Fixing Three Health Conditions Accelerated Rosalia’s Fat Loss

These cultural and health issues were causing her fat gain, brain fog, anxiety, and mild depression.

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The Cultural Effects of Food In Rosalia’s Weight Gain

Since her childhood, Rosalia has had significant digestive issues. Her parents migrated from South Italy had a solid hedonistic tendency towards food. Her immediate and extended family considered food as entertainment than nutrition for the body. They had multiple high-carb dishes in every meal. When they were having family gatherings, the house was full of pastries and cakes. One of her family’s rituals was to visit all-you-can-eat budget restaurants once a week.

Having elder three sisters and two brothers, she was not only encouraged to eat almost every moment with the words “try this, try that” with abundant snacks, her grandparents and other relatives also tried to tug food into her mouth with affection. Even though she loved the warm family atmosphere, unfortunately, every meal and snack was causing stomach upset to her. Her parents always offered her antiacid tablets as they were addicted to them. Unfortunately, both of her parents were metabolically broken and had type II diabetes. Despite all, they never stopped eating festive meals as their happiness depended on food unconditionally.

Rosalia gained significant fat and became obese in her teenage years. Her childhood and adolescent years were not fun for her. Emotional eating became a major psychological issue for her. She tried calorie restriction diets with her friends and they miserably failed. Finally, her friends thought they could lose weight when they married and had children. They joked a lot about it amicably as they were facing metabolic issues too. Rosalia kept this hope subconsciously and decided to get married in her mid-twenties.

She married a man coming from Italian and Spanish background. Her husband, Brian, who worked as a carpenter, had perfect metabolism. Despite eating a similar amount of food, he never gained weight. Rosalia was an office worker. Like her parents, her husband’s parents were also exceptionally focused on the festive aspect of food. Mealtimes were rituals for the family.

In her terms, Rosalia never got a chance to give her digestive system a rest. Her constant feeding caused her several health conditions. Ironically, her three kids also struggled with weight gain. However, one of them got rid of his condition after studying sports medicine in college. He gave valuable insights to his mum, who took personal responsibility.

In this story, I share three conditions Rosalia fixed with the help of her functional medicine doctor, who identified the root causes and facilitated her situation to get advice from numerous health specialists and therapists. As I introduced in previous stories, Rosalia is a friend of Eliza, Alberto, Maggie, Ariana, and Jennifer who transformed their health with personal responsibility and support from healthcare professionals. They all used the same well-educated and experienced fat-loss coach to motivate and empower them to lose fat healthily and sustainably.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life. If you enjoyed this article, you may check some of my personal stories that might provide valuable perspectives.

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Please note that this story is not health advice. I shared my perspectives and experience for information purposes only. If you have related health conditions, please consult your healthcare professionals.

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