Euphoria in Mental Health and Spirituality

Paradoxically a euphoric state of mind depends on physical and emotional health. Meet a powerful tool to live a meaningful life.


Natural euphoria, from my perspective, is not as crazy a state of mind as often perceived. On the contrary, it is an altered state of mind reflecting the inner joy from simply embodying a precious human on this earth, accepting life as is by staying in the reality zone with pleasant excitement despite frenetic noise and disruptions from the environment.

Euphoria is the act of celebrating every moment for being chosen among billions of sperms in human form with soul. But, more importantly for me, manifesting this unique state of mind creates a bridge between conscious and unconscious mind where the wisdom resides.

Thank you for reading my research, observations, and perspectives on euphoria which is a beautiful altered state of mind.

I wish you a happy, joyful, and long life.

Please note that this story is not health advice. I shared my scientific reviews, observations and perspectives for information purposes only, If you have related diseases, please consult your healthcare professionals.Why Optimists Live Longer and Happier than Pessimists
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