How a 37 Years Old Female Body Builder Cured Insomnia

“Why Can’t Doctors Prescribe Meditation for Insomnia?” asked Heather, a female bodybuilder and a genetic engineer

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The first conversation I had with Heather was, “Not knowing about your age and background, assuming you are older than me, your body is in pretty good shape. How do you keep your form?” I replied humorously, “Perhaps genetics?” Then, she commented affably, “Don’t get me started in this subject. I am a genetic engineer by profession”.

Through this conversation, I understood that Heather’s vital issue was sleep deprivation, particularly insomnia. Heather tried many techniques such as herbal supplements, herbal teas, 5-HTP, GABA, Tryptophan, Phenibut (β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric Acid), Pilates, dancing, sleeping pills, even hypnosis.

However, she confirmed that nothing worked for her. Some of the supplements and sleeping pills caused addiction and withdrawal symptoms. In addition, her insomnia persisted despite all her efforts including bodybuilding workouts.

Her situation resonated with me as I suffered from insomnia and sleep deprivation during my younger years. It was an awful experience for me. Therefore, I had empathy and compassion for her.

Here is the article on Medium.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

Please note that this story is not health advice. I shared my perspectives and experience for information purposes only. If you have related health conditions, please consult your healthcare professionals.

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