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Some people leave remarkable impressions on our lives. Friends, relatives, colleagues, professionals, mentors, community members, and even strangers can play a role in our decision-making. Beautiful relationships remain in fond memories, whether they bring joy or grief.

I met numerous people who appeared at the right time in my life, especially at crossroads, and gave me valuable insights.

Most of them were serendipitous encounters. I see them as angels appearing during challenging times. I explained why I believe in angels in a previous story.

Many readers enjoyed my personal stories related to interesting and insightful people I met face to face or online. Their feedback inspired me.

In this post, I summarize some personal stories with links to originals featuring people who entered my life journey and taught me valuable life lessons.

By keeping the privacy of the people I met, these stories reflected their contributions to some important decisions in my life. I hope you find some engaging and valuable stories from this special collection, including personal stories. Some of these friends now rest in peace.

Here are my stories with fond memories. I hope you find some relevant ones and enjoy them. Thank you for your time and feedback.

1 — A Filipino Elderly with Dementia

Nancy was a remarkable elderly experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. Her dementia makes her forgetful about current events, but she remembers the past in detail, especially her traumas in World World II. Nancy’s family members were killed before her eyes when she was a little girl. Her story triggered massive sadness in me and even brought some tears.

Five Valuable Life Lessons from a Filipino Elderly
A serendipitous encounter in an Airbnb accommodation in

2 — A Distinguished Psychotherapist

Janine played an important role in my life. She was older than my mum. I considered her a second mother to me. Gratefully, she has helped me understand the value of spiritual love, which I had no understanding of before meeting her. I met Janine several decades ago in our local sauna, introduced by Algor. She was outspoken, asked about my background without intrusion, and listened attentively. The more she asked and attended to my words with no judgment, the more I revealed layers of myself.

Cherishing Fond Memories of Janine
“Sorry, she is in heaven now. I’m sure she shall appreciate your thoughts.”

3 — A 64-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor

Jennifer is a retired tertiary education teacher. She had localized breast cancer when she was 59. She was fortunate as her tumor was identified at an early stage and did not spread to other organs. She had excellent care and multiple therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and endocrine therapy, and she got her health back. While she was extremely grateful and happy to beat cancer, after 60, she started experiencing noticeable mental fatigue, commonly known as brain fog or chronic fatigue syndrome.

How Jennifer Healed Her Brain Fog
A 64 year old breast cancer survivor naturally cured mental fatigue with simple lifestyle changes orchestrated by…

4 — A Single Mum Who Reversed Her Obesity

When Maggie was in her early thirties, her husband, a construction worker, left her when the kids were 3 and 7. She believed her changing body to an obese state was the leading cause for her husband losing attraction. Her husband had an affair that broke Maggie’s heart. Maggie gained her self-esteem and self-confidence using her spiritual power, which she believed was deeply embedded in her psyche. Even though she was poor, she had an abundance mentality. The more she gave, the more she got. My friend, Maggie, is a 71-year successful businesswoman. I see her as a healthy, wealthy, and wise person.

How a Single-Mum Reversed Her Obesity and Built up a Unicorn Business
Health, finance, and life lessons from a 71-year-old wealthy

5 — A Truck Driver Who Melted His Potbelly

This was a serendipitous encounter. I met Alberto decades ago when our car had a flat tire on a busy highway on a cold winter day in Downunder. Our young child was crying aloud at the back of the broken vehicle. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a roadside assistance subscription and no tools in this problematic second-hand car that we purchased a few days before this scary incident. I didn’t know what to do. Alberto kindly stopped his massive truck, volunteering to fix our broken car.

How Alberto Melted His Potbelly & Doubled Testosterone in a Year
A health coach can make a transformational impact on men’s well-being by acting a catalyst for fat loss, hormonal, &…

6 — A 105-Year-Old Centenarian

Algor was 95 years old when I met him in a local sauna. He is now a 105-year-old centenarian. From my initial observations, I had a gut feeling that he would be a centenarian. And he exceeded my expectations. Algor migrated from Ireland to Australia at a young age. He married three times and still is living with his third wife. He had six kids and 11 grandchildren. The oldest daughter is 80, and the youngest grandkid is 17. Sadly, his first wife died from severe depressive disorder and the second one from breast cancer.

What I Learned about Longevity from a 105-Year-Old Centenarian
Moderation, balance, altruism, and a curious mind are Algor’s

7 — A Successful Fat Looser and Her Coach

This is the story of a friend who was desperate to lose fat. Eliza is now a 50-year older adult with a new boyfriend. She raised three kids as a single mum. I met Eliza when she was 40 years old. She was overweight and unfit. When her tough coach, Adrian, asked her how serious she was about losing fat, her reply was an instant yes. Adrian asked again how committed she was on a one to ten scales. Eliza’s response was 10. Eliza found herself fortunate to meet this dedicated coach.

Why & How Eliza Lost 30 Pounds of Fat in Six Months?
She fired her nutritionist and hired a qualified fat-loss

8 — A Car Thief and a Spiritual Leader

My wife and son picked me up, and we quickly went to the shopping mall. It took us only 15 minutes to purchase a device. We promptly left the shopping mall to get ready for our dinner. When we arrived at the parking spot, the car was not there. My son started crying as his scooter, which we purchased a week ago, was in the car. He saved his pocket money for over a year to get his favorite toy at the time. My heart started pounding because my work laptop and travel passport were in the bag just a day before the trip. We all had a devastating moment.

My Stolen Car with Laptop and Passport Taught Me Valuable Lessons about Spirituality
The dominance of karma manifests in my life

9 — A Repetitive and Over-thinker

This is a transforming story of a woman whose first career created havoc in her physical and mental health and ruined her relationships for many years. She was having the same thoughts repeatedly. Usually, they were evil and stress-creating thoughts. She couldn’t control them. However, by understanding her situation, accepting it, and taking corrective actions, Olivia transformed her physical and mental health and developed excellent relationships with her loved ones, friends, colleagues, and clients. Olivia used to be a social worker dealing with disadvantaged people. Even though it was her dream job initially, this job was killing her in her words.

Stopping Rumination Made Olivia a Triple Champion
Transformation of a person who dramatically improved her physical and mental health, and developed better

10 — A Vegan Airbnb Owner

I was late to arrive at the premises. So, I emptied my car and decided to cook some meat and fish that I had purchased from the local fresh meat market on my way. The host was not there, but she left a key for me outside. I was hesitant to leave the oven, so I had to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, I heard the outside door open. In a few seconds, the house echoed with the scream of a woman. My meat and fish were cooking halfway through. I quickly washed my hands and left the bathroom. The host was looking at me with an angry face. She looked half my age.

