synergistic publication John Ross

Interview with Me Conducted by my 8-year-old son. This should go well. . . Emme Beckett

The Day I Found Maggots In My Patient’s Wound My Never-Wanted-To-Be-A-Nurse Intro Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

My name is Meera. When you look at me, What do you see? meera sahney

Character Development — This Is Me The thing I love most about any good book or movie, and often what I think makes it ‘good’, is strong character… Taylor Carr

A short introduction New and exciting beginnings Yannis Ntokos

About Me: The Extended Version The dreaded depiction of self, in 300 characters or less did you say? My thoughts on these limitations and what they… Celine Thrane

When I Found Illumination Why I Joined Illumination; I Introduce Myself Michael Patanella

I Feel Nervous When Asked to Introduce Myself So this is the bravest thing I’ve done today Dona Mwiria

Introducing Kathy Lum Contributing writer and proud member of ILLUMINATION Kathy Lum

An Introduction: María Cristina Aponte This is me. María Cristina Aponte

Diving into Illumination Introducing Britni Pepper Britni Pepper

Introducing: Alexis Zarco Stranger, we haven’t met yet, but I hope we can be good friends. Alexis Zarco

A Self Introduction for My Illumination Community I meant to keep this short. It didn’t work out that way Jennifer Geer

Full Disclosure: Philip V Truman Objects in Mirror are Older than They Appear Phil Truman

Essayist, Poet, Screenwriter, and Comer Uper of Weird Ideas.
 Tyler Piteo-Tarpy

A Glimpse of Myself I embrace the opportunity to share a defining moment of my life Charlotte Zobeir Ali

Karen Madej 💛 Biography: I’d Like to Build Worlds
My love of reading and magical worlds brought me to write on Medium.
 Karen Madej

The Witness My Bio, R Tsambounieri Talarantas

Introducing Kim McKinney I’m so happy to meet you Kim McKinney

Why is a Gynecologist Writing for Illumination? Sharing beyond the four walls of a medical office Dr Jeff Livingston

Introducing: Dr Kylie Harris I’ve decided to just start speaking my truth Dr Kylie Harris

Who Is Manasi? Bio for Illumination Manasi Diwakar

My Writer Profile Joanne Troppello J.M. Troppello

Who Am I and Why am I Here? A Writer’s Life Bob Jasper

Hi, I’m Misa I Love to Write Misa Ferreira de Rezende

Introducing Keira Fulton-Lees to Illumination “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things that life has to offer”Keira Fulton-Lees

My Bio, Not Necessarily in Chronological Order A woman walked in, brandishing an article I had written on insulin resistance. Joan Kent, PhD

Hello I’m Jim This is my first article in my new home ILLUMINATION. In reading stories from IllUMINATION I find a lot of eclectic… Jim McAulay🍁

My Creative Journey A little bit about myself. Ashley Nicole

Introducing Me. Hi. Nice To Meet You. Yasmine Sadek

An Introduction My Bio for Illumination Andrew Jacono

A.P. Kumar — An Introduction My name is A.P. Kumar. I write stories, musings, quotes and poems inspired by my travels across more than twenty… A.P. Kumar

The Anatomy of A Poet Insights into How My Writing Has Evolved Harley King

My Introduction… This is my bio for ILLUMINATION. Tony Young, Jr.

A Brief Background of A Self-Made Man The title will make a little more sense later, trust me Alexander Boswell

Why Writing Is A Money-Losing Proposition Identifying the costs of trying to earn money through writing Carmen Fong, MD

Why I write — My introduction to ILLUMATION This story is how I got to my current self from a little pampered guy to what I’m now. Salvatore Cagliari

Introducing Myself Hi everyone. My name is Sumera Rizwan and finally, I have gathered up enough courage to introduce myself. Sumera Rizwan

Hello everyone, my name is Lanu Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better Lanu Pitan

7 Facts about Me, Myself and I My quick ‘interview’ to introduce myself to ILLUMINATION. Trung V. Nguyen

This Is Me — Jennie Introducing myself to ILLUMINATION Jennie Wren

Introducing: Roz Warren What Have I Done With My Life So Far? Roz Warren

An introduction: Martin Rushton A short bio about the rude poet Martin Rushton

Let Me Introduce Myself on Illumination First, let me start by saying how grateful I am to Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, the tireless founder and visionary behind… Deborah Barchi

