The biggest hurdle to weight loss and excellent health is your confusion.

Insights from Rob Hourmount’s Keto-CarnivorePlus Diet and Lifestyle

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Photo courtesy of Rob Hourmont

I read this inspiring article from Rob Hourmont on Medium earlier today. He said:

Just the other day, one of these types left an A-Typical non-expert comment on one of my popular articles, which, frankly, also made him look silly. Why h said that to me, an expert, I’ll never understand.

Here’s the story if you’re interested:

Weight Loss Is Easy to Achieve and No, You Don’t Need to Journal Your Food

Here’s the silly comment from a non-expert who I will not name:

“Reading the replIES on the article, it seems that the author just wants to be right and does not allow criticism. I agree with most of the author’s claims, but everybody reacts differently. So please be more open-minded.”

Here’s an intelligent comment on the same article from an expert I will name Dr. Mehmet Yildiz:

“Your brilliant title tells a thousand words. When I stopped counting calories and journaling my food, my stress level reduced, and I had a chance to tap into my belly fat, giving me desired physic after middle age. Thank you for sharing your insights. You are a role model in health transformation.”

My message to my reader above telling me to be more open-minded and accept not always being right is:

“You have it ass-backward — I don’t want to be right — I am right because I’m a modern nutritionist, I’ve done this for 8 years, I have a degree in the subject, my methods saved my life, and I’ve cured hundreds if not thousands of obesity and ill health.

So no, I will not agree with different opinions. My opinion is the right on target, and what I do works wonders for metabolic and mental health!”

My Keto-CarnivorePlus Diet and Lifestyle Unveiled

I can tailor my diet plan to anyone’s specific needs or beliefs.

There’s nothing extreme about it — it’s 100% sustainable for life.

You can read the story on Medium.

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