How I Felt When I Was Thrown out of an Airbnb House
Being rejected from accommodation services taught me valuable and memorable life

11 — A Virtual Mentor Who Died Recently

When I heard Larry died at 87, a few drops of tears appeared in my eyes unconsciously. Tears in my eyes were an unusual occurrence because I had not seen any tears in my stoic eyes for many years. After some thinking and checking my journal, it became clear. I had multiple entries about Larry King in my diary starting from 1995. The most flagrant one was when I discovered Larry’s book in an old bookshop in Australia. Unfortunately, the bookstore does not exist anymore. I used to do a lot of public speaking as part of my job. Toastmasters initiated my courage in the early 1990s.

Larry King’s Death Touched Me Deeply
Larry King was a special and spiritual mentor to me for many

12 — An Angel Who Taught Me My Priorities

My silver-headed wise supervisor recognized my stress symptoms, detecting the root causes as he had been there and done that. Each time we met, my supervisor asked what important tasks I planned to undertake on that day. He kept asking me about my priorities and wanted to review them, and he provided instant feedback. He was like an angel disguised in human form to me. He emphasized it was the critical focus to complete my studies on time “effortlessly” with care and compassion. The word effortlessly was paradoxical and sounded too good to be true.

Do Less Achieve More
Secret to

13 — A Deaf Friend Who Died on New Year’s Eve

My friend, Jeremy, was born in 1919 as a deaf child in Australia and died on 31 December 2021 as a special friend in my life. His parents died over a half-century ago. He survived his life with a trust fund created by his parents. He dedicated his life to studying humanity and supporting his local community with charitable activities. He did not earn a single cent from his contributions to society. But he gained many intangible benefits, which made him a centenarian. When he was 80 years old, 22 years ago, I met Jeremy in our local sauna, which was introduced to me by Janine and Algor.

A Centenarian Friend Died on New Year’s Eve
I initially did not know what to do with over 5,000 books but found a way after a conversation with a

14 — One of the Richest Man

When asked about tech stocks, Warren Buffett made one key point. Tech stocks are dependent on interest rates. He thinks that valuations for tech stocks are not crazy if interest rates remain low. However, he believes that if interest rates rise, they could result in a sharp decline in the price of tech stocks trading at high price-earnings ratios. Mr. Buffett is not extensive in technology. He does not pay much attention to computers as he does not like them much. I understand that he doesn’t see much value in his personal and business life. However, Mr. Buffet focuses on a few tech companies.

Five Astounding Investment Ideas from Warren Buffett to Beginners
Investment principles that Mr Buffett developed in many decades of

15 — Top 10 Stock Market Investors

From their insightful books, I collected hundreds of quotes from these famous investors and thought leaders. If these investors resonate with you, you can find many more published quotes from them online. To make this article more useful, I also share my understanding and interpretation of the quotes from my review of their books or other content. You might interpret them differently, and I’d love to obtain your perspectives too. These people are leaders and practitioners in stock market investing.

10 Timeless Investment Quotes from Top 10 Stock Market Investors
Get inspired by insightful wisdom from exceptional investors in less than 10

16 — A Principle-Oriented Financial Leader

When I read about Ray Dalio’s childhood story in the first chapter of his book, I instantly connected with him and got hooked to the book as he was mirroring and reflecting on some memories from my past. Reading his 70 years of experience summarized in 210 principles in a few days has been an excellent investment in my education and growth. Unlike some billionaires, Mr. Dalio did not inherit wealth. He was not a prodigy. Instead, he grew up an ordinary kid in a middle-class family. His father was a musician and supported him in being creative and independent.

22 Curated Work & Life “Principles” from Ray Dalio, Billionaire Investor
Work and life lessons from the founder of Bridgewater, listed in the top 100 most influential people globally by Time…

17 — Two Global Technology Leaders

These two global leaders, Elon Musk and Jack Ma, inspire millions of people for various reasons. First, they have a proven success record in creating, implementing, and running innovative solutions. Their contributions make a substantial impact on a global scale. They have different backgrounds and personalities. At the highest level, one represents Asian culture and the other Western culture. However, despite many differences in their perspectives and approaches to business and life, they also have a lot in common, especially artificial intelligence. They both are ardent supporters and opponents of artificial super-intelligence from different angles.

How Artificial Intelligence Vision of Elon Musk Integrates with Intelligence of Ali Baba [Jack Ma]
How two different intelligence methods serve the

18 — Two Teetotalers

Alcohol has been a mystical drink throughout history. It is a complicated drink that affects the body and mind. Alcohol can make substantial changes in the brain by altering its biochemistry. Many of us enjoy alcoholic beverages. Nothing wrong with it. It may work well for some, but it can be a problem for others. The problem was about the metabolization of alcohol in my system. I was one of those who couldn’t metabolize alcohol properly. Thus, it created complications for me when I was younger. My body did not tolerate alcohol nicely. I tried drinking alcoholic beverages at the age of 18. My reason for starting was due to peer group pressure.

Agreeing With Both Biden And Trump On Alcohol
Did you know that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are teetotalers?

19 — A Cold Enthusiast Shakes the World

I obtained energetic alertness, improved mood, increased courage, improved immunity, reduced risk of depression, improved sleep, enhanced tolerance, fast recovery, reduced pain, reduced body fat, and even increased lean muscle, all with a natural hack based on a challenging habit. From my experience, I believe that one of the best skills for entrepreneurs and leaders is to learn to tolerate cold exposure, starting with cold showers. One of my most significant inspirational role models is the legend Wim Hof who broke several Guinness records in the field. He is not only a practitioner but also a science-focused collaborator sharing his knowledge with others.

Instant Mental Boost for Leaders
Cold showers are simple hacks that can make tremendous impact on our

20 — A Young and Famous Medical Doctor

This is a short story to reflect the controversial thoughts of Dr. Paul Saladino for society in 2020. I don’t agree with all his opinions, but he provides valuable perspectives, especially encouraging us to think beyond the box. Previously working as a psychiatrist, he now focuses on functional medicine.

A Young Hero Spoke Up Yesterday
A profound message from Dr Paul Saladino for

21 — Centenarian Dancers

I introduce a centenarian dancer living in Australia. At age 106, Eileen Kramer seems more productive than ever. Eileen is known as the oldest living dancer currently. I also introduce another legend, centenarian Tao Porchon-Lynch, “born in 1918 and died in 2020, an American yoga master, dancer, and award-winning author of French and Indian descent. At age 101, “Tao taught a weekly class in New York and led programs across the globe. She was the author of two books, including her autobiography, Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master, which won a 2016 IPPY Award and three 2016 International Book Awards.”