My Introduction to ILLUMINATION Writers Brian Lamacraft

Introduction: Helen Marie I’m excited to be a part of this community! Helen Marie

Author’s Biography: JJ Lim Who Am I And What Am I Doing On Medium? JJ Lim, BSc (Hons)

Introducing: Vickie Trancho A spiritual technician, artist, and dream mechanic Vickie Trancho

Introducing: James Holley New to publishing writing, but I know this is my new normal. James Holley

Ravyne Hawke/Lori Carlson — My Intro for Illumination Allow Me to Confuse You for a Moment Ravyne Hawke

MaryJo Wagner: Her Story A Feminist Life of Music, Reading, and Much Change MaryJo Wagner

Who Am I? — And What Kind Of A Writer I Am Today My personal introduction to Medium and Illumination as well as my journey to and through writing. Lucy Milanova

Facing Up To Our Final Big Challenge Was it time to admit defeat, or was there still another adventure? Alan Miles

Hi, I’m Pam, and I’m Prickly But sometimes I produce some pretty pink flowers Prickly Pam

Introduction: Alison Acheson Dropping out and hurtling. Alison Acheson

ILLUMINATION BIO Jeff Hanlon Jeff Hanlon

Analysis of my Introduction Because it is More Revealing Than I Realized and a lot More Interesting too! Niru

Hey it’s Ming Qian, Pleasure to Meet you! An Economics student from the National University of Singapore and this article is my self-introduction on Medium! Ming Qian

Introducing Myself I’m probably a bit late in introducing myself — but here it goes: as short as possible and quick to read! Saloni Joshi

Hello, Medium world. A Quora Top Writer covering technology, New York City, Judaism, J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, nature, and Israel-Palestine… Rebecca Sealfon

Stephen T. Harper A Very Good Looking Illumination Bio Stephen T. Harper

Introducing my Inner Child Martine Weber — poet and writer for Illumination and Blue Insights Martine Weber

Greetings, I’m Riku Arikiri 😄 A name within a name, An identity within an identity — A Man of Eloquence Riku Arikiri

Suellen Estes for Illumination Let Me Introduce Myself… Suellen Wheless Estes

Introducing myself To Illumination GK

Who I am — Samuel Duffy This is me Samuel Duffy

Isabela Vasiliu. Author of Trancendental Forests. An Introduction
I thrive in Nature.
 Isabela Vasiliu

Introducing: John Cunningham Greetings from the road less traveled John Cunningham

Hello, My Name is Amelia An introduction of myself from my eyes Amelia Prochnow

Sharing My Light: ILLUMINATION Introduction Let’s share our individual ideas and experiences so that we can grow together. Patrick M. Davis

An introduction: Jenia Serebrin Hey there, Jenia Serebrin

Just Your Socialist Neighbor from Down the Street An Introduction Miranda Waters

An Introduction to Nathan White A Guy Who Simply Writes Nathan White

Writer Introduction Background Mike Alexander

Hi. My name is Kamna Kirti Life-Long Learner, Fervent, Authentic and Vulnerable Kamna Kirti

Meet Your New Writer: Shawn Forno My introduction to ILLUMINATION Shawn Forno

Introducing Myself Introducing myself to the Medium world by way of introducing myself to the Illumination Publication. Earnie Painter

Presenting Margie Pearl Theme & Adaptation Margie Pearl

Salutations from Allen R. Marquez My life in writing. Allen R. Marquez

Introduction To Stacy Belinsky Sometimes People Call Me “B” Stacy Belinsky

Introducing: Adriane Riesser My introduction to the ILLUMINATION Community Adriane Riesser

About Me A Little About Myself Stella Macus

My name is Imane My introduction to ILLUMINATION Imane

Bio For ILLUMINATION: Do I Know My Self? Medium is a living, writers world and I’m here to live in that. Sayed Saryah Sareer

Hello, My Name Is Brian. Welcome to Illumination. You will have an excellent time. B. A. Cumberlidge.

About Sharon Brandon Self Introduction for ILLUMINATION Sharon Brandon (Readywriter59)

Introducing Me I am what I am, or am I? Dr. Jackie Greenwood

Introduction: Sarkis Ardjian LA-based Marketer, Business Owner, and Ad enthusiast.Sarkis Ardjian

Author Introduction: Rob Brooks Evolutionary biologist who writes to inform, entertain and inspire Rob Brooks

Introducing Poet and Writer, Christina M. Ward A bio and introduction for Illumination readers Christina M. Ward

Illumination Author Bio Here I am Rachel Sample M.Ed.

