A new blog by Dave Karpowicz.

A new blog in the Spiritual Growth genre deserves your attention – AbundantEverydayJoy.com – created by Dave Karpowicz. I met Dave on Medium. He posts insightful and heart-warming stories. Then I came across his new blog.

Refreshing, Dave considers himself a seeker, not a guru or someone with all the answers. He writes to share perspectives and raise questions as he honors the wisdom of the reader.

The goal of the site is simple – Promote Spiritual Growth and the joy that accompanies that growth.

The main blog is called LessonsThese are reflections compiled from over fifty years of study,  meditation, and the reading of the world’s leading Spiritual Growth thinkers. 

Here are sample titles:

Do You Know How Incredibly Unique And Awesome You Are?  From the physical, mental, and emotional perspectives – we are walking miracles.

Connection is the Key to Joy The concepts of joy and connection are interwound  – where there is joy you find connection, where there is a connection, there is joy.  Whether it is a connection with others, with nature, or within ourselves – joy follows.

Is Doing Better than Being? Is a person who does something better than someone who does nothing? My answer initially: “Yes, doing is better than not doing .” Now I am not so sure. Read – explore- draw your own conclusions.

Twenty-five of these Lessons has been specially selected to create The ABCs To Beginning Spiritual Growth – Life Lessonsan online primer for beginners to Spiritual Growth.

Accompanying the main blog are two additional blogs.  

Breathe In – Breathe Out is a series of short-form (less than 150 words) meditations that laser focus on a single thought. These are short but powerful – perfect for those who find it hard to concentrate and those new to meditation!  Here you can find one-minute meditations on topics like the beauty of a cardinal, the reality of beginnings and endings, or the simple lessons found in the park.

Points of Joy – Everyday People is a different type of blog. Its purpose is to reinforce the joy of connecting with people we meet every day. 

You will meet Carlie, a special needs teen who likes to know the name of everyone she meets, Jay who looks like he stepped out of the Great Gadsby, or Gary, an aging biker who tears up, when asked about his tattoo. The world is filled with interesting people. You never know who will show up.

The new kid on the block AbundantEverydayJoy.com  is worth checking out.

I hope you do.

You might also find Dave Karpowicz on Medium.

Here is a sample story that he posted to my publication, ILLUMINATION.

Resting The Mind (aka Meditation) — Integral To Active Spiritual Growth

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