The Importance of Dancing for Longevity
An overview of the longevity aspects of dancing with perspectives from science and lives of

22 — Extraterrestrial Life Experiences

I share eye-opening perspectives of extraterrestrial life experiences via intuition from Dr. Russell Targ, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Ramin Skibba, and Michael Jaco. The critical point from Michael’s experience is having and developing intuition as we desire. As part of my previous studies in cognitive science, I have a strong interest in intuition coming from our subconscious mind. I touched on it in several articles related to reality and consciousness from various angles, such as mental health and spirituality.

How Would It Feel Like Living in Separate Realities?
Eye-opening perspectives of the extraterrestrial life experiences via intuition from Dr Russell Targ, Dr Steven Greer…

23 — Friends at Postgraduate School

One of my favorite classmates, Kylie, hugged me firmly for a few minutes with no words, which felt like an eternal hug to me. I felt like I was in the arms of an angel. However, suddenly, it was as if ten thousand kilos of load had disappeared from my shoulders. The suppressed beach ball surfaced on the water. I felt so euphoric. I felt no shame, no guilt, no embarrassment, even though my behavior logically looked weak and absurd. The tears turned into joy. The ecstatic moment was an indication of my healing. The lecturer felt terrible about his comments and apologized as he did not mean to hurt my feelings. His apology also became a catalyst in this healing process.

A Childhood Trauma Burst in a Graduate School
And manifested as a healing

24 — Highlights from My 14-Day Journal

We called an ambulance that arrived in eleven minutes. Two paramedics performed initial tests and quickly decided to take my wife to the hospital. The lead paramedic called several hospitals, which were full at the time. He finally found a hospital that could accept her. The moment they moved my wife to the ambulance created an intense emotional burst in family members and neighbors. The lead paramedic said: “This is a serious situation. You better say goodbye to your patient as she might be away for a while”. This brief remark brought sudden tears to the people around the ambulance. An adorable neighbor started crying very loudly, breaking the silence. It caused several others to cry when the ambulance started the sirens. Even though I had internal tears, I had to stay calm and composed to keep family members and neighbors integral.

Reflections from My 14 Day Compulsory Isolation, Ended Yesterday
I completed mandatory isolation requirements teaching me valuable life

25 — Hackers and a Beggar

I was joyful with getting the essentials. I walked with the trolley towards my car. It was only a meter close to my car a person stopped me abruptly. He started talking to me with highly emotional and confusing words with tears in his eyes. I finally understood that he was asking for money. I tried to explain my situation, saying I had no cash. Then I remembered the $2 coin in the emergency section of my wallet. When I am in a fasted state, I usually feel more alert and compassionate with a high level of ketones in my brain. I removed the coin and handed it over to the beggar. He got the money and instantly threw it towards my head in slow motion.

My Credit Card Hacked Again
And a beggar threw a $2 donation coin to my neck afterward. I am okay and still

26 — Fitness Guru Who Used to Hate Exercise

This is an interesting story of a friend who psychologically disliked exercise. Her disgust started in her childhood between ages six and ten. Her parents were fitness enthusiasts. Her siblings competed to be better than each other in sports. However, she never enjoyed their behavior, especially showing off and bragging about their fitness achievements and sports competitions. She did not want to be friends with kids she called “fitness freaks”. They turned her off. Isabella hated exercise and sports. Furthermore, she never liked physical education in school. In fact, she hated her teachers, who forced her to do exercise at school. She created excuses not to join classes. Sometimes she pretended to be sick, saying her tummy hurt.

30-Minute Simple Workouts Transformed Isabella’s Fitness
How someone who disliked exercise stayed fit and became an influential fitness

27 — Ariana’s Sad yet Empowering Story

When she was five years old, Ariana’s teachers identified her as a child prodigy. This realization made her parents and siblings proud. She learned much faster than her friends. Her cognitive brain processed information quicker. However, her limbic (emotional) system was average which no one detected. Thus, like many vulnerable kids, she was put into an unnecessary race that dented her psychology at her tender age. Ariana is a successful scientist and entrepreneur now. When I asked her what she learned from her psychologist at middle school, she shared three points that resonated with me as I also had these problems in my childhood and resolved them in my adult years.

How Solving Three Mental Issues Tripled Ariana’s Happiness
Modest thought and behavior changes can create ripple effects for a joyful

28 — Fixing Three Health Conditions Accelerated Rosalia’s Fat Loss

Rosalia has had significant digestive issues. Her parents migrated from Italy and had a solid hedonistic tendency toward food. Her immediate and extended family considered food as entertainment than nutrition for the body. When they were having family gatherings, the house was full of pastries and cakes. One of her family’s rituals was to visit all-you-can-eat budget restaurants once a week. Having three elder sisters and two brothers, she was not only encouraged to eat almost every moment with the words “try this, try that” with abundant snacks, but her grandparents and other relatives also tried to tug food into her mouth with affection.

Fixing Three Health Conditions Accelerated Rosalia’s Fat Loss
These cultural and health issues were causing her fat gain, brain fog, anxiety, and mild

29 — Ten Practical Steps Fixed Lucy’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Lucy felt tired and sluggish in her mid-twenties. When she was younger, Lucy was a passionate musician and opera singer. She spent hours learning to learn, playing new instruments, and improving her unique mezzo-soprano voice. After completing her post-graduate degree in music, she lost her motivation to perform it even though she still loved playing the piano and singing arias. Her body was stopping and forcing her to sit and sleep all day. She lost her mental clarity showing symptoms of brain fog. Her family doctor couldn’t find any obvious reasons. Her blood tests showed a standard range of the population. She finally convinced her physician to refer her to specialists for further investigation.

Ten Practical Steps Fixed Lucy’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Her unbearable fatigue looked like a metaphorical onion with multiple

30 — Heather, a 37 Years Old Female Body Builder, Cured Insomnia

Heather tried many techniques such as herbal supplements, herbal teas, 5-HTP, GABA, Tryptophan, Phenibut (β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric Acid), Pilates, dancing, sleeping pills, and even hypnosis. However, she confirmed that nothing worked for her. Some of the supplements and sleeping pills caused addiction and withdrawal symptoms. In addition, her insomnia persisted despite all her efforts, including bodybuilding workouts. Her situation resonated with me as I suffered from insomnia and sleep deprivation during my younger years. It was an awful experience for me.

How a 37 Years Old Female Body Builder Cured Insomnia
“Why Can’t Doctors Prescribe Meditation for Insomnia?” asked Heather, a female bodybuilder and a genetic

31 — How Albert Found the Direct Path to Enlightening Moments

Since his childhood, Albert has felt an unbearable void in his psyche. Something was missing in his life. He did not know what it was. The world did not make sense to him. Coming from a wealthy family, he always had the objects that others envied but made him vulnerable. Therefore, Albert was in constant search. Nothing he tried satisfied his metaphorical thirst. Thus, his suffering was growing despite his wealth and opportunities in his life. Neither himself nor others understood his crisis of Albert. It was like a universal enigma.

