Top Seven Social Media Tools for Freelance Writers to Amplify Content

How writers and bloggers can use social media platforms meaningfully and productively with minimal effort

I see social media as a serendipity machine for writers and readers. Sharing content on social media can be beneficial for freelance writers. The bigger and more engaging your network, the better visibility you can gain via social media. However you need to think and act smart to get the best out of this serendipity tool.

Social media can bring tangible and intangible benefits in the long term. For example, a smart use of social media has recently helped me sell 1,000 books in a month. Entrepreneurial thinking, digital intelligence, and digital marketing are essential skills for freelance writers.

By promoting your content, you can gain new followers. Engaging with them meaningfully and with a disciplined approach, you can build your subscribers and gain regular readers. Let’s keep in mind that subscribers can produce 50 times better results than followers for freelance writers.

About the Author

I am a technologist, postdoctoral researcher in cognitive science, author of several books, chief editor of multiple publications, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience.

I write articles for Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, Technology Hits, SYNERGY, and Readers Hope publications supporting 11,700+ writers on Medium.

You may subscribe to my account to be notified when I post on Medium and join my publications requesting access here. I post my health stories to my publication, Euphoria on Medium.Heath, Fitness, & Lifestyle Topics Collected on Euphoria Eclectic articles addressing interesting and important life matters for individuals and

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