Science-Based Therapeutic Value of Expressive Writing for Mental Health

Writing can calm the amygdala, melt chronic stress, and relieve disease symptoms

Words have healing power for not only their creators but also readers. Writing and reading have a grounding effect on the whole brain by calming the amygdala (alert system) and strengthening the cortex (executive system).

As a physical activity, writing is not only a mental activity, but it also has spiritual associations due to its ability to connect our thoughts and emotions to others. Therefore, I characterized writing as a beyond identity connection which is the highest level in my life perspectives.

Expressive writing is a therapeutic mindfulness practice. Expressive writing, particularly in raw form, can have an exceptional value by allowing the writers to express their thoughts, sensations, and emotions without restrictions. I penned several articles about the therapeutic value of writing.

Even though I perform my professional writing via electronic devices, I particularly find handwriting more valuable to express my deep feelings. For example, using two hands interchangeably helped me explore issues buried in my psyche.

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