How Albert Found the Direct Path to Enlightening Moments
A paradoxical path via a serendipitous encounter to peace, joy, and love being a catalyst to the mental health of a…

32 — Three Health Foods Ruined Juliana’s Health When Used Excessively

Coming from a Spanish background, Juliana grew up in a family that ate three meals a day, mainly using a Mediterranean type of diet, including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, and healthy fats. Her mum mainly used to cook with olive oil and sometimes with butter for specific meals. They didn’t have the concept of snacks in the 1970s. She regrettably started snacking and supplementing nutrients in the mid-1980s by the influence of her friends. Interestingly, until the 1980s, she has no digestive issues or weight problems.

Three Health Foods Ruined Juliana’s Health When Used Excessively
She explained how so-called health foods led to digestive discomfort, excessive fat gain, insulin resistance, and…

33 — Charlotte Lost 40 Pounds of Visceral Fat After Winning the Battle Against Chronic Fatigue and Stress

Fifty-two-year-old Charlotte, a biotechnology consultant in a private company, struggled with weight gain since her teenage years. She initially blamed her genes, hormones, and family issue caused by losing her mum due to dementia and her dad because of a heart attack. However, when she took personal responsibility for her health and obtained the necessary support from professionals and friends, she created her new reality and transformed herself into the desired state.

Charlotte Lost 40 Pounds of Visceral Fat After Winning the Battle Against Chronic Fatigue and…
Here are five practical steps she took to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight that gave her a defined body…

34 — 10,000 Steps with German Shepherds Gave Amanda a New Life

It would have never occurred to me that a dog and a smartwatch could be the catalyst to a transformed life, said Amanda emotionally when I met her during a joint dog walk session. Since childhood, Amanda had developed a special bond with dogs, particularly German Shepherds, that she first encountered on her grandparent’s farm in Shepperton, a small town in Victoria state, Australia. Amanda’s parents used to live in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, operating their small family fish and chips shop. She had to help her parents during the school holidays. However, she constantly desired to visit the farm, where she felt lively and joyful watching the animals grazing and playing with dogs. The city life was not appealing to Amanda.

10,000 Steps with German Shepherds Gave Amanda a New Life
A sedentary and anxious person’s experience of long walks reveals remarkable health, well-being, and financial benefits…

35 — Guidance from Barbara, a Mental Health Professional on Emotional Self-Defense

Working in diverse and complex corporate environments, I struggled to manage emotions triggered by some strong characters. However, doing my job according to the process was not enough to protect my sanity. I lacked strong emotional self-defense mechanisms. Barbara diagnosed it. She was the first social worker I consulted based on a referral. She had a postdoctoral psychology degree with many years of social work in the corporate environment. The first question Barbara asked was, “how can I help you?”

Create Emotional Self-Defense Using These Three Tips
Key lessons learned from a mental health professional for reducing unnecessary

36 — My Australian Son and Wife Gave Me Anguish in Singapore

As the next day was a weekend, we decided to go to the city center of Singapore. My wife loved the clean and orderly streets of the. My addicted son asked for a piece of gum. My wife gave it to him and told him to chew it as long as possible, as we didn’t have many of them. He nodded and started chewing it with pleasure. After half an hour’s walk, he threw the gum in a rubbish bin, falling on the pavement. We did not notice it as we got fascinated by the beautiful and exotic scenery of the street. Then, we heard a middle-aged man screaming as if something terrible had happened behind us. He was so aggressive that he pulled my wife’s bag shouting at her. He said, “lady, look what your bad boy did, and you ignore it!” Neither my wife nor I understood what he was referring to.

My Australian Son and Wife Gave Me Anguish in Singapore
We had no idea chewing gum was a huge issue in Singapore, causing a dramatic

37 — Audrey Eliminated Back Pain and Transformed Her Appearance Dedicating to Six Minute Planks.

Audrey is a 78-year retired office worker who suffered from intense back pain for many years, starting from her early 30s. She raised three kids, and all became professionals in different fields. Her athletic husband, a carpenter, was supportive and became a catalyst for her to find an unexpected solution. The primary issue for Audrey was sitting too long in the office in front of her typewriter and, in later years, in front of computers, besides spending most of her time on the phone. When Audrey got 60 years old, her back pain became unbearable. One day her husband gave her a pamphlet introducing a free seminar for mature citizens for a new health center opened in their suburb. Audrey joined the seminar introducing a new service about Pilates to the locals. The presenter’s focus was on cores.

Audrey Eliminated Back Pain and Transformed Her Appearance Dedicating to Six Minute Planks Daily…
She boosted core strength, reduced back pain, lost fat, and transformed her physical

38 — With 90+ Audiobooks Annually, Aria Improved Her Knowledge and Defined Her body.

As her time was scarce, Aria calculated her exercise time to equal 730 hours a year. Then, she thought she could finish an eight-hour book every four days. So in a year, she estimated to complete around 91 books. This simple arithmetic inspired her to take action to use her exercise time efficiently. She loved exercising and learning new ideas from engaging and informative books. She also loved reading and listening to fiction books as a hobby. One day in the early 1990s, Aria heard about audiobooks in her public library. They were in cassettes. She borrowed a book in a set of cassettes and got hooked on the reader’s narration. She consumed all the audio collections in her public library. Then, in later years, she came across CDs and DVDs. They were even more convenient. The entire book was in a single device.

With 90+ Audiobooks Annually, Aria Improved Her Knowledge and Defined Her body.
The benefits of audiobooks are truly invaluable, as evidenced by a friend’s experience that aligns with

39 — After Fixing Sleep Issues, Frederick Lost 44 Pounds in a Year

I met Fredrick, in his early forties, over a decade ago in our local sauna, introduced by Janine. He wanted us to call him Fred. He mentioned working in a government department and living single. He had no intention of getting married and having a family. On the contrary, he preferred a quieter lifestyle. After one year, however, he changed his mind and decided to marry and start a family. Fixing a single health issue made a ripple effect causing a significant shift in his life. Fred’s main concern was his struggle with weight gain for many years. He looked overweight and perspired more than others in the sauna. He heard that the sauna would help him lose weight. Therefore, he joined the health club. I agreed with his belief as it helped me a lot. I told him having regular sauna sessions had many other health benefits.

