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Publications play a crucial role for readers and writers. These powerful tools serve as an effective communication bridge. Creating a publication on Medium is easy.

There are currently 19,559 publications on Medium. Every writer can create up to seven publications. Publications allow writers to showcase stories in a single view format. By sharing publications with readers, writers can increase reading times of their stories.

Another benefit of publications is easy sharing on social media and newsletters. For example, writers can simply share a single link on social media instead of many links to stories.

Our lead editor Dr Mehmet Yildiz encouraged many writers of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications to create their own publications and offered to promote their niche publications on ILLUMINATION. So writers submitted stories introducing their pubs.

Dr Yildiz also created his own publication hosting his personal stories in health, fitness, lifestyle, spirituality, and leadership topics to lead the way.

Since his invitation last year, several writers have introduced their publications in story format. We want this collaboration to continue.

In this post, I aim to provide links to these niche publications and introduce them to readers interested in following them.

Another purpose of this post is to encourage new writers to create their pubs. Finally, you can leave a comment on this story providing a link to your pub so that we can add them to this list. I hope you take benefit of this opportunity.

In addition to publications, we also highly recommend writers to introduce themselves in a biography. I collected them in this story. Curated Writer Bios: Learn about contributing writers of ILLUMINATION written by their pen.

Publications owned by Writers of ILLUMINATION

These stories include introductions by owners of the publications.

Transhumanism Leadership — Dr Mehmet Yildiz What Transhumanism Mean To Me: Going beyond our capabilities and living a heroic life

“Doctor Funny” — Doctorate-Degree Types & Their Funny Stories — A New Medium Pub: Not just a bunch of doctor jokes. A bunch of doctor jokers. Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)

Introduction to the Being Well Publication: A medical and science publication by Dr. Jeff Livingston and Robert Turner — Dr Jeff Livingston

Introduction to “The Writer’s Journal” — Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

Introduction to Literary Impulse — Elisabeth Khan and Keta Nachi

Introducing “New Earth Consciousness” — a new Medium publication — Alan Lew

Introduction to Exploring Wellness — Jennifer Geer

Introduction To Helping Grandparents — lisa holliday

What is ChannSpirations and Coincidences?: More importantly — Why is ChannSpirations? Marcus

Introduction To “The Wide Open Space” — B. A. Cumberlidge.

Introduction to “All Technology” — Agnes Laurens

Introduction to “The Earth Guide” — Agnes Laurens

Introduction to Ave Maria — Vic Alcuaz

Introduction to Sky Collection — Samantha Lazar

Introduction to Take Two — Tina L. Smith

The Dreaming 963 — Infiniti

Introduction to Frugal Friday — Karen Madej

Introduction to “The Life Essence” — Agnes Laurens

Introduction to “Music that matters to us” — Agnes Laurens

Introduction to “THE CROWN” — Nazmuz Sakib

Red Curtain Erotica: My pride and joy — Chris Hedges

Introduction to Mental Health Advantage Publication — Fred Mwongella

Collective Nouns Project — Karen Madej

Introduction to ‘Books Are Our Superpower’ — Ruchi Das, Anangsha Alammyan,

Introduction to “Relationship Stories” — Agnes Laurens

The Illumination Founder Made An Impressive Call-To-Action. Introduction to Dentrites and Ruff Life — Lori Brown

Introduction To A New Publication: Words In Motion — Tree Langdon

Introduction to: “Life After Work” — Brian Feutz

Introduction to IDEADECO Publication — Areti Vassou

Introduction to ‘The Collector’ — Kamna Kirti, kabir

Introduction to Area 84 — Sikander Hayat Khan

Introduction to Tiny Life Moments — Keno Ogbo

What’s Happening on “Fourth Wave” — Patsy Fergusson

Introduction to “Art Guide” — Agnes Laurens,

Introducing Be Your Own Super Hero! — Katherine G. MacRae

Tales of Prehistory-A new Medium Publication — Panos Grigorakakis

Introduction to “Can You Bare It?” — Liv Mello

Introduction to “The Wander Years” — Liv Mello

Bringing Objects to Life through Poetry in My Publication, White Objects — Enne Baker

