The Critical Role of Cortisol in Sleep Disturbances

The higher cortisol (stress hormone), the lower melatonin affecting sleep quality

Effective ways of beating insomnia.

Hormones are critical for our physical and mental health. I resolved several issues related to weight, stress, inflammation, and sleep by focusing on various hormones. The most critical ones were insulin, testosterone, and cortisol, which I call a monster.

In this post, I focus on cortisol related to melatonin within the sleep context. Cortisol and melatonin are meticulously linked. These two hormones play opposite roles in the sleep cycle. More precisely, while cortisol keeps us awake, melatonin makes us sleepy. Besides, when one is higher, the other gets lower.

As a person who suffered from adverse effects of cortisol in my mid-life, I have been researching the impact of this hormone on health. In this article, I introduced the role of cortisol related to fat gain. My key point was unless we managed cortisol effectively, it was not possible to lose abdominal fat.

I introduced the importance of biological rhythms in this article. Circadian is one of the critical rhythms. Disturbance of the circadian rhythm “has been associated with disease states, such as metabolic disorders, depression and cancer.”

Another paper also informs that “disturbances in circadian rhythm have been linked to chronic diseases such as insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, and depression.”

Circadian rhythms are parts of the body’s internal clock in 24 hours. These rhythms manage our sleep-wake cycles.

Cortisol and melatonin are closely related. These two hormones play a critical role in sleep quality and wakefulness state. They are the vital hormones to determine circadian rhythms.

Here is the article about dementia published on Euphoria yesterday.

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