After Fixing Sleep Issues, Frederick Lost 44 Pounds in a Year
After losing 20 kilos in five steps in a year and not gaining any back, he is now a healthy and happy family

40 — Why My Australian Wife Had the Urge to Slap a Danish Man

Reading hundreds of posts about Will Smith’s situation triggered my decade-old memories as I discerned similar patterns between the two incidents. The behavior of others can trigger pungent emotions and assertive urges to act on them, whether positive or negative. As far as emotions are concerned, it is not possible to see just black and white. The spectrum is broad, covering a gamut of sheltered shades. From the outset, a slap looks unnecessary and poor behavior many of us don’t approve of. However, it reflects a highly complex phenomenon from a physiological and psychological perspective. Whether male or female, partners have instinctive traits to protect them from danger, real or perceived threats. However, the truth is the amygdala cannot distinguish between real and perceived threats. Instead, it releases the same neurochemicals to cope with both types of threats.

Why My Australian Wife Had the Urge to Slap a Danish Man
Based on a personal experience during a holiday in Copenhagen, Denmark, I have a unique perspective on the Will Smith…

41 — My Australian Wife Refused to Revisit Amsterdam After Two Dramatic Incidents

In the early 1990s, my wife and I used to work full-time and study part-time. When I was accepted to a doctorate study and she to a master’s program, we got delighted. Before having our children, we decided to have a proper holiday. Gratefully, I was granted by the Australian Federal government a scholarship covering my pricy study fee. Thus, we planned a one-month luxurious holiday by our standards before our studies started. We both enjoy traveling because it provides us with new perspectives, broadens our horizons, and improves our skills and experience. In addition, each travel experience taught us valuable life lessons. Interestingly, after each travel, we appreciate the opportunities in Australia, where we live, and became more grateful for our blessings. In this story, reflecting upon one of our Europe trips, I share two memorable yet sad incidents that happened to my wife in Amsterdam in the early 1990s.

My Australian Wife Refused to Revisit Amsterdam After Two Dramatic Incidents
A couple of unexpected incidents made her reluctant to visit an exciting city, but she changed her mind after seeing a…

42 — The Secret of an Orphan Who Built Rewarding Businesses Living as a Centenarian

When she was only a year old, Gisela’s parents working in the military, died in the last year of World World I in Germany. According to her, around two million German soldiers were killed between 1914 and 1918. Two diplomats with no children adopted her. Every few years, Gisela found herself in a new country, broadening her horizon and making her a citizen of the globe. I met Gisela at Algor’s home on a Sunday afternoon when she had attained the age of 93 years. Like me, Algor loves barbeque on Sundays and invites his close friends to have pleasant times. Interestingly, out of many friends, Gisela was a person who ate less than anyone and was the slowest in consuming her small plate. The family who adopted Gisela was originally from that city.

The Secret of an Orphan Who Built Rewarding Businesses Living as a Centenarian
Here’s the inspiring story of a German female

43 — Sarah Reduced Depressive Thoughts and Feelings Leading to Joyful Ones

Sarah, a senior statistician, dealt with complex numbers and text, constantly observing trends and informing the executives of a private company in the medical field. She reviewed news, papers, and various written and verbal pieces to make sense of the content for around eight hours daily. She performed both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Most of what she read was disturbing and subconsciously affected her thoughts and emotions. When Sarah arrived home after work, she got exhausted. Many unwanted thoughts flooded her mind. Nevertheless, she kept watching the news and immersed herself in the recent stories on television, on her iPad, and even in newspapers. Besides subscribing to modern media, she also subscribed to two popular national newsletters and several local ones.

Sarah Reduced Depressive Thoughts and Feelings Leading to Joyful Ones
She scheduled fun activities that reinforce supportive ones to counter disturbing thoughts and

44 — The Tragic Situation of Naomi, Who Sacrificed Her Health for Entrepreneurship

Born into a poor family, Naomi faced financial hardship as an innocent child. She was the fifth youngest kid in her underprivileged family that migrated from Poland to Australia in the 1970s. The scarcity of money was the primary stress factor in their lives. Her mother worked as a shop cleaner in Melbourne city center, and her father as a construction worker in Geelong, later finding factory work in Ford’s Broadmeadows branch. However, she managed to get a scholarship to pay her college expenses after secondary school. She studied hard and became an electrical engineer with honors. This qualification helped her secure a well-paying job that she initially enjoyed. She supported her aging parents, who couldn’t work anymore. Also, she helped her four other siblings who couldn’t study and worked as laborers.

The Tragic Situation of Naomi, Who Sacrificed Her Health for Entrepreneurship
Burnout, nervous breakdown, and stroke were the results of her entrepreneurial ambition and reckless decisions. But she…

45 — Carla, My Family Doctor, Was Harshly Abused by Her Biased Patient

Yash, a 50-year-old South Asian activist, yelled at Carla in her clinic in front of many patients in the waiting lounge, saying he would do anything to cancel her medical license because he perceived Carla as a racist doctor. Carla is the last person to be classified as racist, from my observations. Even though Carla looks caucasian, she has mixed ancestors from Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Russia. For example, as a patient of Carla, I have an ethnic background. Yet, I did not see the slightest discrimination when Carla dealt with me for two decades. It is important to note that doctors are also human beings, and they keep learning based on progress in science. Australia, where I live, is a multicultural country. Several of my neighbors from different countries, including Asia and Africa, never experienced discrimination from Carla. However, Yash accused Carla when she mentioned his ethnic background was a risk factor for his metabolic condition, specifically insulin resistance.

Carla, My Family Doctor, Was Harshly Abused by Her Biased Patient
Genetics has nothing to do with

46 — A Single Resource at Home Helped Norma Lose 20 Pounds in a Year

As a single mum, Norma lived in a two-story house with five kids, ranging between 2 and 12 years old. She was swamped with looking after the kids. Due to chronic stress mainly caused by financial difficulties, her husband had a nervous breakdown and left home to have a care in a mental health hospital. As a result, Norma had to shoulder the heavy work at home, being a mother and father for the kids. Norma, hearing our conversations started raising her concerns about her weight gain, which had increased year by year. The main roadblock for her was her busy schedule as she had to spend most of her time performing house chores and looking after five kids. Her concerns were valid, but I knew she could do something at home. I visualized Norma’s home out of the blue, which brought me an interesting idea.

A Single Resource at Home Helped Norma Lose 20 Pounds in a Year
An inspiring story of a single mum with five kids who improved her health, fitness, and wellbeing without going to the…

47 — Alan Detoxified His Body with 3 Self-Healing Mechanisms Lowering Health Risks & Accelerating Fat Loss.