Who Am I? That Is the Question Can You Tell Me? Francine Fallara

My Bio Energetic Dutchie who loves to read and write. Ralph Deckers

B.O.B. J.A.S.P.E.R. Using a Template to Compose a Story Bob Jasper

Introduction: Sohani Sirdeshmukh “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” — WC Fields Sohani Sirdeshmukh

Getting To Know Me A little bit about who I am Linda Latt

Who Is Nicole Dyer? …still a little girl who thinks she can fly Nicole Dyer

Rebecca Blume, In Bloom: A Bio It is no surprise that my eagerness for a fresh start hit me like a ton of bricks in my thirties. My twenties brought… Rebecca Blume

My Bio For ILLUMINATION: How I Got Here What’s in it for You Glenn Stok

Joining the ILLUMINATION Tribe ILLUMINATION Writer’s Introduction Tonia Nem

Bringing Out The Writer In You Read. Learn. Write. Share Adit Daftary

A Writer With Many Voices and an Open Heart This is my introduction. Simona Rahmanova

Living a Good Life Amid the Storms My quest for living a purposeful life Anthony M. Davis

Hi . . . My Name is Judy Introducing myself to you, the ILLUMINATION community Judy Millar

Introducing: Lynda Coker Storyteller, fabric artist, and insatiable student of life Lynda Coker

Introducing Libby Mitchell I grew up in a rural area, there’s not too much to do but daydream, run around in the woods, and write. Though it may… Libby Mitchell

Illumination Writer Bio. Introducing Vee Goldman. Sheep Whisperer And Chicken Catcher Vee Goldman

My Abandoned Dreams Are Now a Beautiful Reality A story of how I finally became my vision of my future self.Linda Halladay

Hello to My Fellow Creatives Greetings from Elvy Rolle Elvy Rolle

Hello ILLUMINATION! Introducing myself to this exciting community of writers Jayanti Bhasker

New Writer Bio for Illumination It all started with books and a little girl in the mountains… Lauren Johnson Gonzales

An Introduction: Katie Rodante The journey of a lifelong learner Katie Rodante

I Write, Therefore I am Like most of the writers here on Illumination, I wanted to tell readers a little bit more about me. I was born in… Rebecca Stevens Alder

Illumination Writer Introduction: Cole Tretheway A short bio about the boy who lives.ColeTretheway

Who Am I? I’m the disappearing girl Ames Geliebter

Introduction: Andrew McNeal Who Am I? Andrew McNeal

While on My Journey of Self-Awakening. It Will be a Pleasure to Meet You Here, at ILLUMINATION. Lindsay McGrail

Kenneth Silvestri: By way of Introduction My favorite quote is “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the…Kenneth Silvestri

My Bio Who I am Michele Thomas

Introducing: Areti Vassou Traveler, Wordsmith, Copywriter, SEO & Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Art Lover and Jazz Aficionado. Areti Vassou

Finding My Words After a Traumatic Brain Injury An Unconventional Author Bio & Introduction Mystère Poème

Meet Josie ElBiry Josie is over the moon to write for Illumination! Josie Elbiry

Namaste! My Name Is Lokajit Everyday — learning a bit more & trying to be better than yesterday. Lokajit Tikayatray

Alex G. — Exposed Who was Alex G? Alex Garrett

Namaste — My Name is Manasi Writing is my passion. Manasi

Introducing Dr Michael Heng Explorer, Discover, Helper, Enabler and Humanitarian through writing, ventures and enterprise. Dr Michael Heng

Introducing Myself Hello Editors, Writers and Readers! Today I am writing about myself. Kirshi Yin

5 Random Facts About Andrew I didn’t want this writing to be what I thought the “5 Random Facts About Andrew” should be, so I asked my Facebook… Andrew Poletto

Fareha: Hacking Happiness Writer’s bio Fareha Iqtidar Khan

Peace & Blessings Be Upon You All! My Name Is Zahra In a world where you can be anything, uplift lives. Zahra Ali

Introducing Martin Hirsch My Medium bio describes me as a “Lapsed singer-song-writer, 35-year company man, citizen of The Woodstock Nation, avid… Martin D. Hirsch