Introducing: TOURISM GEOGRAPHIC — Alan Lew

Introduction to “Creating Harmony In Your Life” — Gregory Reece-Smith

Introducing Getting Ready for the New Day — Jennifer Dunne

Write Under the Moon with Us: Do you ever write under the moonlight? — Claire Kelly

I Invite You to Write in Thoughts and Ideas — Sharique Kamal

Call for Submissions: New Publication on Style, Fashion, and Self-Improvement — Burk

Forward Motion: Write for a Publication of Happiness
Stories about life and the pursuit of it.
 — Debbie Walker

Introduction to Boomerangs — Liz Porter

Introduction to Unwritten Journal — Katlyn Gallo

Introduction to Dark Roast Security — Katlyn Gallo

Introduction To Rainbow Bridge. — Punch Drunk Cola

A New Phase: Introducing my new publication [Screen Gems] — IMΛBӨПG FΛMIПЦ

ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Invitation to Illuminating Writers: Creating content synergy through diversity and fusion on Medium. Welcome to ILLUMINATION! — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Invitation to Write for “ILLUMINATION-Curated”: A bespoke publication for advanced writers and readers — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR: A publication created to address Medium constraints for editors — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Inviting Storytellers From All Aspects of Technology: Join a unique publication aiming to bring writers penning about technology. Reach out to a broad audience — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Purpose of Synergy: And how to publish your stories in this publication — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: A publication giving voice to published authors on Medium — Dr Mehmet Yildiz

That’s it for now, please stay tuned, we will add more.

Useful Resources for Writers

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Publication Conduct Guidelines: Rules of engagement and cross-pollination at three levels

Conduct Guidelines for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications: Rules of engagement, success roadmap, and cross-pollination at four levels

No Defamation, Discrimination, And Hate Speech Published: Publishing policy and inclusion guidance for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Process and Procedures: Anything you want to know about ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Copyright Matters: Zero tolerance to plagiarism on ILLUMINATION

Use Of Affiliate Links On Medium: Guidance to writers who need to use affiliate links in stories

How to Survive and Thrive on Medium: Essential guide to new writers

A Practical Guide for Writers: My collection for writing and writer performance on Medium

Essential Checklist for Writers: Improve quality and readability of your stories

Handling Story Photos: Publication Policy

Five Questions To Increase Curation Chance and Reading Fans: Critical questions serving as a self-editing checklist for writers

How To Become A Top Writer In Three Months

100 Day Challenge For New Writers: How to grow and become a top writer on Medium in three months

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Invitation To A Writing Challenge: Share your concerns and aspirations in a story

How To Create A 30,000 Words E-book In A Month: Practical steps to produce a manuscript with 1,000-word a day

Storybooks and Indexing Publications: They work. Here is the evidence.

Introduce Your Newsletters and Grow Your Mailing Lists: Let’s collaborate to enhance our networks, gain new customers, and delight them sustainably

How to Turn Cold Calls to Warm Outcomes: Create meaningful and sustainable connections and grow with courage, growth mindset, and serendipity

WRITERS INVITED TO PROMOTE THEIR PUBLICATIONS: A give back and collaboration initiative of ILLUMINATION to support visibility of writers.

Yes, We Accept Short-Form Stories: Answering questions from hundreds of writers about new short-form story format on Medium

Short-Form Stories Not For Income But For Visibility. Think Of Them As A Tripwire

ILLUMINATION Fiction Club: An invitation to fiction writers to unite and collaborate for productive fun

ILLUMINATION Poetry Club: An invitation to poets to collaborate for productive fun

Welcome To The TSEE Club: A virtual club for writers, leaders, and professionals in technology, science, engineering, and entrepreneurship

Mentoring on ILLUMINATION: Peer support is essential for success.

What I Learned After Publishing 1,010 And Reading 100,000 Stories on Medium: Intangible benefits exceeded tangible ones

An Introduction to ILLUMINATION Slack Workspace

This Is My Simple Formula To Creating Viral Stories: Increase Chance Of Your Stories Get Viral In 7 Simple Steps

How to Create Viral Stories on Medium

Can you make $10,000 on Medium in a month?
Yes, it is possible but you must have a clear strategy, persistence, and effort.

