The vital role of insulin resistance on fat loss and decreasing the waistline

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Do you want to shrink the size of your waistline and gain a defined body? Are you a lazy or hardworking person? The second one is not a tricky question. I ask this question because different solutions address insulin resistance based on our personality and lifestyle.

If you prefer a slow flow in your daily life without putting much effort, there are practical solutions to become insulin sensitive and shrink your waistline. If you like a day full of physical activities, you also have a great solution.

Losing fat is not easy. Belly fat is extra obstinate. The body makes every effort to preserve its valuable energy, which might be needed for famine times. It always prefers to use easily accessible power, which is glucose. If we have enough glucose for energy, the body will not touch the stored body fat. Awareness of this simple fact is critical to lose body fat and have optimal physic.

The body developed this survival system to protect us from food scarcity during famines. But we live in a modern world with no more famines even though some countries still face food scarcity. Nevertheless, in developed countries, we still keep this ancient system and need to adapt it to the requirements of the modern world.

In this article, without going into theoretical details and scientific studies, I briefly introduce the impact of insulin resistance and sensitivity for effective fat loss and provide three practical tips that we can consider in designing our lifestyles.

Here are my trending articles that can provide valuable insights into fat loss. I only focus on lifestyle changes, not supplements or medications.

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