Alan, who is 65 years old professional, was born a healthy kid. His parent paid utmost importance to his health and fitness. However, as he got older, he experienced severe autoimmune conditions, unbearable bloating, abdominal distension, heartburn, and eczema, causing intense itching and inflammation. In his words, these problems were caused due to misinformation. I had empathy for him as my 12 entangled and debilitating health conditions in my younger years were caused by misinformation and not challenging them. Even though Alan followed conventional knowledge, he also had an inquisitive mind to discover the truth by questioning the norms and attempting to understand the rationale behind touted ideas. Norms do not necessarily reflect the truth. Thus, like me, he had to unlearn and relearn to make sense of perceived reality, especially related to his health and fitness.

Alan Detoxified His Body with 3 Self-Healing Mechanisms Lowering Health Risks & Accelerating Fat…
In his 60s, he tossed out costly supplements and hopeless juices that added more toxicity to his

48 — How Adrian Shredded His Body Landing a Dream Job at a Well-Paying Fitness Company in a Month

Getting ripped or getting shredded means more than having defined and well-toned muscles. Fit people with these bodies also show the veins in their arms, legs, and abs. In other words, they have very low body fat, toned lean muscle mass, and no fluid retention. Adrian wanted this body-builder physique for a specific reason. Therefore, he needed to tone his muscles without bulking up. This goal required strengthening and toning his lean muscles and losing more body fat to show his blood vessels bubbling to the surface. Interestingly, in his 40s, he had seen a job advertisement for a number of special coaches for a large fitness company serving bodybuilders who want to get shredded, also known as getting ripped. The job advertisement grabbed his attention. The salary for this contract work for a year was three times more than what he was earning in his private practice. He did not want to miss this opportunity.

How Adrian Shredded His Body Landing a Dream Job at a Well-Paying Fitness Company in a Month
Unique and proven tips from a fitness coach to get a ripped body methodically in a short

49 — How Tony Robbins Inspired and Influenced Luella to Shed 20 Kilos

Luella secured multiple thousand dollars of research funds, published in tier-one peer-reviewed journals, and got awards for her postdoctoral studies and professorial role. However, she failed to prevent her body from being obese, causing unnecessary suffering and pain due to conflict between her neocortex and limbic system. Her story reminded me of Juliana, a nutrition scientist who struggled with obesity despite her sharp brain and vast knowledge in the field. Tony Robbins, with no formal educational background, right or wrong way, inspired millions of people for decades, and he still does. Many people admire him. Undoubtedly, some people, like Luella, dislike him. I never heard everyone loves everyone on this planet.

How Tony Robbins Inspired and Influenced Luella to Shed 20 Kilos
I summarize seven simple yet powerful takeaways transforming her life with a defined and healthier

50 — Bruno’s Diet Led Him to Loss of Visceral Fat and Gain of Lean Muscles

Still keeping his thick hair with the defined physic of a 30-year-old man, 68-year-old Dr. Bruno, was born in a small village in Italy. He was only seven years when his family migrated to Australia as laborers. His sister and brother were older than him. The core and extended family have been obsessed with food since his childhood. 90% of their food consisted of carbohydrates like pizza, macaroni, pastries, pies, cakes, and vegetarian lasagnas. He couldn’t remember a day in his childhood tasting fresh meat. He said perhaps he chewed a few slices of bacon in his pizza. His parents couldn’t afford meat in his original country. When his family migrated to Queensland in Australia, they couldn’t believe how cheap the quality beef was.

Bruno’s Diet Led Him to Loss of Visceral Fat and Gain of Lean Muscles
An unintentional lack of carbs in his diet made him leaner, healthier, and more productive, leading him to research the…

51 — Anna Fixed Her Leaky Gut Naturally with Five Steps and Lost 50 Pounds

Like me, Anna struggled with digestive issues affecting her physical and mental health for many years. Gut health is critical for our well-being and life satisfaction. The health of our gut also affects our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, as there is a connection between the gut and the brain. Thus, gut health and mental health are closely related. This article provides a high-level overview of the leaky gut syndrome and practical solutions for a specific case as an example. Anna’s common symptoms were heartburn, abdominal bloating, distension, fatigue, chronic stress, inflammation, and allergies, causing physical disturbances and emotional stress. After some meals, she felt worse. But, in her mind, she always ate healthy food. Anna practiced a Mediterranean diet, cooked at home, and refrained from fast foods and junk food. In addition, she gained sustained weight in recent years. Despite her so-called healthy eating and exercise, she could not lose weight.

Anna Shed 50 Pounds After Fixing Leaky Gut in Five Steps
Further, her digestion, allergies, inflammation markers, and mood all

52 — Betaine (TMG) Supplementation Improved Four Health Conditions for Steve (Scientist and Bodybuilder)

I met Steve at an expensive international conference bringing nutrition scientists, clinicians, private practitioners, and biohackers to one place. I usually get free tickets to these conferences as I serve on the editorial board as an academic reviewer. Some presentations by scientists usually bore the audience. However, Steve’s presentation on trimethylglycine was highly inspiring and exciting. He hooked the audience with his compelling presentation. While his presentation had robust scientific backing, Steve presented it as a passionate biohacker using his experience as a case study. He created a bridge between theoretical and practical aspects with data he collected from his biomarkers presented in attractive charts.

Betaine (TMG) Supplementation Improved Four Health Conditions for Steve (Scientist and Bodybuilder)
Trimethylglycine (TMG) looks promising for improving cardiovascular, metabolic, mitochondrial, and mental health while…

53 — Mastering a Single Skill Made Matilda a Champion

Matilda, a well-educated employee of a large business organization, struggled to build work relationships with her colleagues and clients. Her technical and service excellence achieved outstanding results during the performance appraisals; however, her interpersonal relations showed low marks. As a result, she got disappointed as she studied communication at an advanced level in college. Interestingly, the same poor performance was recorded in her appraisal in the next three years. First, she thought her managers mistreated her. However, seeing her other high scores, she understood that something must be wrong beyond her awareness. Thus, she decided to obtain feedback from her first-line manager.

Mastering a Single Skill Made Matilda a Champion
Three simple yet effective communication tips might help us improve relationships and open up new possibilities at…

54 — Sandra Lost 80 Pounds After Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle

The first time I met David, Sandra’s mentor and coach, he said nobody ever imagined a hoarder and an obese person would grow up to become an expert in minimalist living and change the lives of many people who suffer from mental and physical clutter. This is a story of a stylish woman who transformed her sad life with help from serendipitous encounters and taking personal responsibility. Sandra dropped 80 pounds in her transition and never regained those pounds, staying at her ideal weight. Sandra was born in an impoverished family supported by a single mum struggling with three kids in a small and old house funded by the government.