Who Is Hope Coalesce Hello IllUMINATION, this is who I am. Hope Coalesce

Introducing Illumination Writer, Mario López-Goicoechea, a Cuban in London Mario on his first non-fiction book, what he would wear to a fancy-dress party and life lessons Mario Lopez-Goicoechea

Two Cents About Myself : Shashwat Agarwal Thoughts of an introvert. Shashwat Agarwal

New Author Bio — Claudia S. Gold AKA Penofgold ILLUMINATION Penofgold

Introducing Rejoice Denhere to Illumination Author, Business Owner Rejoice Denhere

Turning Up the Illumination on…Me! As a performing arts publicist, I promoted others. Promote myself? Welcome, stage fright. Jenine Bsharah Baines

Who Am I? A Brief Introduction and Biography Simon Spichak

Harry Hogg Writing stories has been like unraveling the greatest puzzle, yet its journey of discovery has kept me whole and safe… Harry Hogg

About Deborah Levine I’m a humanitarian by nature and a writer since I was in diapers. Really. I Have a picture of me in diapers holding a… Deborah Levine

My Name is Akos and ‘True Detective’s Rustin Cohle is My Spirit Animal
I’d like to believe that I’m more than just a biological puppet.
 Akos Peterbencze

I Am Who I Am An Introduction to my Physical Being since I am yet in Pursuit of Real Me! Ankitawrites

Introduction: Eleri Denham Traveler + historian + anthropologist + film lover = writer. Pleased to meet you. Eleri Denham

Hello and Welcome to My Introduction I am sincerely pleased to meet you Liam Ireland

Introduction: Myriam Ben Salem Recovered perfectionist. Passionate. Grown kid. Edutainer. Former IT project manager. Unapologetic truth teller… Myriam Ben Salem

My Illumination Introduction My path to Medium Tom Handy

Allow Me to Introduce Myself So you can get to know me a little better Jennifer MacDonald

#JustMarried — My Illumination Introduction The man I am. My personal story of adventure, hope, and love. Enzo M. Battista-Dowds PhD. RD.

Introducing: Saarim Aslam An assistant psychologist and writer. Saarim Aslam

Liz’s Bio and Featured Stories If you like true stories with a twist and a life lesson takeaway, read on! Liz Porter

Hi, May I Introduce Myself… This is Biswanath Datta Biswanath Datta

It’s Nice to Meet You! An introduction from Emily Buenting. Emily Buenting

Introducing Myself to Illumination — Ntathu Allen My journey to be a writer Ntathu Allen

A Bit Of A Bio TL;DR Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

Paul Barnett Here But You can Actually Call Me P.G.: A Shout Out To New Friends On Illumination P.G. Barnett

A Self-Introduction to Ryan Porter Everything happens for a reason Ryan Porter

Suellen Estes for Illumination Let Me Introduce Myself… Suellen Wheless Estes

G’day mates, I’m Salam from Straya (Australia): an imperfect human roaming around the world with love in his heart Salam Khan

An Onward Journey Introducing Imabong Faminu IMΛBӨПG FΛMIПЦ

Introducing Jamie Golob Writer. Artist. Creative. Jamie Golob

This Is My Story, Welcome Friend Introducing Diana Bernardo Diana Bernardo

Introducing ME Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here? Haley C. Cason

Hello Illumination Nervously Introducing Myself to a New World R. Scott

Hello World, This Is Me. Hi, my name is Aldo Naef- It’s a pleasure to meet you. I invite you to read my Story and get to know me a little. Let’s… Aldo Alberto Naef-Cruz Martinez

Introduction to Feathertales Why I hid behind a fake name. Feather🕊tales

The Cliff Notes Intro of Kevin Miller My intro got crazy long; here are the highlights! Kevin Miller

Introduction to Piper Steele I resist labels, but if you had to put some on me, they would include: journalist, editor, ghostwriter and author. Piper Steele

Zen Tantrika Witch I am a seeker who practices sitting still, embracing life, and casting writing spells for goodMarijkemccandless

The White Ghost Is My Father This Story is My Bio & Introduction Doody Richards

Hello… I am Randy Wolken I love books and reading — I just never thought I would be a writer and book author.Randy Wolken

This Is My Story, Welcome Friend Introducing Diana Bernardo Diana Bernardo

From Knee Injury to Wisdom My biography is about my discovery of absolute Reality and my ultimate Truth by understanding that mental illness is a… Daryl Mowat

