Subscribers Can Produce 50 Times Better Results Than Followers for Freelance Writers

How I gained 100K subscribers in a decade. 12 powerful strategies, tactics, and techniques to create a solid mailing list.

While followers looks like vanity metrics, subscribers can be a measurable and golden standard for content marketing strategy. Turning followers into subscribers is a critical marketing strategy. Freelance writers need to think and act like entrepreneurs.

Freelance writers can only survive with smart and powerful marketing strategies and thrive with the use of flexible tactics. In my experience, my subscribers produced more than 50% return in investment while followers performed under 1%.

Subscribers can produce tangible and intangible outcomes. For example, recently my subscribers helped sell over 1,000 books in a month.

In this post, I share my methodology by explaining how these 12 points made a substantial impact in increasing my subscribers.

About the Author

I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher, published author, editor, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles for Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY publications supporting 11,000+ writers on Medium.

You may join my publications requesting access here.

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