Sandra Lost 80 Pounds After Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle
A two-pronged approach with six tips to reduce physical and mental clutter to gain a better metabolic and mental health…

55 — Lithium Orotate Helped Elaine Defeat Bipolar Disorder

Lithium Orotate Helped Elaine Defeat Bipolar Disorder
I explain the promising benefits of this helpful trace mineral for mental health based on my reviews and years of…

Elaine was experiencing the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, her condition was not diagnosed and treated correctly. Unawareness of the symptoms and available therapies caused her unnecessary suffering. She was hesitant to seek support. Interestingly, bipolar disorder was one of the subjects I was studying in the early 1990s. Elaine’s words resonated with me. I shared my literature review to give her a perspective. She enjoyed learning about the condition. Moreover, she decided to obtain help from qualified healthcare professionals. Then we lost connection for a year as I was assigned to another client at the time.

56 — Edward Boosted Sluggish Metabolism with Three Solutions

As he got older, Edwards’s metabolism slowed down noticeably, causing him to gain substantial visceral fat. Besides, his waistline grew to indicate metabolic syndrome symptoms. As a result, he lost his energy and stamina to exercise. His family doctor diagnosed Edward with obesity at the onset of type II diabetes. Due to chronic stress and inflammation, he also felt joint and muscle pain, usually in his upper and lower back, similar to Audrey. While his waistline grew, his muscles shrank. Furthermore, his testosterone levels dropped. Thus, like Alberto, he lost intimacy with his partner. Consequently, day by day, his stress and anxiety increased. Fortunately, by taking personal responsibility, Edward sought helped and obtained support from qualified healthcare professionals timely.

Boost Sluggish Metabolism with Three Solutions Like Edward
He shed 60 pounds in a year, making him healthier and

57 — A Man Holding a 7 kg Watermelon

He asked whether I had a knife by any chance to cut his seven-kilo babe. My old brain immediately created a stormy reaction causing me to freeze. The knife is associated with injury, suicide, or mortality. But a knife is also a neutral tool for our needs. My amygdala hijacks usually happen in a frozen format. I rarely fight or flee due to my upbringing and education. Since my neocortex is familiar with the frozen feeling generated by the old brain, the cognitive parts of my brain quickly took over. I asked the man what kind of knife he needed. He said, “perhaps a pocket knife,” elaborating, “I wanna cut this baby.” My amygdala attempted another hijack, but I did not allow it by smiling and softly asking, “do you mean your watermelon?” He nodded with a hopeful smile.

A Man Holding a 7 kg Watermelon Caught My Attention and Prompted My Action Today.
I provide a perspective on handling my amygdala hijacks and short-term relationships with consequential

58 — Tina Quit Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol and Replaced Them with Healthier Options.

In her younger years, she smoked in the back office while cataloging books with her colleagues. The office even had a tea lady who offered the employees tea and coffee hourly. Tina always drank her coffee by smoking cigarettes. However, after the mid-eighties, like many organizations in Australia where I live, her workplace banned smoking in closed environments. So she was unable to smoke in her office. This ban created an inconvenience for her. Thus, she attempted to stop smoking, but her coffee addiction prevented her from succeeding. Her brain created robust pathways associating coffee with cigarettes.

Tina Quit Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol and Replaced Them with Healthier Options.
According to this neuroscientist, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol might affect the brain’s

59 — After Defeating Arthritis Pain, Shane Lost Visceral Fat and Gained Lean Muscles in Five Steps

When experiencing arthritic pain, Shane could not perform resistance training, a high-intensity workout, or even simple exercises like walking or swimming. His body was sore, his energy was low, and his mood was gloomy. He constantly had to focus on his unbearable pain in desperation. The only hope was gradually increasing high-dose painkillers, even in injectable and suppository forms suppressing his symptoms and hiding the root causes.

After Defeating Arthritis Pain, Shane Lost Visceral Fat and Gained Lean Muscles in Five Steps
A significant loss of fat and muscle gain led to an increase in libido, deeper relationships with his wife, and a baby…

60 — How Hilda Benefited from an Omnivorous and Concurrent Lifestyle

Unlike in her younger years, Hilda (pseudonym) gained an astounding body and sharp mind with outside-the-box thinking as she got older and wiser. Hilda is now a professional dancer, athlete, and painter, making her happy.

However, gaining her current physical and mental abilities took years of hard work, experimentation, and a mindset shift. Even though she pursued an understanding of scientific theories to improve her body and mind, her preference was an experimental approach to reach her desired life satisfaction.

Hilda’s experiments empowered her to have a prosperous life with excellent physical and mental health.

How Hilda Benefited from an Omnivorous and Concurrent Lifestyle
Initially living her life on the edge, this bisexual woman believed happiness was in the middle

61 — My Perspectives on the Murder of Shinzo Abe

Unfortunately, the former prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was assassinated in Nara earlier on 9th July when delivering a campaign speech. Working in Japan for several years, I know Japan has zero tolerance for guns. As far as I know, citizens do not carry guns. During my work, I had never heard of a gun-related incident in the country. I haven’t read any news on them either. This story is a special tribute as I met Mr. Abe in 2008 during an event and was impressed by his hospitability.

My Perspectives on the Murder of Shinzo Abe
The world lost another prominent leader because of a person with unknown

62 — Here’s How a Mature-Age Couple Reversed Diabetes and Trimmed Their Bodies with Lifestyle Habits.

I wanted to share the inspiring success story of this retired mature-age couple who lost significant visceral fat and reversed their diabetes after adopting a new workout and eating regimen for three reasons. The first reason is to inform my readers that there are always solutions to deal with metabolic health conditions. The second is to inspire the reader to seek solutions by learning from the success of others. And the third is to pass along this valuable knowledge and contribute to reducing obesity in society as we are all connected.

Here’s How a Mature-Age Couple Reversed Diabetes and Trimmed Their Bodies with Lifestyle Habits.
An inspiring story of Mark and Lucy, who reversed their diabetes mainly with 20,000 steps per day, a customized diet…

63 — Here’s How Georgia Defeated Clinical Depression in 10 Steps

Who could have thought that a person experiencing clinical depression might eliminate the condition and transform her physical health? Georgia was fortunate to have supportive friends, family members, and healthcare professionals who opened the path to her healing and transformation. By taking personal responsibility and committing to her goals, Georgia managed to activate the self-healing and self-protecting aspects of her body and mind to get healthier, fitter, and happier with a satisfying life. Since I found Georgia’s experience inspiring and empowering, I felt obliged to pass along this precious story to my readers, who might gain valuable perspectives.

