Here’s How I Improved My Immune System in 7 Steps and Lowered Health Risks.

Since starting these protocols over three decades ago, I haven’t experienced cold or flu episodes and recovered from Covid in 6 days.

Here’s why I wrote this article and how you can benefit from it.

We cannot eliminate internal and external threats. Some unexpected events, such as the Covid virus, will catch us off guard. However, we can improve our immune system to deal with such situations as they arise.

Healthy lifestyle choices can play a critical role in strengthening our immune system and lowering the effects of internal and external threats.

This is a practical piece to share my experience, reviews, and observations. It is not prescriptive but reflects the holistic health principles that others can customize.

Understanding the functions of the immune system has been my passion. I studied it intensely and even applied the structure of the human immune system to computers and patented my innovative ideas, contributing to the body of knowledge in the technology domain.

While studying the defense system in anatomy books and scientific papers, I noticed that the human immune system was highly complex. Thus, it was impossible to cover all details, even for specialists in the field.

Every system in the body relates to the immune system directly or indirectly. Therefore, to some extent, learning functions and relationships of various systems, such as endocrine, nervous, digestive, lymphatic, cardiovascular, genome, etc., allowed me to change my behavior and reorganize my lifestyle.

Nonetheless, I noticed that not everyone needs to know those details to keep the immune system healthy. Learning the principles of holistic health and applying them using healthy lifestyle choices can make a significant difference.

Since there are thousands of books, papers, videos, and podcasts on the immune system, I don’t want to repeat that publicly available information. It is unnecessary and will not serve a purpose for my readers.

Instead, I’d like to share a few fundamental principles of holistic health and practical tips by giving examples from my decades of experience, reviews, and observations.

The purpose of this story is to highlight healthy lifestyle choices to strengthen the immune system and reduce the effects of internal and external threats under seven headings.

Improving our immune system is critical for survival and well-being. We face countless threats throughout our lives. Some are internal, and others external. The most common threats are toxins, pathogens, oxidative stress, inflammation, imbalanced hormones, and damaged cells.

As entirely eliminating those harmful materials is impossible, the viable solution is to improve the immune system to protect us from them or help us quickly recover when we get exposed.

For example, despite my extreme precautions, I couldn’t prevent getting infected with Covid virus. However, due to my robust immune system, I recovered from it in six days. I used the healing systems of the body and mind in combination.

One additional point about the immune system is its paradoxical nature. Even though our immune system is designed to protect us, an overactive immune system can likewise cause problems.

This condition is known as autoimmunity, meaning the body attacks its own resources. I touch on this under different headings as I experience autoimmune conditions such as arthritis. There are around 80 autoimmune conditions, as documented in this source.

In the following sections, I only focus on principles as the implementation of these items varies from person to person. Principles can apply to many of us and be customized based on individual needs and goals with support from professionals.

Here are the seven steps that helped me improve my immune system, lower health risks, prevent them, and recover quickly from disorders as they happened.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

As a new reader, you might check my holistic health and well-being stories reflecting on my reviews, observations, and decades of sensible experiments. I write about health as it matters. I believe health is all about homeostasis.

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Disclaimer: Please note that my posts do not include professional or health advice. I document my reviews, observations, experience, and perspectives only to provide information and create awareness.

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