I Reluctantly Wrote My Bio It is not easy to tell the world who I am. Daisygwoods (Cocoa Griot)

Introducing Dr. Deborah M. Vereen New ILLUMINATION-Curated Writer Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

Introducing Yve Laran My Writer’s Biography for Illumination Yve Laran

Jammie (pronounced Jamie)-Writer Bio Being at a crossroads in your life is a very interesting time. Approaching 40 is confusing. Career, relationships… Jammie Phillips Ed.S

Hello Readers. Dayton Park’s Story A little about the path I’ve traveled Dayton Parks

Hi! My Name Is Adelia Ritchie and I’m a writer too! Adelia Ritchie

Life Flies By Faster Than You Think Bebe’s Biography Bebe Nicholson

It Has Been Quite A Journey Bio for Illumination-Curated Floyd Mori

Introducing Myself To ILLUMINATION: Sabana Grande My Thoughts & FEELINGS & Who I Am Sabana Grande

Destination: Illumination This will be a quick flight, but still — Seatbelts on Please Eizza Misa

A Self-Portrait of a Writer Introducing myself to ILLUMINATION DB Crema

Do call me Erwin cout << “Hello World!” << endl; Erwin Leonardy

My Bio: Why I Write to Heal and Encourage Others Living overseas, philosophy, teaching, writing, and software engineering: all you need to know Emily Jennings

Author Bio: I Believe One Piece of Content Can Change Your Life
I write to connect, inform and inspire an audience
 Sarah Seweryniak

Who am I? Good question. Let me see if I can find someone to answer that for you. Markus Scorelius

Call Me By My True Names Paula works, too. Paula Bramante

Meet Grace: Why I Joined Illumination And why I am here to tell you everything is OK Graceygee

Gandhi, Brian Cox, and Fred Ogden … Me? … That’s Fred … Almost Famous! THIS IS MY BIO *** I’M JUST A LAD FROM OLDHAM Fred: Almost Famous

An introduction from Clive Wilson From school-hater to marketing superstar in only 40 years Clive Wilson MCIM

Introducing the Persona Behind GranPa-Festus Not very much to say about him Jay Toran

My Second Bio: What I Could Never Have Imagined Twenty Years Ago
Pondering what more to say about herself, a journalist lets words dictate form.
 Melinda Blau

Ulf Wolf Bio Some Bits and Pieces Ulf Wolf

Hi, I’m Keri Mangis, Wholeness Advocate A self-introduction, as much as possible without the dreaded labels Keri Mangis

Introducing… Meiko S. Patton How a Postage Stamp Saved My Life Meiko S. Patton

Introducing Ryan Raiker to Medium’s Technology Hits Hello, Readers and Followers of the Technology Hits community and publication. I was invited to share technology… Ryan M. Raiker, MBA

Illuminating My Path From Galaxies And Beyond A writer’s bio: I’m a writer who writes Esther George

I’m Chris!: It’s nice to meet you Chris Hedges

Know Me?: Self Introduction to Illumination fraternity Indra Raj Pathak

An Introduction: Claire Elaine: Hello, my name is Claire and I am a channel, which means the writings I produce come through me rather than from me. Claire Elaine

Who? I am you.: Who am I? Mary Holden

Mabuhay! I am JJ Sum. Please let me introduce myself. JJ Sum

About Me Born Filipina and a resident of Singapore. I grew up hopping from one home to the other when my mother died. I was 6… Elvie

What Is Your “WHY?” Why I am a writer Cat Stravino

Hello! My Name Is Destiny S. Harris Author @ Age 11, Techie, Teacher, Musician, Entrepreneur Destiny S. Harris

About Me #1 I reserve the right to follow up with more in this series, which, admittedly, would be a memoir. No memoir yet. Veronika Kaufmann

The Third Grader Who Refused to Listen to His Teacher
How and why I became a writer
 Jose Luis Ontanon Nunez

Why I Chose To Write Unwinding my tangled thoughts through writing. ARCHANA VANGURI

The Very Core of May More Not everyone calls me May but that is definitely who I am. May More

Introduction-Laura Knapke Laura Knapke

About the Author

I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher, published author, editor, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles for Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY publications supporting 11,000+ writers on Medium.

You may join my publications requesting access here.

Heath, Fitness, & Lifestyle Topics Collected on Transhumanism Leadership: Eclectic articles addressing interesting and important life matters for individuals and society

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