Simple Tips for Freelancers to Get the Best Out of Pinterest

Step by step guides creating pinboards and sharing content on Pinterest easily and quickly

You don’t have to spend hours sharing content on Pinterest. Creating a pin for each post takes fewer than 20 seconds once you make a board or become part of someone’s board. Pinterest can be an ideal platform for freelancers to reach a broad audience.

In this post, I provide a step-by-step guide on creating a pinboard and tips to share your content, including articles, blog posts, book pages, testimonial pages, freelance websites, and other links with photos.

Images are essential for Pinterest as the functional concept is built on this. However, the innovative part of this tool is providing web links to photos attached. In this case, a user who clicks on the image can access your content link easily, read it, comment on it, and share it.

As I discussed in this article, Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media tools which can introduce your content to a significant number of viewers who can be your potential readers. The best part is gaining benefits with minimal time investment.

When I started with Pinterest, my expectations were meagre. I did not expect to receive many views. However, nowadays, my pinboards get over two million views monthly. This month I received 2.2 million. It can be an excellent start for freelance writers to create at least one thematic pinboard covering relevant articles or book links.

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