Writers Invited to Promote Their Publications
A give back and collaboration initiative of ILLUMINATION to support visibility of writers

I’m a Writer/Editor: Why the Heck I Built An Affiliate Marketing Business After the Age of 60: The importance and value of affiliate marketing for content developers and freelance writers

Purpose of Synergy
And how to publish your stories in this publication

SYNERGY on Medium
Upon reader request, we renamed Passive Income for Writers publication

Inviting Storytellers From All Aspects of Technology

Introduction to Technology Hits
Scope, overview, and participation methods

ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: A publication giving voice to published authors on Medium

Learn About ILLUMINATION-Curated
Essential articles about ILLUMINATION-Curated publication

Invitation to Write for “ILLUMINATION-Curated”
A bespoke publication for advanced writers and readers

How to Benefit of ILLUMINATION-Curated
A comprehensive guide for contributors of ILLUMINATION-Curated

Paradigm Shift in Content Curation, Distribution, and Marketing

Introduction to ILLUMINATION-Curated
The purpose and progress of a new publication using the power of ILLUMINATION

Why Should Top Writers Join “ILLUMINATION-Curated”: An innovative publication for top writers and advanced readers

Yes, You Can Now Directly Write For ILLUMINATION-Curated: However, your stories must meet Medium curation guidelines

How to Create Collections on ILLUMINATION-Curated: A sample and guiding framework to encourage writers to create their collections

Self-nominated Curation: Not Just Top For Writers: An opportunity for ILLUMINATION writers to showcase their best stories on special collection of ILLUMINATION-Curated

Collection of Featured Stories: Easy access to daily selected stories from engaging writers of ILLUMINATION

Stories on ILLUMINATION-Curated — All Volumes: Easy access to curated and outstanding stories

Technology, Business, Leadership, & Self-Improvement Stories: Curated collections for discerning readers

Reading List #3 — Technology Hits: Selected stories for enjoyment of tech readers

Sample Book Chapters: Discover 70+ published authors on ILLUMINATION Book Chapters

Top 100 Trending Stories: at ILLUMINATION-Curated


Heath & Fitness Collection

Mental Health Collection

Education and Learning From Many Aspects

How to Love and Relate

The World Needs Passionate & Compassionate Leaders

Do You Want to Become A Sexy Entrepreneur?

Business Collection: A Mini MBA Bundle

The Power of Freelancing for Writers

Featured Stories About “Writing” From The Top Writers of SYNERGY

Top Stories About Artificial Intelligence

Top AI Stories on Technology Hits

NFT Story Collection on ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

How Storytellers Articulate Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Featured Stories by Editors

Hand-Picked Articles #11

Hand-Picked Articles #10

Hand-Picked Articles #9

Hand-Picked Articles #8

Hand-Picked Articles #7

Hand-Picked Articles #6

Hand-Picked Articles #5

Hand-Picked Articles #4

Hand-Picked Articles #3

Hand-Picked Articles #2

Hand-Picked Articles #1

Other collections

Sample Book Chapters: Discover 70+ published authors on ILLUMINATION Book Chapters

Index of Published Book Chapters: Easy access to chapters for readers on Medium

Self-Presented Collections: Annotated stories by writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated

ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR: A publication created to address Medium constraints for editors

Testimonials for ILLUMINATION: Thoughts and sentiments of ILLUMINATION writers.

Introduction to New Writers: Onboarding pack for new contributors of ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters

Invitation to Join ILLUMINATION

ILLUMINATION is an innovative serendipity machine serving optimistic writers, editors, and readers collaborating to create synergy. You too can join, engage, and make your writing dreams real. We are a broad, diverse, inclusive, and active publication. Like 11,300+ other writers, you too can confidently share your content without worrying about rejection and censorship as long as your stories meet Medium policies. We can improve your content for higher quality and increase the chance of curation, and you can collaborate with our top writers and model their success. We enjoy supporting writers and amplifying success stories. If you want to join these vibrant publications, please send a request via this link.

This article was compiled by Editor of Technology Hits, ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated with support by Dr Mehmet Yildiz.

Writing and Reading

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