How Albert Found the Direct Path to Enlightening Moments

A paradoxical path via a serendipitous encounter to peace, joy, and love being a catalyst to the mental health of a wounded soul

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez from Pexels

Since his childhood, Albert has felt an unbearable void in his psyche. Something was missing in his life. He did not know what it was. The world did not make sense to him. Coming from a wealthy family, he always had the objects that others envied but made him vulnerable.

Therefore, Albert was in constant search. Nothing he tried satisfied his metaphorical thirst. Thus, his suffering was growing despite his wealth and opportunities in his life. Neither himself nor others understood the crisis of Albert. It was like a universal enigma.

Throughout his life, he moved from one object to another. He tried new experiences, new relationships, and new jobs. However, his suffering followed him closely and never gave him a break. It was a mystery why Albert couldn’t taste peace, joy, and love, which were believed to be natural rights for all humans.

The body talks to us using emotions as messengers. These emotions manifest as pleasant or unpleasant feelings. They serve as a messenger about something is going right or wrong. These messengers are critical to understanding the inner world. Unless we acknowledge asking for help by embracing the messenger, we will remain in the dark, and the messages do not make sense.

Unknowingly, Albert was repressing his emotions. He numbed them with external objects and events to have temporary relief. However, those painful emotions remained in the background. They even grew silently, causing more suffering. This dilemma continued for many years.

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