Here’s How Georgia Defeated Clinical Depression in 10 Steps
A holistic and optimistic health approach with healthy lifestyle habits opened the channels of healing for a…

64 — Here’s How a Mature Couple Stopped Alcohol Addiction and Built a Multi-Million Dollar Business

For the first ten years, they were happy almost every day with no responsibility and just having casual fun. Nevertheless, after a decade, Patricia and Robert started feeling empty. They lost some friends. Some of them left because they established families and businesses. Some got sick, and some died from addiction problems. The constant change in their circles started disturbing and depressing them. They were too dependent on their friends. When they couldn’t find affection from their new friends, they started feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. As they got older, some health problems knocked on their doors. These wake-up calls made them reflect on their lifestyle. Alcohol and cigarette addiction was ruining their lives. They wanted to give up, but it looked impossible at that stage. They needed serious help.

Here’s How a Mature Couple Stopped Alcohol Addiction and Built a Multi-Million Dollar Business
After wasting their precious time in pubs, Patricia and Robert reinvented themselves with healthy lifestyle habits that…

65 — An Anorexic Boy Becomes a Top Bodybuilder After Fixing Physical and Mental Health Issues.

His unhealthy relationship with food since childhood contributed to Stephan’s disordered eating. Some foods disgusted him. Everything smelled terrible, and he feared chewing food despite support and encouragement from his parents. His parent took him to a pediatrician (child doctor) who diagnosed him with an eating disorder. The specialist helped him to improve his condition. After a while, he improved. However, in his hindsight, the situation was not treated fully in his confirmation. Even though he started eating some nutritious food, he was highly concerned about his body. He constantly thought that his body was unattractive and believed that he needed to reduce eating and increase exercise.

An Anorexic Boy Becomes a Top Bodybuilder After Fixing Physical and Mental Health Issues.
A six-step holistic approach to transforming a weak body into a strong one with healthy lifestyle habits and the…

66 — Polymath Entrepreneur Builds Unicorn Business in 3 Years Using Combinatorial Innovation

This story introduces critical points from a successful entrepreneur’s personal and professional life. The key points are leveraging his polymath and combinatorial innovation capabilities to rapidly scale up his startup business with mass collaboration and create a billion-dollar company.

Born in a low-income family, Hector struggled with his physical and mental health for many years. As a result, he had a painful childhood and adolescence, making him a resilient and appreciative person.

However, his inquisitive mind and strong appetite for knowledge brought serendipitous encounters to his life. His parents did not have enough money to support him, but they gave him an abundance of love, optimism, and hope that nurtured his mind.

Polymath Entrepreneur Builds Unicorn Business in 3 Years Using Combinatorial Innovation
Here’s how Hector transformed his startup into a billion-dollar company using his beyond-box thinking and a six-step…

67 — How an Elderly Couple Eliminated Anabolic Resistance and Lowered the Risk of Sarcopenia in 7 Steps

This article explains anabolic resistance and sensitivity and highlights the importance of sarcopenia for the aging population. I provide seven practical tips leveraging holistic health principles that anyone can customize with support from qualified healthcare professionals. In addition, this piece summarizes a protocol many friends and I used to address anabolic resistance and prevent sarcopenia.

I met Lawrence and Jill at a barbeque in Eliza’s beach house over a decade ago. Lawrence was 67, and Jill was 61 years old with two grandchildren. Eliza cared a lot about the health and well-being of these relatives and was concerned about their declining muscles.

Both Lawrence and Jill looked weak and unhappy. They were on strict plant-based diets for many years, thinking their eating regimen was best for their health. Eliza, as an omnivore, convinced them to eat both animal and plant-based food after their 60s.

How an Elderly Couple Eliminated Anabolic Resistance and Lowered the Risk of Sarcopenia in 7 Steps
Maintaining anabolic sensitivity with healthy lifestyle choices and professional support is essential to prevent…

68 — Here’s What Happened to Gloria After She Did Laughter Yoga for a Year.

This is a story of a middle-aged woman who struggled with childhood traumas causing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. However, her life pleasantly changed after discovering laughter yoga. Laughter yoga is an exercise including voluntary laughing, body movements, and close eye contact with playfulness in a group, usually coordinated by a facilitator. Some practitioners also use chanting.

Here’s What Happened to Gloria After She Did Laughter Yoga for a Year.
She gained six remarkable benefits that she couldn’t even imagine

69 — Here’s How Amy Entered Ketosis without Following a Ketogenic Diet.

This is a story of a middle-aged woman who achieved ketosis without using a keto diet. She greatly benefitted from mild and occasional deep ketosis giving her metabolic flexibility, ideal weight, and better mental health. Ketosis is a unique metabolic state of the body. When the body has lower glucose from glycogen stores or food in the digestive system, it creates ketones from fat molecules.

Here’s How Amy Entered Ketosis without Following a Ketogenic Diet.
Three tips to increase ketone bodies with healthy lifestyle habits without changing the diet

70 — After 50, Jim Shrank His Belly and Gained Stronger Muscles with 5 Lifestyle Changes.

This story summarizes a case study of a man who gained an astounding physique with healthy lifestyle changes after reversing his type II diabetes in his mid-50s. Undoubtedly, our metabolism gets slower, and telomeres get shorter as we get older. So aging is inevitable. However, reducing the effects of aging is possible with healthy lifestyle habits. We can learn from our ancestors and indigenous people.

After 50, Jim Shrank His Belly and Gained Stronger Muscles with 5 Lifestyle Changes.
He neither joined a gym nor bought expensive

71 — Here’s Why Resistance Training Isn’t Exclusive to Men, and It Can Be a Gamechanger for Women Too.

This is the sad yet inspiring story of a young woman discriminated against by her loved ones. She struggled at first with trauma but achieved her dreams by taking personal responsibility, increasing her adversity quotient, and support from unexpected encounters. Hanna grew up in an athletic and caring family who migrated from Asia, but ironically she felt disadvantaged by detrimental gender discrimination disguised under cultural love and care.

Here’s Why Resistance Training Isn’t Exclusive to Men, and It Can Be a Gamechanger for Women Too.
Hanna transformed her body and mind with weight training and calisthenic

72 — Judy Conquered Major Depression Using TMS Therapy in Six Months without Medication.

This story introduces Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for depression treatment. I documented a case of a friend who suffered from clinical depression and found the solution in TMS. I met many more people who used it successfully. TMS creates hope for depression and several mental health disorders that I will cover in other posts. This post only focuses on its use case for clinical, also known as major depression. Depression is widespread globally. “Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression,” according to WHO. Since 2005, depression has significantly risen globally.

Judy Conquered Major Depression Using TMS Therapy in Six Months without Medication.
I highlight the benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for depressive disorders using a case


Life offers us valuable lessons through serendipitous encounters. They offer symbolic miracles during challenging moments. Each person I met in these stories gave me new perspectives on life. I hope you find some valuable life lessons in these stories. Thank you for reading my perspectives and experiences. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

12 Entangled Health Conditions I Owned & Fixed By Myself
How I transformed my problematic health and fitness situations by methodical trials &

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